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Custom Shop: Cheezy Riders

Posted on February 29, 2012 by Andrew in Other. 47 comments

America putting a man on the moon in ’69 was a big achievement in a veritable cavalcade of different areas. Obviously, it was a technical achievement par excellence. It was also a giant step in exploration that made previous earth-bound heroes like Columbus and Cook look like they were out for a Sunday ride. Then you have a raft of other firsts including speed and distance records and the like. But one thing that is rarely talked about in relation to the mission is it’s enormous breakthroughs in the field of throwing common sense out the window and doing shit because it’s obviously just so damn right. Most bikers will know that feeling all too well; as we all know there’s a certain level of putting your fate in the hands of the gods that must be embraced before anyone can really ride a bike in anger. Which also makes very little sense in the cold, hard light of get a job and do what you’re told. But what if you were to do more than just ride bikes? What if you were sitting down for a beer with a few mates and you decided that from that point on your lives would never be the same again? What if you decided that the drunken idea you just had wasn’t going to be forgotten the next day but actually acted upon with all the vigour you could muster? Welcome to the world of Cheezy Riders, a bunch of guys who acted on a whim and made one giant leap for mankind. And cheese, too.

Over to Neils. “It all started three year ago. I was sitting in a bar with some of my Buddies and we talked about our lives and what we want to do before we leave mother earth. There was a bunch of crazy stuff crossing their minds but one thing really was on the top: they all wanted to ride a old school Chopper through a unique country with endless roads and breathtaking nature to search for freedom and adventure. Just like Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson back in the days in legendary road movie “Easy Rider – except we wanted to swap New Orleans for Japan.”

“But there were a few problems that made the dream unreachable, none of them had a motorcycle license to ride a classic chopper and none of them had the money to build their own big size chopper.”

“The solution lied in 50cc Motorcycle, those bikes could be driven with a car license and that way they had a chance to make their dream come true. It is not about the size of the engine, it is all about the adventure. Don’t dream your life, live your dreams! Cheezy Rider is about living your dreams instead of dreaming your life.”

It took the boys a little while to figure out it was more comfortable to sit down

“Almost every Person in the world has a dream or a passion. Only a few get the chance to live their dreams! Cheezy Rider shows how to make your dreams come true, if you only think a little different, because most times happiness is right in front of you!”

“I don’t care how cool it’ll look, I ain’t doing no up-skirts photos”

“For the Cheezy Riders, it is all about to live the feeling and not about outward appearance. Realizable for everyone!”


“we are planning to open up a flagship store
with a workshop, bar and showroom”


“Today we have a nice little garage and we build custom mopeds from 50ccm up to 200ccm and are going into Production. In June 2012 we are planning to open up a flagship store with a workshop, bar and showroom. For that we have some great people who are going to join our dream and work with us.”

Sadly, the shop selling pedestrian crossing posters had closed by the time they arrived

There was obvious disappointment in the team as they realised they’d missed the last pedicurist for miles

Talk about inspirational… and if you’re still thirsty for another cup of get-up-off-your-ass then I’d be checking this here little video out, too. I’d be off in a second for and adventure, if it weren’t for this damn blog that needs constant updating. Damn you, cool custom motorbike blog. Damn you to hell.

  • Leroy

    It’s about time someone invented… The Pagsta.

  • GuitarSlinger

    Freaking brilliant . That yellow tanked bobber ( photo #2 ) is the best of the bunch . Me wants one ! What a great little city commuter  with an attitude that’d make . Two thumbs up to the Cheesy Rider crew for bring the custom down to Earth and usable . 

    Again . Brilliant !!!!

  • AlwaysOnTwo

    @ Andrew @562f90b7126b9527e53e8ffca8bf9430:disqus  PipeBurn

    In My Face.  Okay, so I get in a tussle with your fellow blogmeister Chris, and you post a luv and kisses interview with him.  Big laugh.  I comment that I get ‘roid rage when I see itseebitsee bikes on which countless hours and $$’s are lavished to no apparently useful end, and you bring us this.  

