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DariztDesign’s Honda CB125 – ‘Attempt #13’

Posted on April 10, 2012 by Andrew in Bobber. 32 comments

The World Wide Tube defines the word “attempt” as “an act of trying to achieve something, typically one that is unsuccessful or not certain to succeed.” Now dress me up in a giant set of black wings, dip me in fresh guano and call me bat shit crazy but I’m not really sure what we all see here before us is most accurately described as “unsuccessful.” Hopefully you are all on the same page as me, but from where I’m sitting it looks a lot like this latest bike out of Yogyakata’s DariztDesigns is anything but a failure. But just to be sure, let’s run through the soon-to-be patented Pipeburn checklist of cool custom bike design over it. Masterful colour palette? Check. Bespoke design? Check. Innovative engineering? Check. Killer seat and tank combo? Attention to detail? Perfect visual balance? Check, check and check again. So that’s a pass – with flying colours no less. In which case I’ve decided to unofficially rename the bike in the interests of accuracy and proper use of the Queen’s English. Ladies and gentlemen, behold Darizt’s “Like a Boss #13.” Enjoy.

“It’s based on Honda ’76 CB125. There’s nothing left from the original bike except the left side crankcase – the engine was upgraded with GL200 parts along with it’s wiring and ignition,” says Darizt’s main wrencher and owner Agus Darizt.

“Almost all of the parts are made in house, frame, tanks, fender, handlebar, springer, swing arm, forward control and exhaust pipe. The box in front of the engine is the battery box and it also functions as a license plate holder and indicator lamps. Both wheels using 18″ with 110/80 front tire and 120/80 at rear.”


“The box in front of the engine is the battery box
and it also functions as a license plate holder
and indicator lamps”


“In general, I think any difficulties we encountered during the build were more manageable for me, because we’ve made this style of bike before. The time we spent on the frame of the bike was the main problem though; sometimes I feel so excited when adding the details to the bike that the thinking and execution are really time consuming and that process could take days or even weeks. The rear sprocket and left disc brake for example.”

“My priority and objective when designing and fabricating all of my bikes is comfort, because I want all of my bikes to be rideable and fulfill the essence and the function of a motorbike, so when you take the bike for long journey it won’t cause you too much trouble.”

“Although this is the second time I’ve built a bike like this I really tried to make it different, ’cause I love to be different and different is the best way to be recognized and remembered.”

  • emaychee

    I really dig this, great flow. I’d love to see a version with a larger engine.

  • Creatureparty

    so RAD!!! 

  • Lalror

    Love it, I live in Thailand where most bikes are 125cc automatic clutches so I really don’t mind the small engine.  If this was an attempt I would love to see what he can make when he is trying his hardest.

  • cagivarider

    Great work! Gorgeous result! Große Klasse!

  • Richard Brandt

    If I had access to this bike I would probably leave my wife and kids and never be heard from again. Absolutely beautiful.

  • davmo

    The only thing left from the original bike is the left side crank cover?  Love it! The process of bike building includes getting the math right: adding and subtracting parts till balance is achieved. It is just that usually the subtraction isn’t quite this extensive. Great job, beautiful bike.

  • DStereo

    wow. phenomenal. He nailed it. Congratulations!

  • I dig the placement of the rear turn signals. I think the rear quarter view looks the best. I also like the dual shocks on the swing arm, how they follow the line of the frame. I dare say that there isn’t anything on this bike that doesn’t work for me!

  • BXLGuz

    Phantastic – really inspirational! More detail pics, please? Pretty please?? And one question out of curiosity: the rear shocks look tiny – how much usable wheel travel do they provide?

  • Gustr03

    Yummy!  Delicious!  Battery box idea is great.

  • GuitarSlinger

    Nothing ” attempt ” about it . Its done ! Brother is it ever done. In a mighty fine and stunning way ! Two thumbs up ……. with a bullet !

  • CMCC

    I like it, I like it a lot…

    Engine size = sweetness!  CC’ arn’t everything.
    Color = Red, ok ya got me not a big fan of red bikes.
    over all design and flow is amazing!

    Very nice bike.

  • I like this one a lot. I love the design of the gas tank and how it flows right into the seat! The red and white is great too!

  • Hoi

  • rennie61

    Red engine aside, this is a beautiful-looking bike. Especially the way the tank and seat flow together. I don’t understand why most modern bike manufacturers have forgotten that curves look better. Congratulations.

    • I was thinking something similar. It’s like the car world. Designers come up with something really cool and by the time it filters through everyone that has a say, it looks like everything else.

  • This bike looks perfect in every way! But before you load up to take it to Sturgis for the World Bike Building Championships, remove that fookin’ box from the front of the engine! Get a Shorai battery one thirs the size and relocate it.

    In all other areas, it’s awesome. Great job.

    • We’ll have to agree to disagree, because I really think that and the tank seat combo makes the build. Look at the concept sketch to see what I mean…

      • No. Yes the tank/seat combo looks awesome. But the battery sticking out the front of an otherwise well balanced motor/frame etc looks kinda like that red flappy thing (the snood), that hangs off of a turkey’s face.

  • This is my 1st comment on a bike site, ever, because this bike is incredible. I want one.

  • Look at how the key hangs in the chain in the third pic.

  • holy effing balls that is sooo good. what tyres are those btw?

  • very nice!

  • H_luweh

    Te O Be Ge Te

  • lowflying

    See? It can be done. “Real tires”, NO pipewrap, indicators and rear suspension.

    AND, it still looks cool.


  • lowflying

    Of course I meant NO pipewrap, and it does have indicators and rear suspension…

  • Jacksmith

    Only knock against it would be the flow of the tank into the seat, but very minor when you look at her overall. Gorgeous!!!

  • Dasdsadas

    Very very nice work 

  • hellraiser

    solo rules!

  • mav

    Drop dead gorgeous bike!