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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Posted on September 11, 2012 by Scott in Other. 39 comments

This picture of Don Draper straddling a vintage Matchless motorcycle in a very sharp suit has sparked an international motorcycle event. It’s been named the ‘Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride’ and is the work of Mark Hawwa from the Sydney Cafe Racers. “The idea was actually sparked by members in our Perth chapter” says Mark. On the 30th of September, riders from all around the world will be donning their best suit and ties (smoking pipes optional) and taking to the streets. We’re told there’s already a thousand riders from 20 cities around the world participating. “We are expecting this to grow as people organise their own events and inform us” says Hawwa. “At the moment the cities involved are – Cleveland, Houston, Minneapolis, Raleigh, Portland, Vancouver, Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Gauteng, Sicily, Paris, Lisbon, Porto, Barcelona and London.” 

The rules for the ride are pretty simple. Everyone has to wear a suit – the bikes should be Café Racers, Bobbers, Retros, Flat Trackers, Brat or Modern Classics (and metal scooters… yep no plastic). “The ride needs to take the participants through the busy areas of each city which also ensures a slow speed” says Mark. “It’s not our intention to see people going fast especially in this un-suit-able attire”. Boom tish.  

If you’re interested in being part of this ride in your city, you can find more details on the gentlemans site or follow them on their Facebook page.

  • Lol, Gauteng isn’t a city, it’s a South African province. Close enough 😉 I’ll be organising one in Cape Town, South Africa 😀

    • My bad. I should have checked information provided. Updated now.

  • jm

    the idea started on ‘Perth Cafe Racers” facebook page… not sydneys. they are cant take our credit.

    • To be fair, Mark sent me an email saying the idea came from Perth. But i had already posted the article when i read it.

  • I wish Atlanta would do a ride for this.

  • Tim

    How about Los Angeles???

  • mike

    Let’s hope the riders don’t drink like Don Draper.

    • Zundap

      A lot of riders do. ..Z

  • Hmmm – I’m not a gentleman, nor am I distinguished – can I still ride? Oh, yeah, I don’t have a suit – sport coat OK?

    • arnold

      I figured you’d wear the suit you got for your birthday. Sorry, poppy banter.

      • That would not be a pretty sight.

  • rogueduc

    Is anyone else bothered by his hand positioning? Like he’s never ridden a bike before?

  • itsmefool

    Wow…now I’ve seen everything.

  • Why don’t we have formal attire for motorcycling? Just take a classic design like the one above, and use cordura and kevlar fabrics. Maybe add some low profile armor. The suit’s already cut for shoulder pads.

  • He’s going to tear up those knees on the hard turns. Looks like he already lost his hat.

  • We already have guys who ride in suits; they’re called Mods.

  • Pam

    If he rode in that suit his tie would be shredded if he got up to highway speeds for a couple of miles.

  • Mateo Lamberto

    CHICAGO ANYONE!?!?!?!?!

  • Zundap

    I got the suit and the bike. I’m in if it gets to Daytona. Na, it would never fly here. Shorts, flip flops and more Tattoos than teeth are in. ..Z

  • Joel E Cervantes

    Well I dont live in any of the mentioned cities above, nor do I have one of the specified motos above. Im still riding in my suit to the Santa Rosa Mile in California that day.

  • revdub

    I need to build a bike for myself. I keep selling them off and I’m left without a ride. That’s it… the next one is for keeps. If the DGR’s are happening next year, count me in. I’ll get something going out here in Louisville. I better buy a suit too. This list is getting longer.

    • and don’t forget to distinguish yourself! 🙂

      • revdub

        That could take some real work.

    • Definitely on for next year revdub. Count on it.

      • Revdub. The URL on your instagram is spelt wrong (I hope) and leads to a malicious website.

  • icke

    Add Berlin/Germany to that.

  • dustin

    my friends getting married that day. wedding party on bikes haha

  • Tim

    Damn I only have a sportsbike 🙁

  • itsmefool

    Next bike, please….kinda getting tired of seeing this guy at the top of the page!

    • arnold

      Tired of looking at a mirror are ya? Me too. I usually use a polished steel one myself. The glass ones don’t seem to hold up well.

      • arnold

        Gorilla Glass on the monitor.

        • arnold

          tall poppy banter alert “DO NOT READ”

          • arnold

            Darn should have posted at top.

  • arnold

    A G80 GS can make anybody look good.ald

  • Rob

    Add Cincinnati to that list, the Cincinnati Cafe Racer club is hosting

  • edu

    Jakarta anyone?

  • if y’all want to ride old motorbikes through the streets of a big city, feel free to join us for the 12th annual San Francisco 49 Mile Ride on Oct 28th. We’ll have 300-350 old bikes riding around, and suits, ties and pipes are fine. The ride is free and any make/model/color of bike is accepted if it was made before 1975. Bring cash for the bbq and get there early if you want a T shirt before they sell out. More details on Occhioungo during October.

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