    But I gotcha…This time I can see the logic and appreciate the left handed insanity.  It does, you see, fit and fill a purpose. Creating a quasi-reality standing in for an otherwise unavailable dream in a land without a legal niche for your passion is brilliant.  And well deserving of admiration for the vision, builder and bike.  Hell, I’d buy these guys a round or two of sake boilermakers just to see what rolls out of their ears when bangin on the table top.The same approach in the US of A, where these things are sold endlessly on eBay for $800 and at auto parts stores for slightly more, would be just stupid.And Andrew, BTW, there is an automotive journalist for the London Times named Jeremy Clarkson.  Hellofafunnyguy if you can endure paragraph after paragraph of irrelevant and loosely related chatter before getting down to the point…I wonder if you are familiar with him?  P.S. that’s not a slam unless you don’t get the breed of humor that makes the brain start to move into the red temp zone.  If you’re not familiar, look him up and I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration.  Peace. Out.

    • GuitarSlinger

      @ AlwaysOnTwo – Not exactly sure how I figured in to your comment here . 

      • AlwaysOnTwo

        No idea either, I didn’t que you.  Freaky little glitch, perhaps a Discus bug.  

    • Anton

      We get Top Gear (UK) in the US, I prefer it to our US knockoff. Clarkson is worlds more famous for that than his journalism.

      • GuitarSlinger

        Amen to that ! ( UK Top Gear being better than US Top Gear ) 

        My favorite personal  analogy to the two is thus ;

        Top Gear UK is three genuine and bonafide Automotive Journalists who occasionally play the fool for a few laughs and the entertainment value 

        Top Gear US is three Fools trying to act like genuine bonafide automotive journalists who can do nothing but act the fool : therefore becoming rather tiresome after about five minutes or so 

        For my money though , having sat at LJK Setrights feet , its James May thats the best of the three . IMHO . 

      • AlwaysOnTwo

        Sure, no argument that he is better known currently for the TV shtick.  But for those that enjoy reading of hands-on experience behind the world’s most expensive and exotic autos, his pedigree is a lot, lot longer. I’ve got this quirky little fetish about reading, and enjoying a well convoluted plot and less trivial attack on my senses than most TV can offer.  That said, Top Gear has made me howl more than once.

        And since our boy Andrew is in a print mode of sorts, I thought it appropriate to reference the journalism and not the little screen.  Silly me.

  • vachequipis

    Hmmmmmm! If I ever finish the work on my bike, I think my sons  crappy piece of 2 wheeled poop, Aprilia 50 Classic, might be in for a bob/chop. Of course by the time I do finish my bike, he will of out grown it anyway! 

  • Davidabl2

    Some while back a bank in Taipei did a promo about some very old guys that (after one funeral too many) dragged out their old bikes and rode all over Taiwan. Thing was all over the internet.
    This seems like about the same thing. But quite a bit earlier in he human lifecycle…

    • I believe you mean the brilliant Dream Rangers ad:

      • Davidabl2

        Yessir,that’s the one.

  • revdub

    I love this idea, the bikes, and their attitude. Welcome to the 200cc and under revolution, gentlemen!

  • Those guys look cheesy alright.

  • Johnny

    I met NPJ and one of his little bikes in Hamburg last year at the 2011 Stadtpark Revival.
    He is such a nice guy and the design and work that was put around that little 50ccm engine was really impressing.
    Stay Cheezy !

  • Matt Black

    NPJ truly is a great guy with great ideas and these bikes apart from being uber cool cheap bar hoppers. They open up a whole new realm to the  custom culture. I truly believe that given the time these bad boys will take off and create a sub culture of custom builders. People with out a license, people that cant lay down 10+ grand for a custom and even  get the younger generation involved a lot earlier than a lot of us got involved in building motorcycles.

      ¨Limitation lives only in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless!!

    Hats off to a guy I am very proud to call a true friend the ¨CheezyRider¨himself señor NPJ!!!

