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One Motorcyle Show – 21 Helmets

Posted on February 2, 2012 by Scott in Other, Video. 44 comments

Here’s something a little bit left of field. Thor Drake from See See motorcycles has organised a ‘helmet art show’ which is part of the upcoming One Motorcycle Show in Portland. The free event will be on February 10th – 11th and if it’s anything like previous years then there’ll be loads of outstanding rides to gawk at as well. On the helmet side of things, it’s a concept named ’21 Helmets’ and is pretty simple, 21 artists paint 21 different Bell 500 helmets. Below is a selection of some of the lids that are part of the exhibition plus a sweet little video Thor put together to promote the event. So if you’re in the Portland area around those times, you’d be off your head to miss this one.

  • Saw this on the tarantulas blog and loved it. Great idea, thanks for posting it guys. Great inspiration

  • GuitarSlinger


    More ‘ fashionista ‘  vapor ware , Urban Hipster pretense  than substance or style  I’m afraid . Any local Art Institute in the US has done the same , only better and See See is more  Legend in Their Own Minds than M/C destination 

    • Dude, really? Wow. That’s some pompous, arrogant, “I liked this band before they were cool, blah” snobbery bull sh*t right there. Why even post if you have nothing to add? Why not say something like “hey dudes, if you’re into this then there are others who have also done some cool stuff like it & you should check it out here”? 

      It’s about being creative and involved, not reinventing the f*cking wheel. 

      I apologize for this post, this armchair critic “comment” just rubbed me the wrong way at the wrong time. Oh, & this was in the US. 

      Cool helmets dudes!

    • Vorhese

      You’re worse than any hipster with comments like that.

  • Paddy

    Snakes, skulls, flames, monsters, “here for a good time…”?   C’mon man. The skills are evident but there’s so much hackneyed cliche here. Where’s the imagination? 

    • Realityfooledme

      The helmet above says “not here for a long time”.

      • Paddy

        same thing. essentially.

    • I’ve never seen anything like the one in the top photo before – me thinks you protesteth too much.

  • Sovereigntattoo

    F-ing wwwaaaaa you don’t like the content don’t wear it. I LOVE IT!! people making art getting together and having a good time. Don’t be a BITCH. Skulls are so over wwaaaaaa. hahaha

  • If you lived in Portland year round you’d know that motorcyclists are itching for anything two-wheeled this time of year.  Although I’ve never fit in with the hipster/fashion crowd, I had a good time at The One show last year, so I’ll go again.  Loud music, burnouts, cheap beer and free admission.  If that doesn’t sound fun, I’d dare say you’re a fucking poser yourself.  Until you’ve seen the lineup of bikes that ride to the event in wind, rain and 35 – 40 degree weather, you should shut that ignorant, trolling cake-hole.

    • Wineagin

      Ha Indiesol the hipster crowd in Ptown is indeed a hard one to like but I would venture to say that the ones that actually do something with their lives like these ones are ok in my book.

      These are what I would call the native hipster crowd, not the imports from the midwest trying to reinvent themselves as something polar opposite to their conservative daddies.

      • monkeyboylx

        Growing up in The Couve I’ve never heard it described as the native hipster crowd vs. the imports. Makes a helluva lotta sense though. Explains why I can get along (somewhat) with some, but not even close with others. I’ve still had too much experience with them to take them seriously though. XD

        • Sid

          There’s a couple of generalized comments

  • Westleyjon

    all you cynics just remember that art and bikes is cool always and everyone has done everything everytime but it rocks that some people do some things sometimes …fantastic

  • monkeyboylx

    Because wearing a stock helmet is too mainstream.

  • Hermosasurf

    Its Portland…. Im gonna be there drinking crappy beer and having fun. Gonna bring some bikes too…. Have fun staying home and complaining via the internet.

  • Benjamin Helton

    Seriously, you could have replaced the helmets with pizza pans given to (hipster) artists and had the same amount of “motorcycling” in that video.

  • Paddy

    I bloody well stand by my opinion. It’s not “hater” stuff. Sorry boys. It’s all been done a million boring times.

    • I’m curious to know what bike you ride Paddy? 

      • Paddy

        Cafe 1979 Yamaha xs650. It’s different now by a bit. Got a mini-fairing, drag bars and other goodies. Can’t seem to settle on a final look. 

  • Pjkerbii

    i just wish we could wear helmet that cool, and with a descent finish here in OZ….

    • Ben

      Mate you can wear whatever you want in OZ, soon as you stop worrying about the rules.

      I’ve got a bunch of helmets, none of them legal in NSW (not sure about helmet laws in other states), doesn’t stop me. 

