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Yamaha XJR 1200 – “Mastino”

Posted on February 7, 2012 by Scott in Café Racer, Racer. 21 comments

This beautiful creation was built by an Italian shop based in Rome called Emporio Elaborazioni (EE). It was started by a graphic designer, a mechanic and a silversmith who all shared a love of custom motorcycles. This brutal bike is nicknamed the ‘Mastino’ or Mastiff after the breed of large, powerful and rather stocky pedigree dogs. When you look at the stance of this short, mean and muscular café racer you realise the name couldn’t be more fitting if it tried. We always thought the powerful and naked XJR 1200 would be a great contender for a modern café racer, but we had no idea it could look this good – trust the Italians to teach us a lesson in style. Here’s how Andrea from EE describes their project:

“It’s the shortest bike we have made. We first worked to heavily reduce the weight by removing everything that we didn’t need. To improve performances we reworked the engine and the carburetors, removed the air box, added forks with Hyperpro kit, Ohlins for the back, and four in one Vance & Hanes with a final Megaton… plus a lot of other stuff. We rebuilt the back frame and made support for the plate and turning lights.

As for the design, our idea was a vintage clean powerful but not obvious cafè. So we started to image solutions… as the 13 wrench used to fix tank and seat. We make a small place under the seat for a whisky bottle and decide to paint the Mastino with not classic “racing” colors. To complete the look and feel we added the little graphic details on the tank… more or less the thing every biker says (F#*!) when the bike stops from an empty tank!”

The stunning tank is off a Ducati Imola and brings a large slice of Italy to the build. The seat is a classic Norton Manx number which sits snug under the tank. This XJR 1200 is a truly unique build and you can definitely see how each of their skills have been utilized. With a custom made silver hip flask built into the seat you could almost call this bike a Scotch Rocket. Not sure how the Italian Polizia would feel about that modification but in Australia it would go down as well as a cheap bottle of Tequila.

  • SportsterMike

    Love the bike – and the side of the tank – makes me laugh – shouldn’t it be F*** It!!! for the last one or “Oh ‘Sugar’ looks like I’m gonna have to push it…”

  • KrookStreetRacing


  • Carbon-arc

    Sweet ride

  • Vander82

    Its obvious a lot of fun has been involved in the creation of this bike.

  • Cody Sorells

    I like how he secured that tank lol thats out of the box and original

  • revdub

    The tank graphics are hilarious. The bike itself – seriously tough. I’d say they perfectly executed their design. And, calling Louisville KY my hometown, I cannot object to having a nice little place to store some whiskey. 😉

  • Tobiwithani

    RAD! we need more brat/cafe bikes with modern parts. I just wish this had an USD fork to match the gold on the ohlins rears.

  • skibum

    great bike!  love the tank!

  • swordy

    lovin the tank &seat unit but its the little touches that make it rock.well done

  • davmo


  • Duck149

    way too bulky for my liking, I can appreciate the seat and touches on the tank but no way to they suit this frame or engine size

  • Zambo

    Grande Skizzo! Bel traguardo!

  • Birdman

    how to ruin a great looking bike 🙁

    • Totheguywholikesbirds

      Yeah, by letting you design it… wouldn’t call the stock xjr great looking…

  • adie.mitchell

    I love that fuel gauge. Is the tank just fiberglass, and transparent enough that you can see the fuel level? I was thinking of doing this, but wasn’t sure whether it was feasible.
    Any thoughts?

    • Paddy

      I think it’s just painted on. But it has been done somewhat successfully on fibreglass tanks before.

  • PGearbox

    Two bikes in a row with the White & Orange color combination. Is this the start of a trend? Look out, people will start complaining that they have seen it before (yawn!). Looks great on both bikes. The XJR is a tough looking bike with a bit of humour. Love the Italian flair.

  • Fabrizio520

    interessante è dire poco..belle idee e ottima la scelta cromatica…bene bravi bissssss

  • Luke Inazuma

    Proud to say that these guys are my friends. Proud to say that I followed this project step by step. Entirely home made in Rome… And it must be said, mates, you don’t really have a clue of what kind of horror was this iron when Leo purchased it three year ago. The preceding owner made it a sort of streethfighter, the way certain German gentlemen do, but without the taste for performance and shape. Emporio made a little miracle. Great job mates!!!

  • Laxpole23

    Want…really really want

  • Hamish Lamont

    It’s a BEAST! I LOVE it! Definitely a real mans bike, =)