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’39 Triumph 3HW Bobber – B.R. Moto

Posted on May 22, 2012 by Andrew in Bobber, Classic. 27 comments

Well, it’s a lazy Tuesday night here in a very Autumnal Sydney. Scott is away on some godforsaken mission in the bush and I’m already buggered from work and wishing it was the weekend while knowing full well it’s three days away. I have about as much energy for writing a witty opening to this post as a Russian mobster has respect for following the “please don’t shoot innocent bystanders when involved in a gunfight” signs plastered all over Moscow. What am I crapping on about? Who knows. But what I do know is that I haven’t been able to get this bike out of my head since I first laid eyes on it while researching the “Bolo Shit” post from last week. Is it too soon to post another bike form the same shop? Probably. Am I really fussed? Not a jot. Am I suddenly the world’s biggest orange headlight fan? You bet.

Like the previous BR Moto bike we featured, this one has the pleasure of supporting the butt cheeks of none other than the company’s owner himself, Matteo Mussi. With a collection that has hit two for two out of the park, I’m beginning to get a little jealous of the guy, to be quite frank.

And although the bike is still “under construction” with its slaggy welds and shocking green seat, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a flea’s puce pube away from being one of the nicest vintage bobbers we’ve featured on Pipeburn in a long while.

Other points of interest for the trains spotters amongst us include the Avon rear and Italian “Ceat” up front, the open clutch, the raked and girdled girdered front end, and the always me-pleasing copper Texas Tea plumbing.

Suggestions for the final seat colour will only be accepted if written on the back of a stamped, self addressed envelope and posted to c/o that house on the corner with all the loud old motorbikes in the front yard, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia.

(Big thanks again to Wide Open Moto Blog)

  • Spreadthecheese

    super cool

  • Niels


  • Since we published this bike, a nice oil tank’s been mounted under the seat and the exhaust has been cleaned up and will look a treat when polished. The yellow ostrich skin is still clinging to the seat though!

    Im pretty sure I know that house in Marrickville too, wasnt there a police bust there a while back for wholesaling home-made moonshine?

    • Yes, but the talk of it sending people blind was all rumour and conjecture…

  • Asshole welder

    That thing sure is pretty, and when you ride it no one will notice the (look at me im silly) seat.

  • cagivarider

    Especially the sideview looks perfectly proportioned to me!

    Best regards

  • The proportions do look great. Nice looking bike. However, the seat color is way out in left field. Need to have a “Non-color blind” friend do a quick checkover prior to the picture shoot. That and the cobbed up pipe wleds!?

    • That seat color is so you can find it in the dark.

  • GuitarSlinger

    The ‘ Bolo Shit ‘ I still think is a pile of _____ ! But this one I like . A little rough around the edges .. but in the right way ….. shades of 50’s 60’s Drag Bikes ( always like that ) Seriously this looks as if it could of been built in the 50’s 60’s and  survived the ages in not too bad and still ridable  condition . Which is harder to accomplish than one might think . 

    So …once again … definitely not a Top Ten by a long shot ….. but its a good’n 

  • revdub

    Pretty cool. I like the way it sits. That seat is something else.

  • redrumracer


  • Love this Bobber. I’d give my right nut to own it…the left has already gone as a down payment on a Falcon bike 😉

    • GuitarSlinger

      Which one ? ( Falcon that is ; I know the bunch pretty well )

  • Robert Lawton Ridgway

    does anyone know if falcon is still in business? they havent updated their blog since nov…..  i was really looking forward to seeing updates on the brough(j.a.p)-powered white falcon but have kinda given up hope….

    this bike does look  the dogs bo****** tho not so sure about the seat!

    • GuitarSlinger

      FALCON ; Well here’s what I know : or at least that which I’m comfortable sharing . 

      Yes Falcon is ostensibly  still in business , but are shifting their focus slightly . As to the blog my best guess ( lots of tight lips of late there ) is that the changes are taking all A&I’s time : leaving none for the online shop or the Blog ( if you’ve noticed the EShop’s shelves are all but empty ) Falcon has also ceased taking their wares to the Bike Shows , which IMHO is a great lose for all . 

      The Black Falcon is currently  at another Vincent guys place getting its motor redone to get it running . Vincents are nasty little motors if you’ve not the experience as they’ve found out . 

      The word also is that  Falcon is opening a Retail space this Fall 

      Personally I have some reservations/dark suspicions as to what may really be going on with Falcon  … that I out of respect for A&I ( good folks BTW ) I’ll keep to myself ….. and truly hope my suspicions are wrong 

      Having said that : it would be in Falcon’s best interest to at least maintain a semblance of contact … both with its loyal followers/customers as well as the general public . No publicity at all  is the worst publicity ANY business can ever have ( even bad publicity is preferred )  I may just give them a jingle and suggest that personally . 

  • arnold

    Well on its way. Looking at the site shop photos I give great kudos to the fact that they seem to recycle the unloved. Sort of  like the Boys Home, making citizens from waifs. Perhaps unpolished and crude around the edges but solid contributors.

  • P.J.Flyer

    Man, I would leave it just the way it is, welds and all. As far as the seat goes, leave it! It just shows it to be a fun bike. Some times a bike just looks right and this is one of those times. This is a motorcycle and it does not try to be anything else!

  • salt

    WOW Clean! I’d like to know what bars those are?…

  • MotoTrooper

    Very shwoopy lines.  Seems like it would be a good candidate for ‘steampunk-izing.’  There’s a process that’s like paint called Armacor or Liquid Metal Coating wherein finely powdered metal in a resin suspension is sprayed onto anything really and the finish looks like solid metal.  I did my Harley build with it and ‘grained’ the surface to look like brushed aluminum.  Point being that if you did that tank in brass or copper along with other parts it could really look very steamypunk and compliment the other mix of metals in the build.  

    Here’s the site of my friend’s shop here in Colorado.  They may have this process available elsewhere.

  • Ted

    I love it and want to drive it to the greasefest 

  • davmo

    Beautiful other than the obvious aforementioned seat misstep. Would like to see it with the changes listed above.

  • Drunkandgreasy

    Love it, wish the saddle was white!

    Cheers and beers

  • I like the saddle. Think people get too caught up in the little details, it looks fucking awesome, and I think everyone should concentrate a little less on the bit hidden by  Mr Mussi’s arse and more on that beautiful engine. Looks like a fuckton of fun. 

  • Pablo@Evolution

    I dig!

  • Pablo@Evolution

    I dig!

  • Pablo@Evolution

    I dig!

  • FutureRider

    What kind of front suspension is on this? (sorry, I’m new here) 😛