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Twinline Moto Shoot

Posted on September 6, 2012 by Scott in Video. 17 comments

Motorcycle builders are usually great at building bikes but when it comes to photography, most can’t find the auto focus button. There’s nothing worse than receiving pics of an amazing bike but the photos just don’t do all the hard work justice. There are a few builders who always seem to hit a home run with their bike photography and one of our favourites is Twinline Motorcycles in Seattle. Thanks to their good mate Todd Blubaugh, who not only is a bike fanatic but also a top photographer. We recently featured some of his work in an interview with Jeff from Twinline and he just sent us this sweet little ‘behind the scenes’ video from that shoot, filmed and edited together by the guys at Mammoth. Spend two minutes watching the film and you might learn a couple of tricks…

Check out Todd’s blog for more ‘moto photo’ goodness.

  • Mat

    very very fucking cool, makes me wanna build ride and take photos all at once!

    • If you could do that, you could join Cirque du Soleil.

  • kevin__fullerton

    Good stuff!

  • @Andrew: So… *That’s* what it is? ‘substandard’ photos? Hmm. Interesting. 🙁

  • John in Pollock

    I want to hang out with these guys.

  • I like the fact that some effort is made to get some good shots. I think the deciding factor, however, is the quality of the camera, e.g. don’t use your cellphone to take your pics.

    • Mister Oddjob

      It’s really more about the quality of the lens. An entry level SLR with a good piece of glass will take amazing photos with the right person at the controls. WIth that said, I’ve seen amazing work done with an iPhone 4S by someone who understands lighting. In my experience (and opinion), understanding how to use light is what separates the mediocre from the great.

      • Turd50cc

        ^_^ Where can I get an iphone 4GS???

        • Mister Oddjob

          @Turd50cc – Umm, yeah, that phone doesn’t exist… Obviously I meant 4S.

    • clinton-

      Humm, i would disagree Tony. The deciding factor is the artists eye. A camera is still the same thing it was 100 years ago, a dark box that captures light. Now, your right that quality equipment helps, however, the composition is in the mind and post production. The quality of light on the subject is in the understanding of how your camera settings work with your flash and or natural light source. All this comes together in the shoot. Crappy cameras produce great art when you know how to use um. I will absolutly agree with the cell phone comment thou.

  • Great vid! But what is the song???

    • Guy Dickson

      U.S. Royalty – The Desert Won’t Save You

  • arnold

    It reminds me of the time…………….er…………no it doesn’t. Thanks for insight into aspects of the business that I would never know, other than selfishly wanting well posted photographs of the bikes presented.

    • arnold

      May I suggest the ‘Speed Graphic’ as a way to really learn photography. Then you can move on to emulsion plates.

      • arnold

        I strongly suggest you visit with Paul d’Orleans if you want your snapshots to speak, as well as show what you are doing.ald

  • Pauldetroit

    Great vid and great bikes from Twinline as per usual. 2nd biz trip that had me in Seattle in the last 6 months and no time to drop by the shop. Next time, no excuses.