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DP Customs – ‘Seventy Three’ Harley Ironhead

Posted on April 29, 2012 by Andrew in Bobber. 41 comments

Study the keeping of time and you’ll soon realise that methods for keeping track of the multitudinous moments that tick by before we all drop off this mortal coil are as many as they are varied. Which is all good and well, but what’s the best way of accurately measuring time if you are a biker? You can’t see a wristwatch under your leathers and take it from me, using radioactive isotopes to power your handle bar-mounted atomic clock really isn’t a good idea – the judge said I may never get off that damn terrorist watch list. But never fear, for I have found a way to measure biker time so accurately you’ll never need a watch again. How? It’s easy! You just need to note the time that has elapsed between two cool Harleys that are rolled through the out door at DP customs and divide by 60 to get a perfectly accurate 1 second measurement. Why? Because that’s just about how often they’ve been managing to produce their superb new creations. At this rate, every Arizonian man, woman and child will be riding an DP Customs Ironhead by this time next year. Best get your ear plugs now before stocks run out.

Black, white and blue – insert joke here about frozen penguins

Here’s Jarrod. “Our shop is in New River Arizona, but we haven’t had a local customer since the cows came home. That is, until we met a dude named Scott Brown at a Bike Night late last year. He told us a story about how he was born in 1973, how all people born that year are very cool (of course I agreed with him, since I was also born in ’73), and that he wanted to build a bike in honor of his esteemed birth into the world of motorcycles. He said he liked DPC’s style and we were the ones who could help him realize his dream of creating Seventy Three. And it began…”

“He brought us an Ironhead Harley that was of the model year, well, you know… His requirements were few: It was to be really, REALLY black. With some hints of blue. It had to look mean. Roger that.”


“it was more crooked than Forrest Gump’s back,
and the welds looked like peppered bacon”


“The frame had already been hardtailed and raked. Once we scraped off all of the vintage grease and grime, however, we realized it was more crooked than Forrest Gump’s back, and the welds looked like peppered bacon.  Justin hooked it up to the jig and had a chopping party that no one was allowed to attend. After fabbing and TIG welding the hell out of it, she was laser straight and the welds looked like the boys from Akrapovic had stopped by to help.”

“The bike had a bent shifter shaft. With these old right hand shift bikes, you’ve got go deep inside to replace it. It was worth the hard work though, as we also noticed the clutch had to be replaced. So we put in a new one while we were in the deep.”

“We used a black springer and powdercoated the cam cover, sprocket cover, primary cover and rocker boxes in satin black. Justin did his signature bitchin’ crossover exhaust, and perfectly followed the tips with the lines of the frame.”

“Our favorite part of this build is that we were able to stick with the ‘all black’ theme while mixing in the traditional bright colors that DPC is known for. The hint of white and blue on the matte finished tank blends perfectly with the bright blue wheels and the whitewall rear tire. Oh, and we’re proud of the ultra sano wiring throughout the bike and lack of clutter. It’s one mean looking machine! Scott was blown away when he saw it – in a cool way of course…”

Brand of Brothers – meet Justin Del Prado (left) and Jarrod Del Prado (right)

If you like what you see here, why not jump over to the official DP photographer’s website at to see more. And if that doesn’t satiate yr thirst for iron they watch this space, as Jarrod has informed me that he has a new cafe racer in the works. About time.

  • David HF Coder

    Absolutely positively gorgeous. First time I’ve wanted anything blue in my motorcycle shop.

  • It’s a black ops bike for the UN.

    • C.Angell


  • vachequipis

    While not being a fan of mat/satin black Harleys, or hard tails come to that (unless they came from the factory like it and were built before 1950) the blue sets it of a treat. I won’t join the pipe wrap debate and I doubt this bike will ever be taken on wet or twisty roads at speed so the tyres are fine too. To cut to my point, I like it.

    • C.Angell

      Might not be a Duck,but then again who are you?

      • vachequipis


        • C.Angell

          Ducati, it ain’t. Why’d you apply the sport rider writer strainer to it? You can get plenty of that claptrap outta the magazines. Wasn’t intended to carve mountains. Though it still might surprise.

        • C.Angell

          I like it too 🙂

  • Jdnick2

     The lowered headlight is cool, reminds me of the headless horseman.

  • tmcsp

    +1 for a chopper without forward controls. +1 more for having a real front brake. Not really a fan of the style but this bike looks good.

  • Martad00

    fantastic looking bike

  • Fadz

    They nailed it! Perfect!

  • maczie

    I’m not into harleys or bobbers,but this bike is eyecatching.mission accomplished!

  • GuitarSlinger

    ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz…… SSDB …… Been there , done that ….. Same old same old ……. Question is ….. why does anybody care ? 

    The ONLY difference between this and the 10,000 other Bobbers out there is the blue wheels and IMHO those are a bit ……… silly !Seriously , just how many Bobber ‘ Clones ‘ does one need to see before overkill and boredom sets in ?

    • Well, it’s a style older than the cafe racer. Besides, there must be something to this “same old same old” design if people are still building it and still digging it.

  • Cballs01

    Wtf is this bike doing on Pipeburn?  I come here to see talent and good work.

    • sigep_rockstar

       i’d love to see the multitudes (i’m sure there are many) of bikes that you’ve built.

      • Ayumsy

         The thing is sigep, how many movies or books have you read and decided wether you’d liked it or not? How many movies have you made or how many books have you written? I really like this bike, it looks great with that seat and I’ve always liked hardtails. Cballs obviously doesn’t, but, we’re all allowed and have the right to say if we like something or not even if we haven’t made whatever it is.

        • sigep_rockstar

           well played.

  • oldfatandugly

    You are looking at talent and good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Truthmusic

    This is a killer build…

  • Car2nst

    I don’t see one original thought on that bike, looks like a lack of imagination coupled with a slow bike, Sorry, but just warmed-up pile of the past 1,000 bobbers

    • It may or may not be original, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. EVERY build doesn’t have to ALWAYS have something new to it. A consistency of style is how we are able to define one type of bike from another. The idea that this may be like “the past 1,000 bobbers” doesn’t take away from it. 

  • Boom. Almost 800 likes! Hello everyone from

  • Wow! I really like it. The colors are just right. Perfect.

  • Coxster

    I think DP leads the pack in Sportys. To borrow a line from a fender mfr ‘the cure for the common softail’

  • mamboman

    cballs01… apparently, your taste is in your ass… you have no business looking and this website.. go check out Vespas, that’s where you belong, moron…

    • Relax, dude. It’s just a bike blog. No reason to get em in a bunch.

  • Dsarnold

    What’s that hanging off the front of the tank? The Mortal Coil!

  • mamboman

    guitarslinger, go get a banyo and shut the F$%^K up…

  • tool

    hide the coil, and make downward slashcuts on the pipes.  Rain and those water jug pipes would put a world of hurt on any engine.

    • C.Angell

      Aaaaaah, couple o’ beer cans over the pipes mebee.

  • JSS

    1st Harley based custom that gets into the lust category..

  • Emailmichaelball

    LePera should have done a custom seat for it. Bob LePera is a sick designer!!!

  • Mebbeu

    Overwhelming mediocrity……………

  • Løøøøøve it!

  • jason

    that bike is bad ass…I personally don’t like the blue but that thing has style

  • Philipp Miller

    I curious to know what a build like this cost

  • truthbfree

    another Christmas tree ornament by the del prado sweethearts….

    • C.Angell


  • Does someone know which type of tyres these are? Thx!