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Children of Decadence Motobecane SP98 – “Roast Beef”

Posted on August 21, 2012 by Andrew in Moped. 34 comments

I’ve been blessed/cursed over the past couple of weeks with the task of designing a seat for my new bike. Everything else on the thing is sorted (well, in my head and on paper at least) except for that goddamn arse receptacle. In one memorable session I sat down with a note book and pencil and drew no less than 25 different shapes, each one only a few grains of HB graphite different from the last, yet all totally unique. And none quite right. One looks like a fighter from Battlestar Galactica. The next one a shovel. And then a loaf of bread. And on it goes. Until slowly I realise I’m going a little bit crazy. But obviously not as crazy as the boys from the coolest Parisian ‘ped shop we know, Children of Decadence. They spent so long on their seat it started to look like a slab of rare roast beef. And you know what? It really kinda does.

Here’s head Spoilt Child, Thomas Patouillard Demoriane. “It’s roast beef on a Motobecane SP98 base with a board track sauce. I’ve never been good in the kitchen, bakings are often missed, and my cooking skills are anyway limited to common dishes.”

“But whether in the preparation of a dish or a machine, we can sometimes have very pleasant surprises! That’s the case here, because after finishing the saddle, red with white trim, we found with my saddler that it closely looks like… a roast!”

“Here’s our roast beef recipe. Powder coating for all pieces except for the tank. Repair and upgrade of the 75cc engine. DellOrto UA19S carburetor with polished tank. Electronic ignition. Handmade saddle. Simplified and integrated wiring. Aluminium plates. Rear brake with right pedal. Clubman handlebars. Enduro K46 tires. And lots of patience. Then enjoy!”


  • As the first commentor of this bike, I would just like to say I like it. I’d like to add that that exposed belt seems like it might be a problem ridden in these conditions. Now with that said, I shall go and read the article.

    Edit: OK, I finished reading the article and now I can’t decide if I want to go work on my bike or have a roast beef sandwich. Thank you for confusing me so early in the morning.

    • GuitarSlinger

      Oh crap ! Here we go again . Agreeing . WTH is going on here for the love of Pete and his evil twin brother ?

      So yeah . At first glance ? Ehhhhh. Upon a second and more thoughtful look ? Pretty doggone nice Motorpuppy ( my new nickname for these Moped customs ) I like the moniker of the company as well . Children of Decadence ! Sounds like it should be a Metallica song title . Roast Beef though for the bike ? Errrrrrr. Maybe not so much .

      ( advice to TS ; eat first – work later )

  • First, as the second commentor I’d like to say nice bike. Query. I’m not super familiar with these things so is the red handle in the third pic down a Hi/Low selector?

    • GuitarSlinger

      That’d be the thingamajig that shifts the doobob so that your wingnut doesn’t interfere with your jackwagon . What ever the ____ that means 😉

    • I believe that little handle may be a launch lever which allows the bike to, in essence, down shift at higher speeds to counteract hills or rip past your buddies. It lets you control the variation of the bike.

      • Isn’t that called the Hi/Low selector?

  • Ugh

    Erg, exposed drives aren’t good. Especially if you’re riding the bike in a quarry. You could lose a trouser leg. Or worse.

    • Thanks for the tip, Ugh. I often ride my moped in quarries but I haven’t lost any trouser legs, or worse. You forgot to add that riding without a front fender could put your eye out.

      • GuitarSlinger

        Sheesh . First we’re worried about the girlfriend / wife falling off the bike … then we’re concerned about losing a pant leg …. now its an eye we’re consternating over . So since when did the discussion go from M/C’s to renting a UHaul ? 😉

        • GS ,I’m sure that you got that my post was a bit of scarcasm – but we have many posters who are so worried about preceived dangers that they miss the point that we love bikes because they are dangerous. Kinda like your mother not letting you have a BB gun because you might shoot your eye out. Some guys should rent a U-Haul and trailer their bikes to their destination and then ride around. BTW, I don’t worry about my wife falling off my bike – my girlfriend, well thats another story.

          • GuitarSlinger

            Manxman – Of course I did ! I know you ( at least from your posts ) better than that ! I was just adding my own two bits to the sarcasm you’d already laid down to emphasize the point . Got the movie reference as well 😉

          • I figured you did. Anybody who likes 250 swb berlinettas is ok in my book.

  • I like this moped – these French cats build some cool stuff for splitting lanes in Paris traffic. I’m guessing the red handle is to engage the centrifugal clutch so one can bump start the bike?

    • revdub

      Unless I’m mistaken, I believe the red lever is a launch lever to manually cause the engine to variate. Take off!!

      • Cool – thanks revdub!

      • I though it was for the machine guns…

        • revdub

          Are those hidden under the roast beef?

          • No. They’re inside. They pop out when the beef is done cooking.

          • GuitarSlinger

            I still contend the following ;

            That’d be the thingamajig that shifts the doobob so that your wingnut doesn’t interfere with your jackwagon . What ever the ____ that means 😉

          • That’s what she said!

  • revdub

    I want a piece of that Roast Beef! Tasty.

  • davmo

    Funky, phunky, funkeee! Don’t know what else to say… Funky, but in a good way. Dig it, but even more with fenders. Something gets lost in translation I suspect , as raw roast beef is usually not cut in this particular fashion. I’m thinking “Super Steak” would work a little better for me.

    • Looks like a dino steak form the Flintstones.

  • PGearbox

    You wouldn’t lose a pant leg because you would be riding to the beach in your thongs(flip flops for the rest of the world) and your boardies with GF in a bikini on the back:)

    • Now that I’ve got to see!

      • PGearbox

        Bondi Beach any Saturday morning!

  • arnold

    A unique variation of the jocky shift / suicide clutch theme.

  • JeroenL

    brakes..? ¬¬

    • The little round drum things at the wheel hubs, sometimes assisted by sole of boot or shoe.

  • Thank God for pipewrap and especially a nice close-up of it. Go Baby!

    • I think the pipe wrap is so you don’t burn your calf when you lose your trouser leg when it gets caught in the open primary when riding in a quarry as noted above by Ugh. Which is a complicated explanation of the chaos theory.

  • arnold

    Our freedom to modify our vehicles as we would like or envision, will never be removed in one fell swoop. It will be nibbled and niggled and back doored with helpful legislation intended to protect ourselves from ourselves. ACE from the UK has this legislation targeted as a threat to their sport and pass time and rightly so.

    Sorry Andrew, Scott. This isn’t a good spot to pass this along, move it or delete it as you wish.
    It’s just important to recognize when things we enjoy are being taken away from us even by little pieces.ald.

  • nobby

    I like it. Julia Childs would have liked it. Those wacky Frenchies.

  • I am pretty sure that the red lever engages the transmission. This motor is a dual variated non moving setup. That way if you are out of gas, you can filp the lever and push without the engine trying to kick on. There is no clutch per se on this bike, the motor is always engaged.