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‘Jerry’ by Sbay Motors

Posted on March 13, 2012 by Scott in Bobber, Other. 50 comments

When we first spotted this bike called ‘Jerry’, we thought it looked like the latest offering from Confederate Motorcycles – the large logo on the tank told us otherwise. After some investigating we realised that it was appearing mostly on Spanish motorcycle blogs. Turns out there was a reason for this. ‘Jerry’ is the creation of Spanish bike builder Sergio Bayarri. Sergio is well know for building the ‘Flyer 1800 cafe racer’ which picked up numerous custom bike building awards a few years back. He is the CEO and project engineer at Sbay Motor Company, which is based in south western Spain in a city called Cadiz. They are renowned for building bikes using V-Twin engines of American origin and it looks like they’re back with another ball tearing 1800cc rocket. Although this time they’ve made it a little more practical – if you could say that.

Sbay Motor’s simple philosophy is to build motorcycles that perform – and perform they do. The suspension and brake configuration must be directly related to the bike’s performance. The ‘Jerry’ has front dual 300mm Galfer wave discs with Brembo 4 piston calipers and ISR brake pumps and rear 260mm Galfer wave disc with ISR 2 piston caliper and pump which are responsible for stopping this beast. Ohlins are responsible for keeping the bike on track. The stunning girder front end has Ohlins TTX with fully adjustable compression and rebound, and the rear swingarm is kept under control with an Ohlins with a satellite canister placed under the riders seat to allow for changes on the rear suspension while on the move.

Jerry’s power is provided by a beastly RevTech 110-cubic-inch (1800cc) V-twin engine. The power to weight ratio is where this bike really shines. Through the extensive use of carbon fibre the total weight of the ‘Jerry’ is only 206 kg. Thanks to this power/weight ratio Sergio says that “Jerry’s performance is phenomenal”. Although the bike looks like it is has a very long wheel base it’s actually the same as a stock Harley-Davidson Softail. The Jerry has 17” rims to reduce centrifugal forces responsible for keeping the bike upright when entering a turn. The footrests have also been strategically positioned to allow the rider to lean at an angle of 56 degrees.

The dual fuel tank which follows the line of the frame beautifully is made of carbon fibre with each side holding 5.5 litres each (that’s 11 litres in total for those of you that are bad at math). The front and rear fenders are also made out of carbon fibre by the lads at Sbay. Sergio recently purchased a new Haas CNC machining center and lathe. So they have been busy putting their new toy to work. Most of the bike has been machined in their shop, including the footpegs, handlebars, girder front end, beltdrive and chassis.

This bike is obviously not for everyone – and I’m not just talking about just the looks. All this fancy pants carbon fibre and hand made parts come at a price. The bike will be sold for around 48,000 USD and the production run of this particular model will be limited to 50 units. Sbay have big plans for the future and are looking at starting an assembly plant in Florida where all bikes for the US market will be assembled. We’ll be interested to see if the American market embraces these Spanish bespoke amercian muscle bikes – I guess time will tell.

[Found on Inazumacafe]

  • SportsterMike

    Lovely bike, a lot of craftmanship gone into it AND practical as well, as the exhausts will keep your bum warm in winter!!

  • Justas

    Ugliest thing i’ve ever seen 

    • Menormeh

      Nawwww. In Websters Dictionary under UGLY it says see Suzuki Madura. But this is a close second. And that exhaust / seating setup gives a whole new meaning to the term rump roast……..

  • very unique 😀  Almost like a surgical instrument in a military field hospital.  It would be totally welcome in my garage.


    First of all a bike like this shown in this fashion with a white clinical background is like a crappy digital pic you took with your cell phone of something you know is awesome but it’s the cameras non forgiving fault for making it look like ass.

    If this bike were photographed outside a roadhouse or next to a line up of daily drivers, this thing would appear the spaceship from another planet. It does this anyway but it needs better photography than these under the microscope shots.
    I don’t get why they keep getting displayed like this, it really brings out the worst in a bike. Some will argue that it leaves nothing to hide and the builders work can be shown in it’s honesty.
    Maybe. But boring as hell.

    Nevertheless, this is a bizzare creation with some wicked engineering and top shelf components. Design is nothing new but the first glance raw appearance and in your face performance parts make for a powerful impression.

    Truly a badass custom.

    • Dalbright11

      photoshop the backgrounds to you hearts content.   here its all about the bike!

    • Corey

      Yep. Who cares about actual size, real contrast amongst other colors, or scenes that are actually on planet Earth?

    • bhj

      Photoshop a Mars background in there, maybe….

  • MotoTrooper

    Does not appear to be a cohesive design, more of a rough assembly of parts being evaluated for further refinement.  Never would I spend the dosh on that.

