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DP Customs – ‘Mele’ Ironhead

Posted on February 5, 2012 by Andrew in Bobber. 22 comments

If you’ve ever studied art (yes, yes – but I’m all better now) you’ll know that history’s best artists often hit a sweet spot in their career where they just can’t seem to do any wrong. It’s like the planets have aligned for them and they have some sort of sixth sense about what makes a masterpiece and what doesn’t. Picasso had his blue period. Monet had his water lilies. Coop had that series of pictures with the hella sexy nudie devil girls. Oh, hang on; that’s all his work. Anyhoos, we’re beginning to think that Arizona’s DP customs has reached their own particular acme of perfection. It seems that every bike they have completed of late is somehow from a collection of work yet each one is a superb example of the custom bike art form. We are not worthy.

From the DP Customs site: “A hybrid between a cafe’ racer and a drag bike, this ride has the spirit of racing running through its’ veins.  Powered by an all new, hopped-up 1000cc Ironhead. Featuring a custom DPC x-pipe exhaust system and more goodies than we  can mention. Everything that went into the design of this bike has a special meaning, we hope you like it!”

Jarrod built this ironhead for racecar driver Perry Mele, a participant in the US Pro-Mazda series. The donor bike was a ’79 HD Sportster. It’s donk has be souped up with hot cams, headwork, Branch intake manifold, and a Mikuni carb. The seat, grips, and throttle are all from Biltwell and the oil tank was a scuba jobby. We hope the diver was finished with it before Jarrod grabbed it.

Jarrod seems to be able to walk the fine line between theme bike and tack with an ease that most other shops would find hard to replicate. Need proof? Look no further than the bike’s unique rear spoiler; it’s something that could have easily tipped the bike’s look over the edge and into parody, but it’s size and placement have been handled with true aplomb. Back pats all ’round.

Here’s Jarrod. “Our customer on this build is a racecar driver, so we really wanted a racing look and feel. It turned out to be a really cool hybrid of a cafe racer and a drag racer-style bike. The sport bike tires and clip-ons work surprisingly well with the 6” stretch. The owner says, “it’s the smoothest riding bike I’ve ever been on, and it begs to be ridden fast!”

“As we were delivering the bike down to Tucson, we could see just about every motorist that we passed snapping their necks to get a look at the bright white wheels contrasting with the bright orange and the near chrome. The owner had not seen any photos, but we were pretty sure he’d like it based on the response we were getting.”

“Special thanks to Duffee Motorsports, Ramjet Racing and Strahm Photography for helping us bring this whole project together.”

(via the always fabbo Chop Cult)

  • davmo

    Great Bike! (with sport tires, and well placed, minimal pipewrap, that should keep the natives from gritching.)

  • Cody Sorells

    this thing is bad ass 

  • revdub

    DP kicks butt. It seems that they are incapable of creating a bad bike. If I was looking for a custom HD, there wouldn’t be any question as to who I would want to build it: these guys are the best. This bike is more of the same – awesome.

  • Johan Forsberg

    This is perhaps the coolest harley I’ve ever seen. It’s up there with Mule and Zero. Almost makes me a believer!

  • Gonzo

    Looks like it MIGHT be fun to ride, and has a high level of mechanical craftsmanship but other than that, I just won’t say anything. Don’t want to poo-poo all over this pro-Harley sausage-fest going on here!

    (Oh all right…since you insist, Ya seen one Harley Bobber, ya seen them all. There’s nothing to see here, move along, move along…Even the retro touch of painted rims has been done a million times before. I’m sorry, but the first time I saw the bike on the main page, nothing grabbed me, it was just another Harley custom(Yawn))

    • Walter Gemeinhardt

      Oh all right…since you insist, on being a dick. Once you have read a post from a professional critic ya have read them all. Shut up and build your own bike.

  • Sean

    As an avid rider AND an aerodynamicist, I am very disappointed with that rear wing. I can’t decide if it’s too small or too big. Either way, put your thumb over it and you;ll find a pretty awesome bike.

  • DT

    that “wing” is idiotic. nice build otherwise.

    • Thinking of it as a “number plate” takes the edge off.

  • Homagemotoworks

    Will. Not. Lust. For. Harley.

    damn….too late.

  • VonYinzer

    Very nicely done gents. Ya, its “another Harley” but its a damn nice one! The number of people with big attidudes and invisible bikes here is amusing. DP hit the nail on the head with this scoot.

  • Paddy

    I think it’s cute. Colours are great and over-all, a fine build. And I’m NOT a Harley fan. But so what! Millions are.

    I still don’t understand why anyone would use a hard-tail frame tho.

  • When juxtaposed next to the DP Customs ethos, viz all work < $10k (or so), then so say ye – "…We are not worthy…"

  • i normally dis harlies but nice work and i love hard tails they ride so much better

    • Paddy

      The SIT so much better. Ride? Nahhh…

  • Imagine all the down-force created by that wing. lol

  • Ugh

    Why are those tires not vintage looking, what no firestones?
    Pretty rad except for the spoiler wing thing but credit to trying out something different.

  • davmo

    Yeah all the rear wing comments sound like they are from those unawares of the requirement of rear cowl number plates in racing. Take a look at some real racers and you will see the rear cowl numbers similar to this placement, just not as tastefully done. If you want to poo on the aerodynamics, fine, but there is nothing silly or poser-like about this set-up, only staying consistent with the race theme. As far as the “yawn, move along, seen it a million times before” comments, that particular set of comments is what is really banal. Yes, they all have wheels, frames, engines, tanks, etc…seen it all a million times before. It’s called a motorcycle.

    •  Nope, I’m aware of it. The wing just looks goofy. Looks like something they would do on American Chopper. More traditional number plates would look better.

  • EofA

    Plain and simple, wether you like Harley’s or not, the wing/cowl, the tires, etc etc… this bike has flow. Design compliments all the pieces parts. It’s just done really well. I’m not a Harley fan, except for the flat trackers, and how annoyingly loud some dudes like to make them, but this is hot friggin’ shit house awesome. Done.

  • Gonzo Angrymonkey

    Not completely my cup of tea, but two thumbs up for the concept and execution. And as a side note, you people dis’ing this thing would never be so rude to the builder’s face at a bike show, right? Why be such dicks from a distance? I never understood that attitude. Nothing nice to say, just move along. (-;