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Pipeburn Poll: Is Getting Your Knee Down Really All That?

Posted on April 25th, by Andrew in Other. 1 Comment

Just look at that shot. John Surtees, one of the world’s greatest GP racers, getting his knee down while riding his father’s Vincent Black Lightning in the early 50s. Except it’s not. See, as realistic and authentic as this shot looks, it’s a fake because Surtees never intentionally put a knee down in anger. Ever. How do I know that? Because the first ever recorded racing “knee down” didn’t occur until the early seventies and one Mister Jarno Saarinen. So Mr Surtees managed to go his whole amazing career without ever putting patella to pavement. Which beggars the question, just how necessary is getting you knee down?

  • Andy Copeland

    Knee down gives you a measure of how much lean you can have around a corner.
    Generally speaking a stock bike can lean until it scrapes the footpegs. Any further and technically you bum should kiss the ground.
    As race bikes are "customised" then it is necessary to have the knee down as a gauge if your leaning all the way over.

    So to wrap up my comment when we all are riding our Easyrider Harleys in the twisties remember to get that knee right down. But just remember to hold onto your cowboy hat or football helmet, if you have a topless girl on the back then get her to put a knee down also all in good spirit.