  • Paddy

    It’s obviously made by some seriously talented builders but does the headlight HAVE to hang off the left bar? Does the frame HAVE to be so ugly and then painted an even uglier colour? Questions like this abound.
    It looks like a good technical demonstration of Sbays’ capabilities but the whole is nowhere near the sum of its’ parts.

  • Assholewelder

    That thing is uglier than my mother in law….  

  • I love the negativity here. Everyone is a critic. I give tons of props for being way outside the box with this bad ass machine. 

    • Dave

      well ofcourse everyones a critic, thats why there is a coment box

  • Assholewelder

    We thought it looked like the latest offering from Confederate Motorcycles… Thats how the article starts… So its not that much “outside a box” is it ? 

  • Kind of a modern industrial thing. I’ve considered doing a side mounted headlight.

  • Dave

    “Sbay Motor’s simple philosophy is to build motorcycles that perform – and perform they do.”
    are you just passing someone elses opinion off as your own or have you actualy riden this bike? how do you really know if it performs and compared to what does it peform? bolting on expensev parts doesnt mean it will perform.
    But there is a lot of work here and you would be real shity if it didnt perform to atleast close to what a sportster does.
    and yes it realy is a ugly muther

    • True, I haven’t ridden this bike but I have seen their previous bike in action. And they have built this as a more refined version made for the rider. We are trusting the builder that when he says it performs phenomenally, it actually does. I doubt they’ll give us one for the weekend.

      • AlwaysOnTwo

        Yeah, and the reason they won’t loan it out to you is not your riding pedigree.  A sled that long will be a dream to drive in a straight line, and just as horrible as the Softtail you compared it to when doing anything else.

        BTW, I there are plenty of riders that swear their ride performs phenomenally, and just as many builders that never state the ride is all in your head.  

        If you haven’t had sex with the be-atch, don’t tell me she’s good in bed!

  • zigmund


  • That front end is out-of-this-world.

    • AlwaysOnTwo

      It’s gross, guady, and waaayy overdone.  For how I really feel, and an honest appraisal of the whole build instead of a bunch of lacky quips, scroll on down to about comment #’s 26-29.  Enjoy.

  • GuitarSlinger

    Confederate Hellcat would of been my first guess after a quick look . Fact is even after the second its still a little too Hellcat while being too little ‘original ‘ for my tastes . Nice bike and all … but seriously … All but copying the Confederate look ? Not bad but not impressed 

    • Confederate.

      • AlwaysOnTwo

        Dumb post.  There is something fundamentally wrong with copying anything from anyone.  Even worse, copying it badly.

  • GuitarSlinger

    Jeeze !!!!! The more I read about this thing ( saw it earlier on some of the Spanish sites ) the more I’m convinced this guy is trying to become a Confederate Pastiche Carbon Copy : from the looks , to the price , right down to the ‘ created ‘ Limited Edition schtick  . I wonder what the guys at Confederate think about this thing , especially seeing as Sergio is  intending on selling this in the US . 

    I’m sorry guys , but this is just plain wrong . Actually its unmitigated BS ! Do I hear the words ” Lawsuit ” off in the distance ? I wouldn’t blame J.T. Nesbitt one bit if he does  . 

    • Hey Guitar, there’s no cause for a lawsuit here. If there were, then the big four Japanese companies would have been suing each other for decades now. That being said, I do see your point!
      Feel sorry for these guys. They’re really taking it up the arse in this thread. 

  • Bru

    I see all sorts of intricate pieces of inspiration in that bike for my build.. and, aside from the front end that looks like a 74 year old boxers nose, and floorboards bigger than my Dads ’74 malibu surfboard, I reckon this thing is pretty damn hot!

  • mulliniks

    the pontiac aztec of motorcycles

  • Alwaysontwo

    Beautifully executed bundle of bizarre.  Like my last girlfreind said, you’re sooo ugly I just had to love you!

     PipeBurn / Scott…you should try writing for Jay Leno, or perhaps Craig Ferguson.  Your line “Although the bike looks like it is has a very long wheel base it’s actually the same as a stock Harley-Davidson Softail” just cracks me up. Isn’t that a bit like saying “my wife ain’t fat, she only weighs 500 pounds”?  I mean gawd, a Softtail ain’t short! 

    Least the ground clearance and width are under HD specs! 

    • AlwaysOnTwo

      @PipeBurn AND the last I heard, Rev Tech motors were being churned out via the Asian Connection (actually owned by CCI, Chrome Connection, and farmed pout to Korea and Taiwan for actual tooling), not America. 

      • AlwaysOnTwo

        A HARDER look:


        After studying this bike for more than a few times, and
        liking/disliking hating/loving it, let’s take a closer look at what might have
        been really over the top.


        Copy and paste into my favorite 3D software, tweak, and…


        First, I’m a gonna say they were trryeeiing for a cruiser
        bruiser.  Give em a 9 of 10.


        Now, how’s about a serious ride?


