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2004 Triumph Thruxton – The Speed Merchant

Posted on May 19, 2012 by Scott in Café Racer. 15 comments

The Triumph Thruxton isn’t a bike you see a lot of on the pages of Pipeburn. Mainly due to the fact that most riders who pay the premium for this factory café racer don’t usually do that much to them after riding them out of the Triumph dealership. The reason for this is they look great as stock. You don’t really need to do anything to them unless you want to increase the performance or need to stamp your individuality on it. This featured Thruxton is the handy work of the talented crew at The Speed Merchant in southern California who target those people that want something a little more unique – without having to fabricate it themselves. They specialize in manufacturing parts for Hinckley Triumphs and late model Sportsters. So most of the parts you see on this Thruxton are actually parts they make and sell.

This is the latest Thruxton The Speed Merchant’s have built and has clearly been inspired by the street trackers of old with a modern twist. Starting with Speed Merchant “Speedbar” 1″ handlebars that have been custom stepped for 7/8 controls. The stock rear shocks were replaced with 14″ Ohlins and inverted 50mm Marzocchi on the front. The wheels are Sun Aluminum rims with Stainless Steel spokes, 17″ rear and 18″ front, with Bridgestone’s Battlax tires 160 rear and 120 front and dual Tokico four piston brakes for performance stopping power.

The battery and electrics have been relocated, with a beautiful little custom built battery box under the swingarm. Including a Ballistic lithium ion battery which helps minimise the space. Lazer star XS led tail lights round up the rear section of the bike and the custom front number plate with lazer star headlight dramatically changes the look of the Thruxton.

Then we have the hand made one-off race exhausts that perfectly balance the 865cc engine – they might be dangerously close to the riders legs but there’s nothing like a bit of pipeburn. The stock carbs have been replaced with FCR 39mm carbs for some extra responsiveness. The one thing that does define the original Thruxton shape more than anything is the cafe racer bump seat. This has been replaced with a handmade tracker styled tailsection and the rear section of the frame has been modified with a custom grab bar and a bit more some cutting.

To see more from the The Speed Merchants check out their blog or if you have a Thruxton or Harley then it might be worth visiting their store.

[Photography by Mark Kawakami]

  • Carbon-arc

    Interesting…….. proper tyres and no pipe wrap. Is this a new chapter

  • Davidabl2

    You could probably order yours with pipe wrap, if you wish 🙂
    SM showed up on my radar when they announced   their cartridge emulators ..for Sportsters.I hope to see great things from them in the future. Like (hint, hint) oil-in-frame systems for the sporties with those 
    2.1 gal tanks. I.e. O.I.F. plus another 1 or 2 gallons” reserve” tank that goes where the oil tank went.

  • arnold

    Thanks for this bike. I  even bookmarked their site. Seriously good looking stuff.

  • HandsomeDan

    Everything except the headlight.

  • Truly love it, especially the head light. Something about the asymmetry and “whoaw weird” factor of it is so amazing

  • That’s a trip. I just saw this bike today (May 19) at the Hanford Bike Show here in California. Didn’t talk to the guys, but they had this bike and another one there to showcase their work. Looks very tough and aggressive in person. Heard another attendee say it “looks fast.” I would have to agree.

  • JimmyR14

    Lots of really nice parts, but to me the overall look isn’t as balanced or cohesive as the original bike.  I’m sure it looks better in the flesh but in some pics it just looks a bit disjointed.  Wouldn’t stop me from buying some of their parts though – some extremely cool stuff there!

    • It looks way better in person. It would jump out from a line of other bikes.

  • Gusty

    From silk purse to sow’s ear!

  • Porzif

    nice spot for the battery


    well done.  ..Z

  • Spreadthecheese

    love it

  • arnold

    I have not seen the front “number plate” unit before. I only assume that the dark space in front of the bars has an LED ( sorry, old fart) for tacho/ speedo?  May be someone could post a link if the plate is publicly manufactured. My opinion is unchanged. Good looking bike coming from a T 100 rider of many years, from which the awkward Thruxton was derived.

  • JimmyR14

    FWIW I have one of those Ballistic batteries.  I also bought a Shorai because I have been told that the Ballistics can, well, go ballistic.  I am still at the tuning stage with my bike and the SHorai runs flat very quickly because I’m not riding it much, just running the bike to tune it.  So I’m using the Ballistic and it just won’t quit.  I have since been for a few decent rides with the Ballistic in place and it’s been flawless.  And it’s tiny compared to everything else.

  • EofA

    Nice build! I think it looks great. Very unique styling. Isn’t that why we like bikes? Unique not cookie cutter? Awesome fabrication on the battery box. My only critique… one of the exhausts should be fake so you can pull it off and use as a sword, or jousting pole. HHA! Strike down thee non-believers!!!!