    • AlwaysOnTwo

      First, have you ever heard of The Moped Army, or ran across any of the other 50cc sites/blogs?  K_rist, there already so many everywhere it’s like a cockroach infestation.  The fad your expecting has already arrived and is damn near passe~, which is why I get boiled at seeing the minibike/moped/fartburners taking up space on motorcycle blogs.  They’ve got their own space, they don’t need more.  Go there, forum boast about the nitrous powered weedwhacker with big ports and enjoy.  

      The raft of mini-frames as crotch rockets, cruisers and choppers has been available for at least the past 7 years, and “builders” abound for these bikes in every neighborhood garage around the globe.  There’s at least 5 guys in my little county churning these things on the curb.  My next door neighbor’s 10 year old kid put one together after having the parts drop shipped; springer front end and stars and stripes painted tank.  Whoppee f’n do.Keep in mind I like this particular bit because it serves a purpose where other answers don’t apply. The get it done attitude rates just fine with me.  And second, where is it that you think riding a 50cc bike on public roads doesn’t require a license?  Guadalajara?And third, ever hear of Tohatsu, or the Honda Trail 50?  Or Peugeot? Or piggybacking a Briggs on a Schwinn?  Little bikes for little wallets have been around since before the model T.

      Coffee cup empty, need more juice.  Peace. Out.

      • davmo

        Gee, @AlwaysOnTwo. As one of the cockroaches, I was hoping to make the leap from a mere forum roach to something a little more lofty, like a Pipeburn mention. I get you when you rag about off-the-shelf assembly of these or any bike, but that isn’t what this piece is about. Sorry to try and breathe your rare air, but we are the same: dudes trying to have a good time with our wheels. I have both large and small bikes, the ride is different on each one, but the smile is the same. Learn to love the mini, we’ve been here 50+ years, and isn’t going away any time soon. Thanks to pipeburn for not making the envelope too predictable.

        • Npj

          @damo:disqus. You are so right, whos says you need a big Engine to have a great Adventure with you friends. The Tours across Skandinavia and the Tour across Japan was so much fun and it would not become better with a bigger Engine under your Butt. We are all the same and if somebody has a dream, he should try to find a way he can make that dream come true. I hear so many people sayin “when I win in alottery, I will do this and that” but you can live your dreams, you just have to think different and you have to be open, free your mind! Anyway, I love Pipeburn and I´m so proud that Andrew posted a Article about us and that makes me a happy person and Andrew made a dream come true for me. Lets get our Bikes done and go ride and hopefully we all will meet one day on the Road. Cheers,

      • GuitarSlinger

        @ AlwaysOnTwo 
        Here in KC we’ve got the Moped Marauders doing everything from Choppers to MotoGP replica builds on their little bikes . Personally I get a total kick out of seeing them ride by as  well as feeling mighty good that a few of the Younger Generation are still pursuing DIY Hot Rod customizing , no matter what the platform underneath . In this Video Game / Smart Phone Virtual Vapor Ware World we’re living in its nice to see a few ‘ Real ‘ vs Virtual Reality youngins still roaming the street 

  • Smallylittleandnice


  • Dirk”OldSkool”Diggler

    always the same blablabla…Friends trink a beer in a bar…
    Chopper, Billy and Capt. America , OldSkool…..,,
    this SUCKS !!!

  • Clintonius rex

    Hey always two wheels, I respect your view but Sub 50cc bikes on public roads are fair game in most of the states in the US. For example my dirty little mountain town Missoula Montana. Hell, they just finally got around to banning horses on campus. har de har har. But seriously folks, the 50cc make up a fair portion of what you see rolling around. with gas heading up to 5 a gallon this summer and 50cc costing ya about a gallon for a week or two of commuting, we just might have to see more of this in the furture. Wait for it…..

  • ShittyBill

    you guys have inspired me to make a bobber like the one in the last pic. not going to steal the design, but its going to be similar. thanks!

