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Video: Cafe Racer TV Season Three Preview

Posted on February 4, 2012 by Andrew in Café Racer, Video. 22 comments

When we first heard about Cafe Racer TV we were more than a little scared. After train wrecks like American Chopper where the producers seem to be more interested in creating a bitch-fest soap opera than a show for real bike fans, we were all but convinced that this would be following the same route. All cafe and no racer, to coin a phrase. But oh how wrong we were. As those of you that have caught an episode or two will know, it’s a solid show with a decent balance of eye-candy, tech, and talk that will keep you more than interested over the length of an episode. So we were quite chuffed when Jason from Dime City Cycles (who have been featured previously in the series and are the guys who distribute the DVDs and official Cafe Racer TV merch) shot us over an exclusive sneak peak of the third season. We asked him why we should tune in.

“I think Cafe Racer TV is great because there’s something for everyone in every episode. More importantly though it’s focusing a great deal on DIY culture, which is largely becoming extinct in our over-communicated-latte-infused world of fancy packaging and bolt-on products that will supposedly make you faster, cooler and more popular with the ladies. Granted, there has to be a little glitz, otherwise the networks wouldn’t air it, but in end the crew of Cafe Racer TV are honest to God motorcycle guys who understand the importance of the culture they’re purveying.

And if you asking me, which you are, anything that promotes making something with your own two hands vs. running down to Wally Word to buy a cheap Chinese version of what you could produce of your own accord with a little time and effort is good in my book.  Kick-ass motorcycles, history and an insight into the future of where garage builder culture is going, that’s just a bonus in my mind.”

  • Alex

    Have they got rid of that shitty format where they show a 5 minute clip of some random part of a bike build that just starts to get you interested, and then tells you to tune in next week to see another 5 minute clip yet?

    • Yr attention span is obviously a lot longer than mine…

    • John Carlson

      Got to agree with Alex,  that is my biggest gripe about this show.  I would much rather have the entire show focused on one project and actually try to teach us something instead of just gloss over the all the nitty gritty and show the finished product.  Every one of these project bikes has something unique about it that we can learn from.  Why not focus on that and make some real progress on getting more people out in the garage, creating bikes for future episodes?

      • Joe

        Like “The New Yankee Workshop” for motorcycles? I’d watch that every day!

    • GuitarSlinger

      I’d have to agree completely . Been watching ( when I can force myself to sit thru an episode ) since day one .  Granted its been a show that had great promise , but in truth has never lived up to its potential . Like the magazine , the info has been a bit … thin . Accuracy has not been up to snuff ( some of the historical mistakes have been down right embarrassing ) and in truth the interviews have been lacking . And yes the ADD/ Dyslexic Hummingbird editing sucks . Some of us really do have more attention span than said Hummingbird and its damn annoying for those of us that do . And Mike , for all his effort just doesn’t cut it any better on TV than he does in print . As a photographer , he’s fine . But as a writer/TV personality …. well lacking says it all 

  • Motopreserve

    The A.D.D. type editing is annoying for sure – but what I’d love to see is some actual “focusing a great deal on DIY culture.”.

    If building a cafe bike with the measly budget of “unlimited” is DIY, then I want in! What about interspersing some actual backyard garage building culture into the show? Nothing wrong with exposing the amateurs AND the pros! Seems to me that some actual DIY folks could show me something I could try, AND afford….

  • We are one of the builders for Season 3, and trust me, it was literally built in the Garage at the house. We happen to have some serious fabrication tools, but nun the less, DIY, Not store bought bolt on.

  • Cliff Overton

    Season three now? I need to keep up. I watched season one on DVD from start to finish (that way those ‘stay tuned’ bits don’t annoy you) and loved the show. 

    • AlwaysOnTwo

      Perhaps they should take that direction, and the lead from those certain Hollywood productions that go straight to DVD?  Bypass the commercial ad revenue stream and go directly to a membership/download format?  Nah, that would mean they actually wanted to produce the product with the content as advertised and be rewarded based upon the success thereof.  Nope, sorry.  Though perhaps in a different step from the brain dead OCC series, it is still just a bunch of sellouts using other people’s work to make as many commercial-fed bucks as possible.

      It really is too bad, because if the show actually delivered in depth video of specific machines from incept to fire-up, even if it took multiple (and it should) episodes, it would be fantastic instead of just different.  

      And at this point I can agree with every other comment thus far, except, can’t say I love something that is lacking and full of errors and not-quite-even-average production quality or accuracy…of course that’s also already mentioned.

      • If the show turns one single kid in Idaho away from choppers and onto cafes, then that’s job done in my books. Average production quality? Come on! It’s a DIY show on DIY bikes – what do you want, a David Attenborough production?

