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DP Customs – ‘The 3’ Harley Ironhead

Posted on March 25, 2012 by Andrew in Bobber. 35 comments

I’ve studied the evidence. I’ve taken the facts at hand and made an educated deduction. Inside all mysteries there lies a precious core of truth, and I have arrived at the center of this one. Giant metallic moths. Giant metallic mechanical moths. Possibly powered by uranium, or an isotope there of. Maybe Einsteinium. Now I would like to say they have wings, but I think that multiple tentacles is the more likely of the appendages. Tentacles that are able to handle many tools at once – metric, imperial and British Standard Whitworth. And they would be aligned in rows – but not just any old rows. They’d be in a kind of shark’s teeth formation so that if one should become inoperable another unit would rise up to take it’s place almost immediately and would be individually assisted by a cloned army of that old lady called “Shirl” who lives down the bottom your street, but with a cyclops eye due to an error in the genetic code. And the moths would operate with a pneumatic scream not dissimilar to the sound of a thousand formula one wheel nut removers, which would of course be very loud. But not as loud as the music playing over the PA system. It’s Yello with that “Oh Yeah” song from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Probably at about 145-150 dB, slowed down to half normal speed, and played backwards.

And that, my friends, is exactly how DP customs turn out so many cool bikes in such a short amount of time. Trust me, I’ve got it all figured out.

Here’s non-metallic non-octapus non-moth, Jarrod “DP” Del Prado. “This build actually started a few years ago and it was my first Harley. I had an 09′ ZX6-R at the time and was riding it on the street and using it for tracks days. I ended up losing the front end at Firebird Raceway and had a decent crash. I decided to keep the Kawasaki and it’s scabbed up skin for track use only after that. I figured I’d go with a Harley for easier going street rides, and my brother Justin found a sweet 82′ Ironhead with a solid running 1000cc engine as a donor. Even though I wouldn’t be attacking corners on this hog, we love racing at DPC so we still had to give it the race look.”


“I wanted to go with something extreme on the rear fender,
like those old barge board type wings on the D-Type Jags”


“We started at the rear of the bike by eliminating all of the clutter and hardtailing it. I wanted to go with something extreme on the rear fender, like those old barge board type wings on the D-Type Jags. My Bro is the one with the fabrication hands, so he got to work crafting the wing out of sheet metal. He turned out a perfectly symmetrical and sleek wing. And it was huge – aka perfect.”

“We stuck with a classic Peanut tank, and finished the bike off in red with white accents, and black powder coated wheels. It turned out great and I’ve been riding the hell out of it ever since. Until recently that is, when I got the itch to repaint it. One of the benefits of having a motorcycle shop with a fully decked out paint booth is that you can change up your own machine for fun on the weekends. The new paint job was, of course, inspired by racing. I have been a huge Ayrton Senna fan since his breakthrough races with Lotus. He is, however, mostly known for driving the Marlboro sponsored McLarens, and I always thought that paint scheme would look killer on a motorcycle. I went with his number 8 from the 1993 MP4/8 Ford. Senna scored 5 wins in that car – including perhaps his best ever drive in the wet at Donington Park. His motor was an underpowered B-squad Ford and the car was twitchy to drive, and he still put it at the front with his daring skill.

“I wanted to be reminded of Senna’s greatness every time I rode, and this bright white and neon red livery with DP Customs in a Marlboro font does the trick. While we were at it, we also thought it would be cool to add decals of the folks that help us survive, like we had sponsors. So in addition to the McLaren graphics, we added Strahmphoto, Duffee Motorsports, Onset Networks, Ramjet Racing, and Biltwell. We buried it all in a matte clear.”

“Lastly, since we first built the bike, we’ve been fortunate enough to acquire a proper lathe and used it to smooth the garbage off of the forks. We threw a nice polish on them, and now my machine feels new once again. It is polarizing in the sun, looks like no other Harley in the world, and pays tribute to my F1 hero. Paydirt.”

And there we have it – yet another genius bike from DP. In all seriousness, these guys must work like dogs to be able to grace us with so many sweet rides so frequently. We genuinely hope that Jarrod and the boys continue to send their bikes our way and that we may in turn sizzle your eyeballs with them. Thanks guys – thanks from all of us, including Shirl.

  • Websys

    Eliminate all the clutter on the tail end and then add a stupid fin, yeah that makes a lot of sense !

  • revdub

    I’ll say it again: I haven’t seen a DP bike yet that I didn’t love. This remains true with this sweet bike. These guys are good. The lines on this bike are awesome. It’s nice to see a shot with a rider. Keep on rocking.

