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Honda NX650 – Deus ‘Dominari’

Posted on February 10, 2012 by Scott in Scrambler. 30 comments

Bali is one of the most famous islands in Indonesia. Famous for it’s amazing surf breaks, tough drug laws and strict low displacement bike laws. So when we recently received some photos from the guys at Deus Bali, we just guessed it would be another sweet little Yamaha Scorpio they do so well. But when we opened up the photos of their latest project we were pleasantly surprised to see a completely unrecognizable Honda NX650 Dominator. To say this size bike is rare in Bali would be a huge understatement — there’s only one other 650cc bike and it also happens to be a NX650. So someone at some stage has paid ‘the right people’ to get it on the island and on the road. Anyway, this is not a story about how it got there, we’re just glad it did. To tell us the tale of how this Dominator transformed into the ‘Dominari’, I’ll pass you over to Tom from Deus…

“Not too long ago we were approached by someone looking into customizing their bike. He talked it over with the Bengkel crew and then returned a week later with a NX650 on the back of a truck. Unbeknownst to us the bike was a little worse for wear and quite a lot of its more vital moving parts were seized up. It was made clear that this build was going to take a smidge longer to finish than originally estimated, and we hauled the thing into the bengkel.

The client’s reference for the junker’s transformation was that of “The Mono“… A bike built by our Australian counterparts a few years back. The NX was stripped bare, had its SOHC engine removed and sent for some TLC, then the boys got to chopping the frame to accommodate the needs for its overhaul. Almost everything from the original enduo-esqe commuter bike was binned, replaced with aftermarket and custom parts (when I say ‘Almost’ everything I mean everything except the engine and swingarm which was extended by 5cm).

“the bike was done & pleading for someone
to show it some tarmac or backcountry terrain”


During its time spent in the power-tool laden cocoon that is the Bengkel, the bike progressively showed signs of what it would soon be, and before you knew it, the bike was done and pleading for someone to show it some tarmac or backcountry terrain. The build list for what has been dubbed the “Dominari’ is varied and extensive, but looking at the final product, everything came together as balanced & clean as we could hope for.

The reworked torquey Honda is set up to handle the varying road conditions of Bali, using the combination of its DRZ250 front shocks and Ohlin mono suspension working together with a set of Bridgestone TW tires…a beefy 14inch 180 in the rear and an 18 inch 130 up front. A Custom made 2 into 1 manifold leads exhaust gases to the hand-built reverse cone silencer with an alloy tip, which transforms the sound of the 43HP motor perfectly. Another alloy piece is that of the fuel tank, large enough for lengthy blasts, the tank also sports a set of Deus badges. For when its needed, stopping power comes from a pair of custom ‘wave’ disk breaks outfitted with Nissin calipers which will bring you to a halut in a safe yet face removing timeframe. The fenders were custom made, as were the foot-pegs, brake light, bubble seat and hand controls. The black HD light upfront is protected by a chrome grill for when gravely back roads are concerned and the whole thing is steered by a set of FatBar handlebars which play host to a Daytona tacho and Posh Speedo”.

The Dominari has been designed to look good while it takes on whatever Bali can throw at it. And from our experience in Bali, that could be anything. From mountains to beaches, wild pigs to wild parties, this Dominator is the perfect island assault vehicle. To see this weapon in action, check out the video below.
We think it’s probably the best bike the Benkel boys have built to date. But who cares what we think, what do you think?


  • Mini

    Kiddo Uno!

    • Vander82

      The Kiddo Uno looks much better IMO.

      Dont like the rear wheel nor the extended swingarm. That includes the rear mudguard.

  • peteFOS

    looks like a great mono machine 

  • SportsterMike

    Very nice bike – a supermoto no less, but looks comfortable to ride
    AND from nice warm Bali…
    Bugger – it’s cold here in England – woke up to snow today!!

  • Bobwark

    Very easy on the eye and appears to be great fun to ride, on or off road, a winner all around, Kudos!!

  • skibum

    Great Bike.  I like that it is two-up.

  • Paddy

    Yup. Looks like a blast to ride. Nice and light on its very big feet. A suggestion for videographers; don’t wreck your creations with repulsive overly loud “music”. We want to hear the bike, not some old croaking dirtbag.
    Did I say nice bike?

  • Adam Santella

    Strict laws in Bali eh? If i did that with my bike on a beach here in Florida I’d be hogtied in a donut-cage cruiser before my old 350 would even have time to properly break down like a true cafe bike should.

    • Strict laws about the importation of bikes over 250cc. They are pretty relaxed when it comes to how you can ride them 😉

  • revdub

    I’ll defer to my comment on the last Deus build posted. If you’re lazy, I’ll fill you in. I love Deus Bali!!

  • GuitarSlinger

    At first sight this morning I wasn’t too enthralled with this machine . But on second look this afternoon , especially after viewing the entire article I’ve had a change of heart . Looks like a serious hoot to ride and  in need of someplace with more relaxed rules to ride it in  . 

  • JNS


  •  How much does the 650 cost and can I get one in Bali?

    • Smuggler

      Cost would be how much it is for sale outside Indonesia, shipping it to Indonesia, bribing the customs guys, paying the taxes on it, bribing the transportation/registration guys… no idea how much bribes are these days (it varies). Best bet is to look for a junker already in Indonesia… good luck.

  • Cb_murry_ta

    great bike ….

  • Bkempf88

    cool bike, the song on the video made me wish I was deaf, but thats another story.

    • AndrewF

      Wash your mouth with soap you philistine, that was Janis Joplin! …to be honest I always thought it was a bit grating too, but hey – a classic is a classic.

  • AlwaysOnTwo

    Back on track, and whether you like every pc of the bike or not, it’s a build that makes sense and shows better thinking the Yam Mosquito featured a few days back.

    I would point out that for off road use both fenders a tad bit close to the rubber and just inviting a clay or sod mass to bend fold and mutilate the sheet metal into the awaiting tire.

    I wouldn’t kick it out of the garage for shedding a few bits of sand on the floor after a ride 🙂 .

  • Carlos Rubens Boffa Rocha

    a real new style of moto , amazing fit this tires, fat ones…

  • Greenstreet

    I didn’t like the bike until I saw a rider on it.  Looks fun. 

  • AndrewF

    I really like it. If Deus Bali builds one, surely Deus in Sydney could as well? Hmm… The only thing that I’m not completely sold on is the swing arm – was it really necessary to extend it? I wonder if it would be even better with the standard one. But all in all, I love it.

  • matt lynch

    a friend and i are building something a lot like this. it should hopefully be done in a month or two. it started as a dr250s that ran poorly, but now it has a gsxr1k shock in back, is getting the fork tubes shortened, might be getting a rear wheel relaced to be in front (depending on funds), has a dr500 engine going in, and a slew of parts purchased from dime city cycles on their way. the damn thing will be one hell of a bike. 

  • luSca custom design


  • Mike

    I would love to find a shop in the UK or Europe who could build me one of these… any takers?

    • Aaron McGraw

      I can build you one of these in the UK…. building one similar now for myself…

      • Aaron McGraw


  • bagas

    bli bengkelnya dimana? thx

  • javi

    that fuel tank is that I need, can you tell me more information about? What is the bike to belong?
    thak you

  • Nandito

    How much a Dominari?