        Now, scrap the Rev Tech Asian clone USA branded POS and
        stuff in a S & S 131.


        Then, cut about 2 inches out of the overly puffy neck
        gusseting (you don’t HAVE to bend the tank nose over the front cylinder THAT
        far) and you still have grand daddy room for wheel travel/compression.


        Hiding the suspension link under the frame is pointless, and
        the link there just looks dumb.  Aside
        from being vulnerable to any kind of curb jump (yeah, tell me you don’t).  Behind the frame and between the exhaust
        pipes is plenty of room to park the cylinder and works.


        And, even after the cylinder relocate, I see another 1 ½ inches
        (more if you scrap the fender) in moving the rear wheel forward.


        Now back to the front…is that huge ass girder fork and the
        extra 1 ¾ inches of neck space and all the geegaw linkage reeeaally necessary
        for th effect of a Big Twin Bruiser?? 
        Not.  Put some proven  tubes up there and get serious.  Having C/F fab skills is nice, wasting that
        talent on uselessness is just gaudy. 


        I’m guessing that offsetting the headlight was a grand idea
        to balance the overused torpedo intake and show off the gas tube at the front
        suspension?  Maybe if I hang my left nut
        lower than the right it will set me apart from the other flat trackers? 


        Floor boards?  Why not
        add a set bags, no, a full tour pack?


        End result?  A 202 Kg or
        less bruiser that would actually sh*t get and go around a corner and be mean
        ass looking way beyond this cumbersome truck.


        Man I love this bike. 
        I’d love it more sitting in my shop close to the cutting torch where I
        could do it some favors.

        • Revheadgl

          Perhaps you should show us how its all done?
          I am not the builder and am not affiliated in any way.Further, It is not a bike that I would buy or build, but I can appreciate the effort and the skill that went into this bike

          In light of the douche comments that have gradually crept into this blog, never, will I allow another of my bike builds to be featured here. 

        •  Since you’re such the expert AOT, I can’t wait to see something you’ve built on here. Or are you all talk and no walk?

      • I never said Rev Tech was manufactured in America. I did say Sbay are ‘renowned for building V-Twin engines of American origin”. 

    • Fair point. I actually thought it looked even longer visually than a soft tail.

  • Luke Inazuma

    Thank you for reporting my post.You will find the complete interview to Sergio Bayarri at the Inazuma Cafe.
    I only have to add that Inazuma Cafè is an Italian site!

    • Inazuma Cafe is a highly recommended passionate site for all two-wheel-lovers !
      Full throttle Luke,kudos !!!

  • God I want that!! So big, mean, amazing, and just raw!
    I love it.

  • 1pfr2go

    This is why motorcycle covers are popular.  And acet/oxy torches, lathes, mills, etc.  There may be a few parts deemed salvageable.

  • Mpress

    my first impression was that it’s too long.

  • Cliff Overton

    I gave it the once over and there are some parts of this bike I love that will inspire me in my future builds, and there are parts I don’t get that probably need a good walk around the bike to understand (like the forks). But I give it props for just being built, as to whether it sells as a unit???

  • Josh

    You do know that you guys can post bikes from this planet too? They don’t ALL have to be ridiculously outrageous. 

  • Lanny Shay

    a $48,000 “performance” bike with floorboards?


    kind of like building your track day car with a bench seat.

  • SpunkyTheTuna

    A ‘performance bike’ with a RevTech faux Harley Evo engine?  Really???  I’ve sometimes, in my idle moments, wondered just exactly what the proverbial ‘ugly stick’ looked like.  Now I know.  Could somebody please pass they eye-bleach?

    • AlwaysOnTwo

      Yeah, I tried to point that out a little earlier.  The ONLY reason to use a Taiwan built Rev Tech is to build it cheap with the image of “American Origin”.  It usually pizzez off HD riders more than the high end revs of 600 sportbike, and any real performance builder would rather mortgage the house or pimp out the old lady before running a Rev Tech.

      For those that don’t know why, you might start here: 

  • It looks like this is what you’d get if Humvee built a bike. I love it but I’d personally take the floor boards off and put some pegs, and put some sort of belt cover on it, I can see that going pretty wrong personally.

    It almost looks more suited as a really badass enduro or trail type bike, like the old Honda FatCats or Yamaha TW. That’s what it reminds me of, just a “Big Boy” version. Definitely looks burly enough to take some terrain but I don’t know.

  • Thecrazypills

    in my opinion, it is ugly. but i respect the work that has gone into it, each to their own, just not for me..

  • It phat, mat and long. This bike is almost totally awesome – only problem for me is the dush bag riding it… with the “God damn I’m a bad ass” look on his face.
    That’s why I wouldn’t buy this bike – I don’t think I could ride it without that ‘look’.

  • Luke Inazuma

    Thank you GeoKan, I have only read your comment right now! Keep following me.