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Indigan’s ‘Diablo’ Moped

Posted on March 20, 2012 by Andrew in Moped. 32 comments

Here’s one that we got our hot little hands on a touch too late. We got all steamy under the collar when we first saw it and then had our high hopes deflated like a bunch of horny teenage virgins interupted by the fuzz when we realised that it had been published elsewhere (damn you, Wes… damn you to hell) and kind of gave up on it. But you know what? After much burning of the midnight oil we thought, “damn it, she’s just too bloody smokin’ to not punch her dance card (do you punch dance cards? Note to self: buy a nice dress and get out more often) and let her take a turn around Pipeburn’s firey dancehall. So here she is. Wicked, isn’t she?

Here’s her man – Daniel. He’s the owner of 1977 Mopeds, a shop we’ve touched on briefly before. “The Indigan Diablo, the first custom from Indigan, a brand new Motorcycle/Moped style parts company. The Diablo started as a pipe dream, as most moped projects do. I wanted to have a moped that was big and and off roadable. Not the first thing you think of as a moped.”


“I wanted to have a moped that was
big and off-roadable.
Not the first thing you think of as a moped.”


“After hunting around for a donor bike, it became apparent that I was not going to be able to find what I wanted.  So, in starting to put together a bike from scratch I basically mixed and matched all the parts from all the mopeds I liked and then with the help of the Indigan production team we made the parts we couldn’t find.”

“It’s got a Derbi Flat Reed engine, a Derbi 75cc Metrakit Cylinder Kit, a 24mm Mikuni Flatslide with K&N Air filter, a HPI Internal Rotor race CDI Unit, a TJT Race Clutch and Variator, a one-off Handmade Motion Left Mopeds Expansion Chamber, a NOS Derbi C5 Tank altered & refinished and with new Indigan decals, OPP Racing Footpegs, an Indigan Seat & handlebars, NOS Costa front forks with weirdo oil reservoirs, NOS Oil Dampened Derbi rear shocks, a Pro Wheel 19″ Front wheel with Braking Disc and Shinko Tire, and a NOS Alu Derbi 18in rear wheel with Shinko Tire top top it all off.”

“The motor was built for me by Bobby Costello, a team rider out of Georgia. Devin Biek made the pipe for the bike, Richard Worham designed up the custom parts, and Kevin Byer put it all together.”

“The final bike is astounding in person, it is fun, aggressive, and makes you smile to see it. The pedals look like a vestigial limb, but make for a great spot to put your feet. There is only one lever on the bars, as it is runs a CVT clutch.”


  • SVA

    That thing is just awesome!

  • Carbon-arc

    Just WOW

  • SportsterMike

    Reminds me of one of the Garelli models that were available here in England in the 70s. If you lusted after a Yammy FS1E, but couldn’t get one, then Garelli made a road and an off road version – very expensive though back in the day…

  • How cool is that? Toughest moped I’ve ever seen!

  • Jesús Learte

    Highly desirable!

  • I agree, adorable!

    • AlwaysOnTwo

      “adorable”?  Aw c’mon Lucy and trade your little pink dress for a pair of Levis.  It’s not a hairball coughin kittae and not a fuzzy-wuzzy wabbit.  It’s not meant to be hugged, cuddled or tucked under the covers at night.  I can not believe even a mopedhead would use that word.

      • GuitarSlinger

        Jeeze ! Caught yourself a bad case of the Grumpies have we ? ( I’d use ____ aholics but don’t wish to be censored ) Man up and admit it . The bikes damn cute ! 

        • If i could take this bike under covers at night, i would.
          (at)AlwaysOnTwo: I am sorry that you are not man enough to express your feelings, bro! Don’t feel harassed by my words. In german, we have so much terms for beautiful that every translation into english is a bloody shit. Roger that?I’ve chosen adorable…and it is still adorable. 🙂

          • AlwaysOnTwo

            Well I am soooo glad that you think huggin a motorBIKE under the covers at night is manly.  I prefer women, over 18 and under 30. And it grieves me terribly that the beautifully grunt laden language of german translates so poorly for you.  If you can translate “I am a sissy”, please whisper that into the little motorbike’s carb intake while you have your boy-toy legs wrapped around it under the covers.  Hope your mommy and daddy approve of the relationship.

          • I think your life must be pretty boring when you’re so concerned about what people say in the internet. I think we got it all now, that you are the meanest badass in town. Congrats, mister! Go and buy yourself a cookie! I am off here, because i don’t want to trash the comments with ya childish blah-blah.

          • AlwaysOnTwo

            Ah, don’t go away all mad and dispirited!  I really look forward to conversing with the the Mops.  I consider them, and you, to be my very personal muses, my dudettes.  And that makes you just sooo ADORABLE.  

        • AlwaysOnTwo

          Read my comment a few paras down.  Then slink your limp self-back to the keyboard and come up with another crack from the cock-a-roach gallery.  BTW, I admit that you probably do look pretty in pink, but I just don’t swing that way.

          • Dave

            alwaysontwo u r a sick c*nt. give it to them straight.
            the way some people here describe bikes is a joke.
            mills and boon type shit and romantics suck the big one

          • AlwaysOnTwo

            Lovin it.  

          • Twistedchildturnsmadmonk

             AlwaysOnTwo… you are so adorable! NOT! Overcompensation huh? Tell us if you swing by the Philippine Islands… I’ll check and see if you’re as tough as your sound… hope you end up with your teeth still intact though.

          • Twistedchildturnsmadmonk

             not Your just You! Lol!

  • revdub

    Dan is a great guy and this bike shows some of the high quality and creative new parts that his company is offering. There’s never been a better time to be an owner of a small bike.

  • GuitarSlinger

    Heck , this little gem  deserves all the Press and Exposure it can get , so don’t go apologizing for coming to the party a little late !

    If its any consolation , several EU sites had this up well before Wes did , and it still doesn’t matter one iota . Put this out there as much as possible . 

  • AlwaysOnTwo

    Yeah, even I’ll say it’s got some appeal.

    But, hey guys, use the lower swingarm mounting position, because a top running chain roller will be VERY short lived.  Especially when you unleash all 15 hp AND a full leg of pedal! 

  • Shümulai

    Reminds me of local moped call’d RAISU or coltish in english…

  • Jeffey

    based on the derbi RD50, beautiful

  • Ggardeazabal77

    has anyone seena real dirty bike

  • David Ottesen

    Love the exhaust, we need to see more 2 strokes with homemade expansion chambers……………….Andrew? (-;

    • I know, I know… so sorry. I’m getting there – slowly. 🙁

  • Revheadgl

    So very cool!

  • Forget to mention in the piece how cool having the expansion chamber across the frame is. Sweet idea, Dan.

    • AlwaysOnTwo

      Yeah, but shouldn’t it also have Zefal toe clips and straps on the pedals for those high speed bursts up the slopes?

    • All that credit goes to Devin Biek of Motion Left Mopeds who hand made the

  • Boobbycostello

    i just found out about this bike being posted up and am real stoked aboutbeing a part of it and the outcome, i built the motor a few months ago but dan and i are a good 400 miles away from each other so i haven’t even gotten to hear that beautiful pipe yet..
    bobby costello

  • T.

    very cool and a lot of fun i bet!

  • Hate that Wes guy!