    • Jesús Learte

       It’s nice to see a shot with a rider!! 

  • ge

    I loved the absurdity of the first paragraph.  It reminded me of this guy:

  • Anton

    I usually love their bikes but this isnt doing it for me. Just seems….wrong.
    I don’t care much for that fin for one. The miss matched tires arent too bad but you notice it.
    I don’t know if its just the photo but it looks like really bad orange peel on the pain on the tank.

  • micahshaw

     the fin and the fender do not compliment one a matter of fact they are both quiet uncomplimentary.maybe a different seat to fill that void.oh well. no big deal.

  • AlwaysOnTwo

    This Sporty is just about all wrong.  The fin is plain silly.  The fender (what Dyna model was that from?) is less than gracious, being just too damn big and gaudy.  Pipes that just scream “I don’t know how to build a performance exhaust system, so I thought I’d try these drain pipes from the hardware store”. The paint job, done by a “painter” that doesn’t know how to set the air pressure on his gun??  And what biker is advertising automotive motifs on the tank of his bike?  Obviously it occurred to DP to simply ignore what a Sporty can be, and chop up the suspension and go bobber rather than doing anything inspiring.

    It’s the typical Sporty that Big Twin riders laugh at…a Sporty trying to be everything that it isn’t.But the real killer proof of a build gone wrong…the picture of the ride in action.  A guy that appears no taller than Peter Pan, in a position that says “this ain’t even as much fun as a rectal exam”.  

  • GuitarSlinger

    This bike hits the ‘ Happy ‘ buttons for me on several levels ; 

    1) The McLaren/Senna references 

    2) The ‘ Drag Bike ‘ looks 

    3) The ‘ Nostalgia ‘ aspects 

    4) The ‘ In your face buddy ‘ overall design 

    Normally I’d shy away from a bike like this , but this one does it for me on all levels . 

    8 1/2  out of 10 

    • AlwaysOnTwo

      Hey Mopheadalot, you’ve got me confused.  In order:

      The McClaren/Senna refs…WTF does F1 auto racing have to do with a bobber gone bad custom?  F1’s go right left up and down and hug the shit out of the road.  This POS isn’t setup for anything but posin.

      The”drag bike Look…again, only LOUDER, WTF does a bobber/hardtail have to do with any drag bike look.  check ’em out, they all have sophisticated suspensions, 4 link setups, etc..whatever yur smokin, pass me a roll

      Nostalgia?  well, I’ll give you a point there, after all, before coil over shocks and such, a hardtail was the only choice.

      The “in your face” ..oh, I love this most of all.  You get your panties all wet just at the sight of any 49cc bikee and can’t contain yourself from blathering about the whole scene.

      Now your last line, that you’d “normally …shy away”.  Yeah, there’s the real mophead/GuitarSlinger I’ve come to know…and in retor over your post, it all makes sense in the framework of you don’t have a clue.

      To paraphrase your silly-self, c’mon, man-up and admit you’re just a pink dress wearing little girl that likes to lurk on bike forums and pretend you’re ridin somethin you ain’t got.

      Remember, I luv your adorable little quips, so don’t freak out like HanginAround and go south for the summer.  

      • Funny you should mention a rectal exam, because your last few comments seem to be about as much fun as one. Keep it friendly or don’t say anything at all, Always.

  • Websys

    Imagine being stopped at the lights, a car slams into the back of you, the bike is slammed forward and so is the fin, slicing neatly into your backside and severing you marital prospects in two. That fin is not just stupid, its dangerous. If it hits the right artery you could bleed out in a minute or two.

  • Its a friggin’ custom boys!!! He didnt build it fer you!

    • Websys

      Yeah your right about that, its obviously designed for someone with no common sense and no concern for their safety.

      • Richard Brandt

        I think this is the first bike I’ve seen here that I drooled over, but would be hard-pressed to throw a leg over.

        The fabrication work, though, is stunning. What a line on the fender.

        • Websys

          Well if you can’t throw your leg over it what good is it to you ?

          • Richard Brandt

            I have lots of cool-looking stuff that I can’t sit on!

            I hear what you’re saying, though. This is one that – like those bikes with an exposed tank testicle masher – I can see the form, but not the function.

            That said, I wouldn’t ride with a suicide shifter, and there are dudes out there that love ’em. I don’t want this in my garage, but it isn’t, so it don’t hurt me none.

