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Concept Bike: ‘Monocasco’ by Art-Tic Design

Posted on March 28, 2012 by Andrew in Other. 34 comments

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a decent concept bike on this here ol’ Hot Tubes blog and what better way to celebrate a triumphant return than with this insanely cool concept out of the offices of the Art-Tic design studios, located smack bang in middle of downtown Barcelona, Spain. Designed for the the Spanish Marque Ossa, it represents the company’s first non-trials foray since the early 1970s. The brief from Ossa to Art-Tic was the stuff that any bike designer only dares dream about; take a classic race bike from the 1960s and update it for the 21st century. The result? A bike any rider would only dare dream about, and it has a Wacky Races sticker on it. Any cooler, and it’d turn nipples into diamonds at fifty paces. Mujers and hombres, feast your eyes on this.

“This e-concept motorcycle is a tribute to the classic Ossa monocasco which Santiago Herrero rode in four Grand Prix races before his fatal crash in 1970 at the Isle of Man TT GP,” says art-tic chief design dude, Bruno.

“However, this piece is part of a new generation of motorcycles wich are cleaner and not only in their forms (runing with lithium-ion battery packs). However, this e-naked is designed more for the café rather than for the competition.”


“A trunk bound with two leather belts
can be used to store personal effects”


“It design lines are compact and very close to the user. A trunk bound with two leather belts gives us access to the mechanics and can also be used to store some personal effects.”

“The seat is integrated in the design lines of the bodywork and provides an intuitive and dominant riding position. Although a short suspensions and a more curved seat to reduce its height (maximum seat height might be between 730 and 750mm and a wheelbase around 1350mm), will lower the center of gravity and will provide more confidence to the pilot during the stops ands and while driving at low speeds.”

Monza, 1968; Santiago and the original Ossa “Monocasco,” or “Monocoque” as we say in, um, English

  • FallDownGoBoom

    That is just beautiful!! Absolutely zero chance of it making it into production though.

    How’s that rear suspension going to work?

    • Michaelb1

      Very pretty. It inspires me for my e-bike build.
      I have the same question about the rear suspension. It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine when concept vehicles dont look functional. It’s kind of cheating.

      • GuitarSlinger

        If you’re planning an E/V bike of your own , the rear suspension is the least of your worries . You might want to concentrate instead  on ;

        Battery life and how to dispose of them once spent 
        Li’s lovely Car-BQ tendencies
        Where to re-charge on the road
        What to do with said batteries when you crash and they’ve been compromised structurally 
        As well as where to acquire the Rare Earth minerals to build the motor 

        And about 1000 other things not one single E/V manufacture ( car or bike ) these days is considering ……. until disaster hits … which it already has …… and the lawsuits start flying your way   

        • SmokeyTheBear

          I’m not really a fan of electric vehicles, the sound of an electric motor turning will never effect me the way a gas engine does.  But most of the problems you have listed are rather trivial. Especially for the DIY E/V builder. 
          Range. Who cares? Its easy to get more than 100 miles out of an EV, even using lead acid batteries. For your average commuter that’s more than enough to drive to work, the gym, shops and home again to charge it back up over night. Also since he’s building it from scratch odds are this isn’t his only bike. Long range touring? take the gas one.Lithium ion / polymer  batteries require a more sophisticated charging system, and more care needs to be taken when considering their discarge rates. But as the system is are well designed the odds of them catching fire is slim. You’re laptop, phone, ipod, etc. all have lithium batteries, how often does your laptop burst into flame? Recharging, If used as a commuter bike you can recharge overnight at home. Unfortunately lithium battery life is directly related to charge cycles and your much better off completely discharging before charging again, so “topping off” on the go might not be a good idea.When you crash? I think the batteries catching fire or leaking is most likely the least of your problem. Unless you’re taking your bike to the track I like to think of crashing as more of an “if” than a “when”. Either way id be more concerned about the fiberglass tank on your last cafe build breaking and covering you and your hot air-cooled bike with high octane gasoline….Large electric motors’s are a dime a dozen, both brushed and brush-less. finding one for your build shouldn’t be a problem. Sorry to write you an essay, but like it or not we are going to see more E/Vs on the road.  I’d never buy one, ride one, or build one. But from a technology perspective, there is no reason why Michaelb1 can’t.