  • Jeremy Arthur Vandelay

    Seeing what this show passes off as a “cafe racer” is like watching a tv show on punk rock featuring fall out boy.

      I watched in horror as they showed 1969 k0 model CB750 being cut up into a cafe bike. This series has one resounding message that repeats itself on every episode:

    “Hi, I’m so and so from such and such cycles and we have absolutely no business working on these.”

    This show is responsible for the destruction of so many amazingly well kept stock bikes that some stupid kid in Ohio finds in an old man’s garage, completely destroys, and then sells on Craigslist as an unfinished “project” after they’ve rattle-canned the paint, cut the frame, and destroyed all the fenders and discontinued / irreplaceable stock pieces.

     Nothing would make me happier than to see this show taken off the air, because what’s happening in the name of building “Cafe racers” is downright tragic.

    • Jeremy – I get where you’re coming from, but the root of yr argument is that kids shouldn’t be able to do what they want with a stock bike because they might not create a killer custom.

      I’m not sure that’s the kind of attitude we should be promoting. Everyone’s got to learn. Hell, I turned my first car into a pile of junk with a long list ill-advised mods and truly horrible paint jobs. But that’s life. Live and learn; do better next time.

      Hell, what IS a killer custom? How many old Harleys and Triumphs have been destroyed to make horrible west coast choppers? Who are we to say who can and can’t get their hands dirty?

      • Motopreserve

        While I recognize that everyone is entitled to their own style and tastes in their builds, I just wish there was more of a focus on ground up, ‘everyman’ builds. Not to the exclusion of some of these pros, because they also have something to say – but if you are going to highlight a style of bike that was born from DIY attitude (like all bikes I guess), and recognize that the sheen of the chopper culture has all but worn out the biker audience, then it wouldn’t hurt to offer a bit more “down home” work.

        I realize that it would be impossible to show full how-to style vids, but hasn’t OCC and the like, proven that skin deep, devoid of substance “build” shows have a fairly short shelf life? Sign of the times, I guess. This subculture wants a little more than just shine…

      • Richard Brandt

        I have been impressed with a couple of the builds – and since I’m doing the same sort of tearing apart in my moderately-equipped garage, it speaks to me – but the episode Jeremy is talking about was infuriating to me as well. If you’re going to gut a bike, doing it to a sterling example of stock machinery is just absurd. The CB750 they featured was in fantastic shape and they scrapped it up.

      • Jeremy Arthur Vandelay

        The root of my argument is that this show does not inform people that there are PLENTY of hacked up /non-original bikes to use to build cafe bikes.

        I got an e-mail from a kid the other week cutting up a 74 CB550 with 564 miles on it!!!!!!!!!!! He was selling the pipes, so I asked about the fenders and wheels, other original parts, “Oh, well they’ve already been powdercoated”

        WHAT?!?! You powder coated original flawless fenders and wheels with 500 miles on them?! You could have used any old crap set of fenders and wheels!!!!!

        What about the tank and side covers? I can see in the photo it’s the original green- “Well, I’ve already sanded down the tank and painted the side covers”

        Jesus Christ.

        THAT is a message that needs to be broadcast on this show. Badly.

    • Texertexer

      I “customized” my ’72 fender telecaster custom back in the day when I was learning to make an electric guitar and needed some practice. Well that classic is not the same anymore… The adult realization of what I had done has kept my ’70 BMW swb safe for as long as I own it. .

  • Loumex

    can i ask where you got the DVD i am looking to buy it online and cant find it @#(%@*#%)*%

    • Indiesol

       Dime City Cycles has it, I believe.

  • Yep, Dime City has all available Cafe Racer TV DVD’s.

    I have a comment on the last paragraph:  RIGHT ON! Very well said.

    I have season 1 on DVD. It’s a shame Discovery is not airing it in Europe yet. I do get the ‘ADD’ comments, but on the other hand: They do cover a lot in every episode. I like the variety each show, there’s always something for someone to like. Looking forward to season 2 and 3!

  • Gr8wake

    I appreciate that we can now see and have more connectability with the cafe scene but is that cafe racer season preview the next 3 issues of the magazine. I hate how they use all the content from the show and slap it in the magazine and call it good. They really need to step their game up.

  • Matt “Hype Mann” Herrmann

    I’m still waiting for season 1 and season 2 to be finished on US tv. They never finished the swapmeet builds on season 1, and they stopped airing season 2 after four episodes I think. And now they’re getting ready to air season 3? Com’ on man! 

    Mike Seate is going to beat this horse into the next OCC; and without the family strife, what’s the point in watching?

  • george smithers

    Well, I like the show from what I can watch on Youtube although the seasons are incomplete also Dumbass move to make it available only for Discovery HDTV. Also the magazine is well done but they have piss poor customer service.