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Pipeburn’s Top 10 Bikes of 2012

Posted on December 28, 2012 by Andrew in Other. 46 comments

No. 10: DP Customs – ‘Seventy Three’ Harley Ironhead

Ahhh, 2012… a superb year for custom bikes, yes? Scott and I have just spent a quiet evening in, sitting around the drawing room table while sampling some of this year’s best vintages. We’ve had a few cheeky German numbers. One or two North American examples and a decent tipple of some fine Australian produce. Were we Impressed? Naturally. Looking back at our 2011 list, it’s hard not to be taken with the overall rise in quality of this year’s selection – one that was hand-picked by us according to your comments, Facebook likes, and with an added pinch of ‘just because’. So here’s cheers to all the makers who were generous enough to bless us with their hard work, and here’s another one to all of you readers for frequenting this fine establishment. The first vintage on this year’s list is a cheeky little number from one of Arizona’s finest makers, the very talented Del Prado brothers, which earnt a record-breaking 1.7k Facebook likes. It must be something in the New River soil. See more here


No. 9: Revdub’s Puch Moped – “General Mayhem”

The first ever moped to make it on to the list, and we couldn’t be happier that it’s happened to such a nice guy and dedicated Pipeburn supporter. Jeremy Dubish’s ‘General Mayhem’ moped is a master class in the cool and understated in a scene that can often be just the opposite. Mayhem? Amen! See more here


No. 8: Micah Vince’s ’74 Honda CB 360

This Honda was as popular as it’s seat (or lack there of) was controversial. With all the to-ing and fro-ing in the comments section it was easy to forget that this was Micah’s first build, and that most of it was done in hotel and/or living rooms. Maybe we should all take a leaf out of Mr. Vince’s book and spend a little more time touching engines and a little less time touch typing… See more here


No. 7: Wrenchmonkee’s Honda CB750 K6 – “Scratch Monkee”

Another great build by the spanner apes, but this time it was less for show and more for go – a long overdue road trip to be precise. With a budget of sweet freaking all and a deadline that was tighter than a Scotman’s wallet, this is the bike that they manage to throw together. Bastards. See more here


No. 6: Classified Moto’s ’92 Honda CB250 – “MoHawk 250”

If we were handing out prizes for this year’s ‘sow’s ear to silk purse,’ this here bike would be sitting comfortable in every single damn spot. See, this bad boy used to be a Honda NightHawk. What’s that sound, you ask? Why, it’s the muffled rumbles of Soichiro Honda doing a post mortem moon walk in his grave as he celebrates someone improving on his catalogue of work. Nice one, Classified dudes. See more here


No. 5: Evolution’s ’72 Harley Ironhead Sporty – “No. 22”

Sure, he’s a Sydney local and a mate of ours, but Paul McKinnon and his latest creation have not only made it into the top five, but he’s also kept the crown for most bikes in Pipeburn top 10 list – the beautiful Harley above with it’s touch of Kimura, dash of John Player Special, and liberal dollop of pull-your-hair-out coolness sees Evolution Motorsport’s fifth bike on the third edition of the list. Honestly Paul, maybe it’s time to give the other guys a go? See more here


No. 4: 1974 BMW R75 – Krautmotors Street Tracker

When Scott sent me this one to check out, I though I was going to have a conniption. Single sided swing arm. Four valve GS motor. Alternator inside the Honda enduro gas tank. Lines like a gazelle. The word ‘Kraut’ in it’s name. If it wasn’t for the ampules of morphine I just happened to have handy, I just might have ended up in hospital, or a ‘Krankenhaus’ as they call them in the Deutchlands. See more here


No. 3: Bandit9’s Chang Jiang 750 – “Nero”

In our number three spot you’ll find a bike so black, NASA had to recalibrate their deep-space exploration equipment – it’s from long-time cool bike meister and Pipeburn regular, Dazza Villanueva and his Beijing custom bike hot shop, Bandit9. See more here


No. 2: 1938 DKW NZ350

Oh, the controversy! Did he build it or just buy it off of someone else? Did he make it or fake it? In the end it mattered about as much as a the ‘Sports’ in the ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition,’ because the guy who owns this bike gets to ride it. Every. Single. Day. See more here


No. 1: Honda GP250R Café Racer

Drum roll please. And the winner of Pipeburn’s Top bike for 2012 is Darrell Schneider’s game-changing GP250R Honda. It was only posted four weeks ago, but this amazing bike has managed to make very good use of it’s time by romping home in the numero uno spot with ease. For us, it was the bike’s ability to look so comfortable in it’s skin and yet so radically different to anything else we’d ever seen that really did it for us. And don’t get us started on that air cleaner. From all of us at Pipeburn to Darrell and the guys at DPR, congratulations and thanks a billion for letting us share your art with the world! See more here


Editor’s Choice: Skull Motorcyles SR400 – ‘Number 19’

Here’s the eleventh bike on our list of, um, ten. It’s the one that didn’t kill it with comments or Facebook likes, but still managed to drop our cavity-filled jaws as we trawled back through the archives. Rest assured, when you race into your last corner, way too hot and a big tree makes fresh Homo Sapien paté out of your brain, the bike that whatever the higher intelligence being you happen to believe in will ride in that big cafe in the sky will probably be this one. Probably. See more here

  • werhip

    holiday customs had a pretty sweet year… if were going for “11”…

    1980 Suzuki GN400 – Holiday Customs
    Yamaha XS650 – Holiday Customs

  • arnold

    Geez Louise Rev, hanging with the big boys. Congratulations.