    • Npj

      @ShittyBill:twitter . You are not stealing at all, even the Bike will look the same! Its about inspire people and I found my inspiration from Bikes I have seen over the years and on my daily Tours on Pipeburn.Send me a Picture when you are done with your Bike (Moped).
      Niels (NPJ)

  • Jesús Learte

    Another  cockroach here, Thanks for using such a word, I’lll use it forever!

    • davmo

      Cockroaches unite!

      • GuitarSlinger

        Welcome Cockroaches … One and All 

        ( as long as you’re the ‘ Real ‘ DIY deal 😉 )

        • Davidabl2

          We should remember that these guys are in a part of the world (Japan) where big bikes are UberExpensive
          And that aa non-Japanese non-citizens in Japan it’s probably hard as hell to get any kind of motorcycle license at all. What I’m getting at is that it isn’t a “small is beautiful” thing for these guys, it’s a necessity.
          Unlike “moped armies” in the USA..where I guess it’s about ” punk attitude” as much as anything else.

          Does anybody else wonder what the word for Cockroach is in Japanese? 🙂

          • Davidabl2

            I may not have been exactly clear on where in the world these guys seems that they are in the USA
            And want to take their micro choppers to Japan? So cost may be the main obstacle to ” living the dream” after all…For Folks who live in Japan I think it is true that it’s difficult and expensive to get licensed to ride an over 400cc bike.

          • GuitarSlinger

            And heck … even as an Old Guy i’d still consider buying one for bopping around the city . 

          • GuitarSlinger

            Personally , what with M/C sales on the decline ….fewer and fewer young folks buying M/C’s .. new or used  ( yes I’m an Old Guy …. but old guys rule ! ) IMHO a trend like this is just what the M/C business is in dire need of to attract more younger riders ( who will then graduate to bigger M/C’s ) as well as get those kids off their Game Boys , Smart Phones etc and learning how to actually DO something , rather than play at doing something 

        • Dedicated to all hardcore racing cockroaches:

          Live your dreams with passion !!!

  • AlwaysOnTwo

    @GuitarSlinger @davmo @Jesús Learte @c4edb8a12bb965f25bb6c730f585ac0b:disqus 
      Okay guys, you REALLY missed my point.  You’re going all postal thinking I’m down on the moped scene, which I’m not.
    I do wish they would stay out of the traffic lanes when unable to keep up.  It’s not just an annoyance, it’s unsafe for everyone.

    My last comment was directed at one comment poster only, Matt Black.  And my point, if you care to go back and take some time, 
    is that he id making some wild assumptions and is missing a little common knowledge.

    Here it is again, more simply…little bikes have been around for those that desire them for longer than  just the current rage.  He really should do a little homework.

    Even mopeds require a license and registration to be driven on public roads in most countries.

    Assembling a bike from mail order parts is not rocket science, even for kids too young to drive legally.

    And for Gawd’s sake, it’s all been done before and then some, EVEN in the moped market.  Fact, you’ve got far more moped dealers working out of the garage than mainstream Stealerships.

    I don’t care if it’s 50cc or 500 Hp, if it’s your shtick, go for it.   Just cue up a little before going all Rush Limbaugh.   Just as it’s not a sin to be riding a moped (and maybe wanting something larger, else why read a Big BOy’s Toys blog?) there’s no rationale to be jumpin on the guys that are already ridin in the fast lane.  We’ve been there, done that.  And no matter what bike you ever swing a leg across, there’ll always be someone that’s already been on that ride and moved on.  Ya gotta deal with it.  If you can’t take the heat, get out of the seat.

    • davmo

      On behalf of the cockroaches, We accept your apology.

