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Honda CB900F Bol d’Or – ‘Mr Meaner’

Posted on February 15, 2012 by Scott in Other. 22 comments

A bus driver called Simon Whittaker from Canberra (Australia’s Capital city) recently sent us some photos of his motorcycle collection and we instantly hated the guy. He had the dream garage. In his possession was one mint bike in every different style. He had a bobber, a couple of stunning café racers, a street tracker and this sheriff inspired Bol d’Or he calls ‘Mr Meaner’. “I do split shifts as a bus driver which gives me a few hours a day to work on the bikes” he says. It’s amazing what can be acheived with little money and a few hours a day when you think outside the box. We asked Simon how the bike came about and this was his answer…

“It started with an ad on all classifieds with a guy selling two 900F boldors project bikes. I got him down to $800 for both. One was already in bits and the other was a roller. I took a couple of mates with me and loaded it all up. Within about an hour of getting home we had the rollers engine going. The basket case parts were sold on ebay over a few months so I got my money back and a bit more. Some weekends in the shed and I could finally ride it after I swapped out the clutch with the good one from the spares. I thought about doing a Black/White paint scheme at first and let my creative flair flow and decided to do a kind of ’80s cop/sheriff theme mainly ’cause I thought it would be a laugh.

“The aim was to give it a quick make over as by then I was up about $300 from the purchase price! I utilised a mate, Craig Crawford who owns C&D sheet metal in Queanbeyan. He let me use his workshop to make a rear splash guard from checkerplate alloy, and a stainless strap for the tank, using his hole punch machine and rollers. Also he gave me a hand to weld in the pop up fuel cap. I modified the rear tail section to take a led tail light and made a plate to cover the back of the plastic duck tail where the old tail light went. The front headlight is a generic trail bike one mounted using a spare original bracket, I also fabricated a small dash for the idiot lights using led replacements. Clip-ons were off another Honda, $10 at the Goulburn swap meet.

The front end was reconditioned with new seals & oil, plus a set of universal fork boots. I stripped all the bolt on stuff from the frame and painted in gloss black, removed the engine covers and polished them up at home along with the rims. It was starting to look pretty good by now and everything was ready to paint in 2 pack. I got the boys at Edwards spray south, ion Tuggeranong to mask it up to look like the original 2 tone red/white then had another friend, Craig Helmers at Choice signs to make up the decals to my design. I came up with a Sheriff, Bol D’or County logo and John Watkins remade the seat in white to match. A set of white skull grips and carbon look bar end mirrors, blinkers and vinyl for the tail section finished it off.

An old 40’s police siren from ebay was hooked up along with an ear cannon air horn, flashing lights from Jaycar mounted on a home made bracket and she was ready to hit the roads. All up it took about 3 months to finish. It certainly turned heads and even fooled a few people too.”

We have a feeling Simon doesn’t take himself to seriously because this build has fun written all over it – even down to the CB911 badge. This is only an entrée of Simon’s work and with so many beautiful bikes in his greasy little hands, we’ll definitely be sharing a few more bikes from this talented bus driver.

  • Stephen Bacon

    Please stop showing great looking bikes built for next to nothing by very talented people in a couple of months, you’re making me feel bad
    .Seriously, this bike is top notch – you’ve got some talented bus drivers “down there”.

  • Mcarthur

    Ummmm did he even think that impersonating a police officer is a federal offence….seriously though this is badass.No negatives here- wait the bullotholes look silly.  Thats all. Pimp police bike.

    • ccc40821

      In Australia? 

    • CBIWhite

      So I guess this means that the american readership is strong.

  • Nergalicous

    Where’s the speedo?

  • SmokeyTheBear

    It really doesn’t look that much different (or better) than a stock CB900F. The 90’s sheriff theme is rather humorous though. 

  • Phillip J Wood

    Think it looks cracking, Not much different from standard but enough to stand out..

  • Anton

    Not digging the police look but love the bike!

  • Stepehen

    never seen this one riding around in canberra, its a small place though so i will keep my eye out!

  • Maybe in Australia (don’t know,) but here in the states, you can’t get away with emergency lights on anything. Looks pretty stock besides the “theme.” I’m not a hater, though. Looks good.

  • classick_moto

    thanks for the comments, i put a bit of tape over the lights when i was riding around…….and i got pretty good at judging the speed……..shouldnt all cop bikes have a few bullet holes?

    • Adam

      love the fun nature of the build! the wheels and engine covers look beautiful, not overly polished, just right. i’ve spent over 2k on my cb350 and it looks like crap so… well done!

  • “decided to do a kind of ’80s cop/sheriff theme mainly ’cause I thought it would be a laugh.” This made my day! 😀 Bike looks like a lot of fun- how about rego’ing it with no speedo?

  • Paddy

    Great looking ride. I always thought those CBs had a cool aggressive stance.

    Too bad we didn’t get a peek at Simons’ garage-full.

  • Ton up

    The cops will definately nail him for riding that on the streets. I knew a guy in school who had the genius idea of carrying a police style light in his car. When he got caught with it on they tore him a new one and emptied his bank account.

  • Paddy

    T’is True. I know I wouldn’t last 2 days before the local cops busted me for some percieved  insurrection. They’re pretty touchy all over the world.

  • Nabih

    Would any one happen to know if parts from a bike like this would go on a CX650? I have a CX650 Eurosport (ED) from 1983  and I’m trying to find shock absorbers for it and it’s kind of hard going… of course, all this is exacerbated by the fact that I’m a total newbie and can’t seem to find a proper parts manual for the CX. However, this bike seems mighty similar. Any ideas about compatibility would be most appreciated.

  • EofA

    I think it looks pretty cool.

    I’m shocked to read comments saying it’s not too different than a stock one. Seat, rear end lights and cowl mod, rim swaps, front fork swap, front cowl, lights, tank mod, rearsets passenger brackets mod’d, 4-1 painted/aftermarket can, diamond plate instead of the plastic underside of rear tire, grips, bar ends/mirror, riser bars, custom indicator lights. But sure… I guess it’s still close to stock….

    Ps. I have a CB900F so I did it.

    Let see the rest of his garage please.

  • Watermelon

    God I’ve been trying to track down a pair of those wheels for my 750f forever

    • EofA

      Check out the forum. Best forum on the planet for 750f, 900f and 1100f bikes. Great people on there too.