      • GuitarSlinger

        Since when and on what Planet does a custom ever have to ‘ make sense ‘ ?

        Granted I’ll give them another full point on a ten point scale if they do ( make sense ) but making sense isn’t what a custom is all about . Never has been ( just look at the Ape Hanger 10’ extended girder forked choppers of old ) Never will be .

        Now a Bobber or a Cafe Racer  ? That is a completely different story . They both ____ well better make sense and be ridable 

        As to this custom ? Think 50’s 60’s Drag Bike ,  then  loosen your shorts a bit . They’re getting a bit snug methinks 

        • Websys

          Since they took the stupid and dangerous  thing off the drag strip and put it on the open road. And don’t get me started on those fools with Ape Hangers. Monkey is as monkey does. !

  • Rob Love

    word UP to pipeburn for not only posting rad shit on the daily, but for taking the time to be creative in the intro to the post.  i realize that it is difficult to be witty all the damn time, so i salute you.  this post was so much more fun to read and look at the pictures than the latest BMW post over on the competitors site… and i am a die-hard beemer guy.  Also, nice work on posting a photo of the bike being ridden.  I really think it adds a sense of reality to show someone actually riding the bike.  Bikes that look cool on the kickstand can really be uncomfortable to ride, and vice-versa!  i guess i gotta support this site monetarily some day by buying a t-shirt… Thanks again for making my day in the office a little brighter!

    • Thanks mate. As a general comment on photographs, for most bikes all we have is what we are given. That means that the more the builders and their photogs work to make their bikes look great, the better the stuff you see here.

      If we had a dollar for every sweet bike we’ve rejected due to happy snap photography we’d be rich. Ish.

  • bigdaddy1945

    Nice to see a real motorcycle for a change. Those 125/250cc pissants are cute but that’s all. This is what a Sporty should look like, except for the OCC style fin.

  • Cornish Pixie

    I don’t know if I’m feeling the love for this one, however I keep getting drawn to the pictures, kind of like a fly to one of those shiny blue zapper light things. There’s an attraction but I can’t quite put my finger on what the attraction is, so I guess as an attention grabbing custom bike it works.  

  • r j

    JPS paintjob and half the fender minus the wing would have done the job.

  • Otto

    I think people looking at Pipeburn for bikes that are practical, safe, handle perfect and great paint are looking in the wrong place, you can do that at any new bike dealership. I’m here looking (when I’m at work) for stuff that’s cool and out there. Great build mate, Pipeburn, keep them coming.

  • Apple

    Chop that fender and shorten the exhaust to where the header wrap ends and that bike would look a lot cleaner. 

    • Just a hunch, but I’m not sure “clean” was what Jarred was going for on this one…


  • Lancehouston

    I like the Formula -One touches incorporated into this build!! Senna was a hugh force in

  • Car2nst

    I dig customs and admire any effort bent to make a one-off,but……..that bike looks like it was built on a whim with no taste involved what so ever. Sorry, I don’t really involve myself in judgements, but I’d rather be caught riding my cousin than that thing.

  • BTW, if anyone reading this HASN’T seen the Senna doco, then stop whatever you are doing right this very moment, go to the shops, buy a copy along with some beer and assorted salty snacks, go home, lock the door and turn off the phone and watch the bastard. It’s amazing.

    • Davidabl2

      Oddly enough, in the side view the “fin thing” makes the bike remind me of a ServiCar (H-D delivery trike, in case the Europeans here haven’t seen one). … A very,very sporty ServiCar 🙂

  • Davidabl2

    And as a “theme bike” it’s a whole helluva lot better thought out than the ones on TV Shows.

  • 1love24

    Finally, text to match pix. Brilliant!

  • Nice. Harleys always seem to have a rough-around-the-edges look (not the design, just the engine.) Might be just me, but I think a stubby orange fender up front to balance the colours would be groovy.

    Rider in the last photo looks half constipated/half scared. lol. Maybe that’s the effect riding this beast has!

  • Carlos André Pinto

    First comment on the blog. Found it today and watched all the pages, so first: AWESOME WORK (would like to see more bobbers tho´) And second, bike related: Maybe that fin is just a bit misplaced, if she was shorter and on the front fender, like the old license plates used to be, maybe and just maybe it could look nice. The rear fender… I’d cut it more or less to where the white begins and give it just a little “bend up”. I like the paint job and am ok with the auto related stuff. 

    Maybe my sentences don’t make much sense but I’m from Portugal and don’t practice my english as much as I’d like to so sorry for that in advance.