    • GuitarSlinger

       AlwayOnTwo – Well you’re correct in saying that micro customs have been around for awhile ( have a look at the EU scene thats been going on since at least the early 60’s ) But I also think you were a bit ….. gruff with your response to Matt Black as well as being a little too over generalizing in your criticisms about micro customs . For what its worth , the overwhelming majority of the Moped Marauders in my neck of the woods do not build OTC bikes . Oh they buy a piece or two but overall they’re bending metal , reusing old bits ( in classic hot rod fashion ) etc and coming up with some damn unique little putters .
      So yes we may of missed your intentions in your post , but if you re-read your own words you’ve gotta admit you buried those intentions under a whole lot of harsh words . Not that that is hard to do online …….. been guilty of the same myself on occasion …. but you’ve gotta admit … your words taken at face value did come across as you being down on the moped scene .

      But anyway . on your most recent post ….. fair enough 

      Rock On ! 

      PS; As a counterpoint , just how many of the H-D customs on the road today do you think are not strictly OTC Bolt On Specials ? Not many I can promise you . 

    • Jesús Learte

      Sorry if I’ve missed your points, although  I fear the words were not chosen too propelrly. Anyway, you can see we have even made jokes, no intention to quarrel. I’ve never understood the division between great and little motorcycles, or more properly the division of riders of great and little motorcycles. Pages like this one offer the best proof that there’s no division at all, other than chances being displayed by one or another. Many many times, on road, I’ve received salutes from riders of great motorcycles, (last Sunday, a group of HD riders) but also many, many times, I’ve made such salute and I’ve received no response when riding a little one. That makes me think that they are “great-bike” riders, not “great riders” at all. Finally (this is the edited part ), no one should tell me to get out of the seat, at least if I don’t do the same. And I’d never dare to do it.

      • davmo

        Yeah, no disrespect intended to any of you fine gentlemen. Hope you enjoy a little dust-up on the blogs as much as I do. It’s kind of like hockey or rugby sometimes: brutal sport followed by handshakes and beer. Having said that, let’s not be too harsh on anyone’s aspiration to create something, whether from OTC parts or custom, they are probably doing what is within their budget and abilities. They are just as proud looking at their  kit bike as you are yours. And hey- you don’t have to ride it. I know now how lame some of my own early attempts were ( some might argue the trend persists.) Check around, you will find most guys on this blog have a small displacement, less than glorious bike in their past.
        Even some of the most badass builders. Go figure.

  • BRA$CO

     i thought this was a motorcycle blog…

    • GuitarSlinger

      And just what aspect of – 2 wheels driven by a  Motor etc do you NOT consider a Motorcycle ? 

      Needing a little history lesson perhaps on what M/C’s were originally ?

      Here’s a clue // Motor – for the device propelling the vehicle / Cycle – short for Bicycle which is what Motor Cycles originally were . Bicycles with Motors on them . 

      Any questions ?

  • Ed sanderLy Sander

     ED you know those mini chops look a lot like a bike sold  by  “Cleavland  cycle works” a small  hard tial chopper knock off . Can be done here in usa too.  and affordable . . aaint  china wonderful .  have fun

  • I usually look at all the pics first and then proceed with the article. While reading my mind goes “What 50ccm engines??…wait a minute”…hell yeah, looks great!

  • MisterMainer

    It ain’t easy…………bein’ cheezy

  • Surprised no one mentioned yet that these guys got their start on Kikkers, which their current line-up seems to be primarily based on.

    Had one for about a year. A fun little bike, but quality might be a little dodgy on parts.

    • Chris McCammon

      Yeah I was thinking the same thing…  Hey wait I have two of those bikes. If they already exist how could this guy be so inspirational? I dig individualism, but don’t claim you invented the wheel when all you did was ad some polish.  My bikes look nothing like a stock Kikker Hardknock but I’m not gonna try to sell mine as my own creation.  As always publicity is everything. 

  • EofA

    … Ape hanger bars are the most ridiculous, self-inflicted carpal tunnel, awkward, lethargic maneuvering bars ever created. I wonder what a person using those kinds of bars on a bike really thinks?

    “Sweet, I get to air out my pits.” or “Look… not only do I have the most annoyingly loud sounding bike, but I get to hold out my arms up like a gay Superman.”

    • Chris McCammon

      Respect the fact other people like different things than you.