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Adhoc’s ’86 Moto Morini K2 Cafe Racer

Posted on September 25, 2012 by Andrew in Café Racer. 28 comments

David spent so much time on the bike, the garden didn’t quite get the attention it needed

Let’s face it, if your head works anything like mine, then you probably have recurring daydreams about opening your own custom bike shop. Why not throw in the towel on all this corporate 9-5 malarky and do something really honest? Working with your hands. No real deadlines. Take a day off or work late into the night as you see fit. Sure, some guys take the plunge and follow their dreams, but few do it with such sublime perfection as David from Adhoc Cafe Racers. While the rest of us who chuck in our day jobs end up in some cold, dingy rental factory in the seedy part of town wondering just what the hell we were thinking, he’s working on classic Italian metal from his idyllic shop in the mountains near Barcelona. And he’s hanging out with fashion designers to boot. Damn Europeans – why do they always get to have all the fun?

Aquí está David. “I started thinking about cafe racers a couple of years ago, but I got serious last year after previously restoring some classic motorcycles. The first cafe racer was this Moto Morini and I wanted to continue the classic lines. The base model was the horrible, horrible K2 model. I decided to just use the engine and chassis, and everything else would be adapted and created ‘ad hoc’…”

“As a base, the k2 doesn’t give you much to go on, so I began by removing the chassis supports and all superfluous and unnecessary bits. The sub frame is shortened, and the chassis is chromed. The engine paint was also stripped.”

“Adapting the spoked wheels was quite an ordeal as it was not at all easy to find a dual disc front hub. Finally we found one that worked off a Honda Transalp. The rear hub is from a Morini Coguaro. The tank is Europlast, the seat also, although the latter had to be cut to widen it and move it back.”

And the “Tank of the Year” award goes to…

“The instrument panel carries only the tachometer. The fenders are from an old Puch and have been cut and polished. The light comes from a Honda custom and the mirror is an adaptation of several different units.”

“I chose a megaphone exhaust with a slight elevation. The electrical installation has been simplified and the bike is now kick-start only. I also built a small tray on the battery for my gloves. For the paint I chose solid colors – a stone gray, and a cream. All up, it’s a light, fun bike to ride and I’m very happy with it.”

David (left) with mate and fashion designer Gori de Palma

Dave’s planning his next bike on a Honda Nighthawk 750 base. Rest assured you’ll see it here first. In the mean time why not check out more Bueno moto de España at the Adhoc Facebook Page.

(Photos from grassy nature boy Sebas Romero)

  • MotoTrooper

    Sure is a pretty bike. I like how he incorporated grass as a load bearing structure!

  • lysdexia

    Pretty pictures. COULD YOU MOW THE SET NEXT TIME?

    Gad, Morini engines are beautiful.

  • Mgmue mgmu

    So much obscured beauty. Pity. Hopefully these pics were not charged for.

  • lysdexia

    I’d pay a few bucks for some video of this bike. In fact, if you could deliver it in a plain, brown wrapper …

    I imprinted on the 3 1/2 as a pre-teen in the late `70’s. At least once a year I find my self mooning over that cover of Cycle World. This is such a fine take on what was one of the prettiest bikes ever built.

  • Beautiful bike. That tank is fantastic – very organic looking. I assume it’s a one-off. But what the heck is europlast? and how do you make a tank from it?

    • I think it’s a compound made from grass…

      • Cliff Overton

        And yes – here is yet another example of someone actually living my dream, meanwhile – I just keep collecting parts…

        • PikenBiken

          got lots of those as well

        • bigmattie

          I stacked all mine neatly in the living room, threw a rug over them and called it a new sofa…strangely enough the wife only bought it for a few seconds…

      • You mean fibergrass? Chinese Corvette knock-offs are made from fibergrass, or so I’ve heard.

    • vachequipis
      • Thanks, vachequipis. It looks like a cool product.

    • revdub

      That tank is seriously beautiful.

  • Good looking bike (from what I can see.) Once again, the artsiness of the photos takes precedence over what is being photographed. With most of the pics from the same side and obscured by nature’s beauty, I don’t get much of what the bike looks like. Shame, really.

  • OK, so I’ve seen the gas tank and the last pic showing where the tank will go. May I see some pics of the rest of the bike now?

  • ad hoc cafe racers

    Thanks to all for your comments, I also miss photos from the other side of the bike, but with pictures of this quality little I can fault the photographer!! on my Facebook page a picture you could see more “normal”

    • I agree that the photos are nice; this is no slight against the photographer. However, while you fellas may know this bike inside and out, we are seeing it for the first time and REALLY want some details. Just food for thought for the next one 😉

  • Ugh

    Hey look, the exhausts are actually really attractive and the crankcase isn’t rusty!

    • Now THAT’S a nice looking little bike. I like the blue one with the little bikini fairing as well.

  • KP

    It’s probably a cool looking bike, but I can’t tell.

  • Brian Slater

    Very nice! Where can we see more pics of it?

  • arnold

    This is the type of vintage bike remake I love to see. Posted pictures are detail unclear. I think that I would be very happy if you rolled it into Andrew’s crib for glamor shots.

  • pickles

    Great bike, but the pics could have been loads better.

  • Bryan Kerswill

    Nice to see a Morini, nearly bought one back in the day. It is indeed one classic, cool bike……love to see more without the grass.

  • Love the paint color!!!! What color is that??