    The rest of the list is pretty good too, although

    was my personal favorite………..

  • Wait, what happened to the one you just posted with the cat?

  • yes, yes, no, yes, no, yes, yes, no, yes, and no. 11 should have been in the list.

  • I’m glad you put Revdub’s moped in the top 10. It really inspired me to think small and light. My Puch is in my shop as we speak getting torn down. If it looks half as cool as Mr. Revdub I’ll be happy.

  • lenny bubble visor

    There is no such thing as the “the Deutchlands”
    “DeutSchland” is the German word for Germany
    and the Germans are people from Germany

    I thing your mixing it up with their neighbours

    “The Dutch” are people from Holland a.k.a. “the Netherlands”
    the Dutch word for “the Netherlands” is “Nederland”

    It is confusing I know.. 🙂

    and the Krautmotors Street Tracker is my favourite of this top ten 🙂

  • borgesabreu01

    The Rajmata 48 Sportster from Rajputana Custons is the best bike of 2012 for me. But…

  • Robert F. Russo

    Honestly, Imthink there is room for one more “ped” such as this one:

  • Now&Zen

    #’s 6,7,8 and 10 – SSDD

    #’s 3,4 and 5 – Uglier than the south end of a northbound mule

    # 1 – irrelevant and worthless

    #’s 2 & 9 – Definite contenders and winners both . #2 for sheer creativity and the stones it took to build it and #9 because its flawless from end to end ..

    And finally the Editors Choice #11 . The clear and obvious winner by far by a full back country mile and a half . As a ‘ Custom ; nothing else on offer comes even close

  • Darrell Schneider

    Thank you Pipeburn I know first hand just how difficult it is to pick the Top Ten, I am very appreciative of the number one spot. Once again the comments left on my bike were amazing, Happy New Year.

    • Thanks Tony.

      • What did I do?

        • Good question…

          • itsmefool

            He’s made a lot of pithy comments on this site, so that’s something, I guess…

          • arnold

            He seems to know purple pretty well.

          • Purple…isn’t that your wife’s stripper name?

          • arnold


          • arnold

            They let us out of the rest home three nights a week for gigs.

          • Ah.

          • Tony?…Tony who?

          • Ask your mom, she’ll fill you in.

          • I’m still waiting for the check Andy promised me for making his site interesting.

          • interesting ≠ pithy

          • lol

          • arnold

            I’m thinking he aught to send you a bill instead.

          • That really did make me lol. Even ald can be clever.

          • You know you want to change the website name to “Pipeburn featuring Tony Stark.” (It could only help.)

          • itsmefool

            Which brings me to my next question…will we see a Tony Stark bike featured on these pages in ’13? Surely a man with so many opinions has something to share with the rest of the class!

          • arnold

            I believe I saw a Cobra that needs a little work in his garage, last time I saw it.

          • Man, what a mess that was.

          • Since when do my pithy comments have anything to do with bikes?

          • itsmefool

            Good point; I’ll shut up now.

  • revdub

    I just want to say that I am shocked and feel extremely honored to be included in this year’s list. I feel like a kid who has just been allowed to join the adult table for the first time at the holidays: a little awkward, but very appreciative to be here in the presence of my heroes (even if I don’t have the right words to say). There have been so many amazing bikes featured this year. This bike was built in a small room in the back of my house. The fact that others respond so positively to it never ceases to amaze me. Many thanks to Pipeburn and for all the kind words and interest in the Mayhem!!

    • Our pleasure!

    • Hamish Lamont

      You so should be here fella. Its both an original and a classic! Respect.

    • You do nice work, Rev. Keep it up and maybe Andy will put up something of yours for 2013.

      • revdub

        Thanks, Tony.

  • James Sutton

    Great list with a great amount of variety. Can’t say I agree 100% but I always appreciate the stunning work and talent that each one of these unique bikes exhibit!

  • razor

    Apparently pipeburn has a real dislike of motorcycles with front fenders…

    • Fenders?…fenders? What fenders? We don’t need no stinkin’ fenders.

  • Kai Vallon

    Surprised no Virago’s made the list, I thought this was the year of Virago. Maybe that’s just on the Chinese calendar.

  • Great bikes! Honda is my favorite one!

  • These are awesome.