  • PGearbox

    Hey, you might have seen it a million boring times but I haven’t seen it before and thought it was cool. As has been mentioned before in this discussion, let’s celebrate all things motorcycling even if it does not appeal to your particular sensibilities. I think there is much to much snobbery and cliques going on. I hate the HATERS…………

    • Paddy

      I’m no snob. I’m not a “hater”. That term is super-lame. It’s inaccurate and used by people who read but don’t understand. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t make you right. 

      • PGearbox

        I rest my case:)
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        • Paddy

          I accept your apology. 

          • PGearbox

            It’s not an apology!

            When you watch the video of the artist, the poor bastard is already worried about criticism and starts to justify himself about how he’s sure it has already been done before but for Portland its a first.
            It’s great that they are bringing people together to celebrate their love for art and motorcycling. I don’t mind constructive criticism and suggestions for improvements. It’s also ok to say I don’t like it. But to outright just bag people for having a go is just downright negativity for the sake of it.
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          • Paddy

            I know it’s not an apology. I was joking.

          • PGearbox

            Sent via BlackBerry® from Telstra

      • Nemo

        Hi, we chose to put that on there after we interviewed 1968 California Speedway Flat Track Champion (and current custom builder at The Garage Company in LA) “Slidin'” Sonny Nutter. That’s how we described himself. We are pretty sure he can read and does understand. – Nemo

  • Doc

    Long time follower of “Pipeburn” first time poster (LOL). Exposure and commentary both positive and negative just as valid and as interesting as the the articles that provoke thought and stimulate our lives.  Just like wine….your taste may not be my taste….yet don’t damn the wine maker for you palate!!!

    So these helmets….Is what they Is. Inhale deeply and pass them by if not in your “scene”, admire the beauty and encourage greater creativity if they are.

    Be Lucky and Stay Up Right

  • revdub

    Seems like a lot of fun. Great idea.

  • Realityfooledme

    so much hate for such an awesome event. 

  • ferroussphinx

    It’s a hard drive to please everyone all the time,   so its been my esperience that a persons view changes depending on the day they are having.

    However if Paddy had a bad day or good day it does not matter  because if you want to have an intense day

    start your motorcycle and go for a ride   then your day just got intensely fun  just the way i like it

    BY THE WAY  if you dont like someones self expression I highly doubt they care

    People who live there lives the way they want dont hang around waiting for approval

    • Paddy

      Paddy always has a good day. But it doesn’t stop me from expressing my opinion. I never trash others’ opinion. 

  • Ben

    I am really bored and pissed off with the constant use of the term hipster. We are all into motorbikes here, right? So live and let live I reckon. 

    These guys might me more interested in what looks cool than some of you, but so what?! M/C culture has always been about style, defiance, attitude, whether its phoney or genuine. We can’t all be Steve McQueen.

    You’re probably just pissed off cause these guys look better in jeans and get WAY hotter girls that you ever did. 

    Get over it, and leave the name calling rants to youtube.   

    • Well said Ben.  

    • hoyt

      @97b0ff4f294a0bd5989578c215ebd4a4:disqus  – “…get WAY hotter girls that you ever did.”

      ha. I see you’re taking this adolescent dialogue down a notch.  One could counter-comment that those dudes are over-chicked and under-dicked.

  • canadaman

    that sharpie style helmet is so steezy, i love it.

  • Kattchnabub

    Theres something I find interesting in a person who does things their way, and dosnt make a public announcment about it. Fn hipsters

  • davmo

    I love it… not the event, the cat-fight between the “posers and hipsters”  and the “authentic bikers.” Each has their point, but lately the grousing about what gets selected for this blog (and some of the other bike blogs) is bizzare. How dare Pipeburn or any other media outlet present anything that does not fit my narrow interpretation of authentic biking! Here we are now, entertain us. Sure there are posers among us, but just because a guy only gets to be with his bike for a limited time due to his non moto-centric job does not mean that he has any less passion or love for the sport. There are people who come to bike rallies, sans bike, just to see what they love but cannot afford. I suppose some would see them as posers, or if too well dressed, as hipsters, but they are the same as you and me, brothers. I get my hands dirty most every day, and know it is a blessing to not be behind the desk any more. I know there are plenty more out there that are trying to do the same thing. Sorry if don’t seem like the real deal to “real bikers,” but I am fulfilling my own vision of the craft. Let these guys do the same. You don’t have to love them, but going out of your way to slam their fun makes one look petty…or like you’re just not gettin’ enough. Love, davmo GSD DFA

  • Hermosasurf

    lets all put our money where our mouth is and share some pictures of helmets we painted before hacking on others

  • Roman

    can anyone supply a link with pics of all the helmets?