    • Sod the rear suspension, I’d be more worried about not being able to turn the handlebars due to there only being a bee’s dick of clearance with the slot in the bodywork and the slot for the handlebars lying in the wrong direction entirely (unless there some insane linkage work)!
      I know it’s just a concept, with some great, fresh styling work, but it’s a shame that if it was remotely functional that great styling would be all messed up with slots to let the bars turn.
      Maybe I’m overthinking it. If so, YEAH!!!1 RAD!! RIGHT ON!!! 

      • thruxtonman

         lean! never steer!

      • CBIWhite

        I’d like to imagine the fairing is some kind of stretched rubber over a frame, somewhat like the cloth bodies on old airplanes, which would mould around the handlebars/forks and be able to be pushed aside when you steer. Could work as a steering dampener too. If this is a concept bike, why not come up with some cool new concepts? 

  • Cliff Overton

    God I love it! The best concept bike I have seen in years, it is so damn retro and so damn cool.

  • guest


  • ductech

    I want Dirk Dastardly and Muttly sticker!
    A bike can live with a hard tail, but steering is a must.

  • GuitarSlinger

    Jetsons meets MotoGP : falls under the Wicked Witches evil E/V spell and this is what popped out 9 months later  . 

    On one hand its ……. kinda …. sorta cool 

    On the other its just Geekazoid Art Fart . But is just getting attention is the goal they’ve reached it 

    Different strokes for different folks …….. I guess  . I’ll be surprised if this doesn’t wind up becoming the most polarized bike to date here 

  • Coton

    Looks like an ice cream

  • davmo

    I am confused. Why would you ruin a perfectly good pencil sharpener design by putting wheels on it?

  • Cool. Like how it’s based on an “old design.” I like the idea of e-bikes. I’m wondering also how that rear suspension is supposed to work. Good luck keeping your feet on those pegs.

  • Guest

    I imagine the rear suspension could be achieved with an additional arm and monoshock inside the fairing, or many other ways. Concepts are for new ideas after all, heck you have all that voltage – why not maglev? I bet the designers imagined something super-crazy like “urathane marshmellow quadversion technology”!

    • I’ve heard that marshmellow tech is all fluff and hot air. Boom tish.

    • Frizzyrick

      neat ideas. my mind went immediately to hardtail.

    • The Midnight Marauder

      do you even know how maglev works?

      • Guest

         Marauder I assume the “mag” stands for magic LOL! Of course you’re right, I was just using it a shorthand term for some sort of magnetic repulsion suspension, but those terms are probably wrong too!
        me talk pretty one day

  • Interesting. Now- someone actually build one. Love to see how it translates into the flesh. Excellent work.

  • arnold

    Think Buel

  • Overheating problems? unless its electric.

    • 1a2s3d4f5g6h7j8k

      It’s electric.

  • It’s electric.

  • Philip B


  • Car2nst

    Looks like someone slapped a seat on the back of ‘ol Dads Norelco razor-Sorry, but cutting loose some armpit hair-braiding art student with a cad program why didn’t they really put their time to good use and design a new Ossa that you could ride! Wow! Then when they were done, they could ride it and run into the back of a bus and everyone would snicker and then go blow the froth off a few

  • Daniel Starcher

    definitely more mod than rocker. 

    the non-functional steering kills it.

  • AndrewF

    Yes, it has been a while since you had a decent concept bike on this blog… keep on looking!

  • Joe

      I think a 1968 Monocasco replica would be a great build , maybe a 500cc Yankee under the fairing for a little umph…… Ya’ll keep the Art-tic 

  • idomyownstunts

    Glorious! Its just so clean, so simple. Hub motor for the rear makes sense, wires to the front wheel are puzzling though… perhaps for regenerative braking? As much as I’m enamored with the aesthetic, I’m highly skeptical of hub motors in the 65mph+ motorcycle application. Few (or none) of the electric motorcycle entrepreneurs have gone that route. I can barely tolerate the 18″ mag wheels on my XS. So, what if one combined the sbarro hubless wheel design with a brushless motor to reduce rotating mass? Tricky optimization problem… several variable of trade offs. All in all, a fantastic concept.

  • cafedad

    i like it, nice mix of retro and modern! very cool

  • Nels Nelson

    Looks awesome, I like it though when my headlight turns when I turn the wheel