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2012 One Motorcycle Show

Posted on April 4, 2012 by Scott in Other. 39 comments

The One Motorcycle Show is all done and dusted for another year and it looks like Thor Drake and the guys at See See Motorcycles have smashed it out of the park. We unfortunately couldn’t get there, mainly due to the fact that it was held about 8,000 miles away from the Pipeburn orifice — even Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman would think twice about doing that ride. Luckily for us the main sponsor Bell Helmets put together this little video to show us what we missed out on. Looks like it was a killer event with so many unique and ‘real’ rides being showcased. We also loved the names of some of the award categories which included: I’d Ride That, Looks Fast, Sketchy Bike, Made in the USA and Italian Stallion. Was also good to see people like Roland Sands supporting the show, even entering his super moto “cafe monster”. Rumour has it he also gave away a couple of his new jackets to the people who were last to put beer cans on his bike. Keep an eye out in the vid for the Pipeburn(t) favourite — the toaster helmet complete with burnt toast popping out the top. Pure genius. Were you there? Let us know what you thought…

  • Guitarslinger

    My personal opinion of the  ‘ One Motorcycle Show ‘ in particular and See See in general , is them being  no more than a synthesized , cynically  manufactured ( e.g. nothing ‘ real ‘ about it ) created for the Urban Hipster non-movement in order to make a few $$$ ‘ Product ‘  .

    Like so much of the ‘ Art ‘ world , once you get beyond the immediate semi ‘ cool ‘ factor you realize its nothing more than a gathering of vapid and shallow lemmings with little or no direction – style –  identifying elements  …. in truth a M/C wanna be culture  black hole 

    If its s trip to the US you’re planning : and a M/C show to be attending there’s much better to be found then the ‘ One ‘ Which isn’t . ” One ‘ being more  ‘ Portlandia ‘ than ‘ real ‘ 

    You didn’t ‘ miss ‘ a thing Andrew . Trust me .

    • I dunno – it looks pretty damn cool to me…

      • Me too. This video made me cry….for not being able to go. Curse you Andrew! Curse you to HADES!!! Seriously though, even if the event was done by alleged posers, most of the bikes I saw looked cool as hell.

    • Richard Brandt

      There’s a guy in a nearby city that has built a few really slick bobbers. He’s a complete asshole.

      Sure, there were probably a bunch of people at that show that I wouldn’t be able to stand ten minutes of conversation with…there were some cool bikes there too.

      Looks like something that would have been fun to go check out, get some ideas, do some people-watching – and probably meet a couple of cool cats, too.

      There are wankers everywhere, and I’m sure that the ‘real’ bike shows have them in similar proportion to this show.

    • Wineagin

      The ironic thing is you sound like a hipster with your “It was cool before everyone else liked it” attitude. Did you even go to the show? Do you even live in Portland?

      There were some beautiful bikes there, what else matters? I guess to you the people that show up to see what others have created, or specifically the hipsters, who somehow invalidate the creators bikes and makes them posers.

      You are the poser and as far as I am concerned you can stay in your mom’s basement criticizing others from your keyboard because you sound like a real debby downer.

    • vachequipis

      I would have loved to go, who isn’t a poser when they customize their bike? the only difference if there is one, is how big your budget is, Roland Sands v shed built! and from the vid there is plenty of both. If you have spent countless hours in a shed spending all your hard earned why not bask in a little glory. there are plenty of posers on stock factory top end bikes who have put in zero effort! Hey if there wasn’t über rich posers, who would pay the wages of the great pro-builders that delight our senses on Pipeburn!

  • Tool

    Yup, what he said.  Wait, let me take a pic of me posting this and upload it onto Chopcult, twatter, etc.

    • Right? The dude posing in front of the burnout looked pretty lame. “Look how cool I am! This is going on my Facebook page!” lol

  • monkeyboylx

    When did a motorcycle show become an art show? Yes, bikes are art, but they’re FUNCTIONING art. They aren’t built to be put on a pedestal and observed. They are built to be put on the road and become a part of. Maybe I’m wrong, but I would much prefer an unorganized meetup in a parking lot to something like this. It just feels… stiff, artificial. Honestly not surprised its from pdx.

    • davmo

      Don’t mind the “bikes as art” aspect so much, but yes, the US Northwest has an overabundance of  hipster poser attitude that oozes over everything. Unfortunately, that taint keeps types like myself wrenching in the shop, and soaking up the cool of this show via an Aussie blog. Go figure.

      • revdub

        Here comes the obligatory usage of the meaningless term “hipster”. I get what you are saying though. Sometimes, the few can ruin it for the rest.

        • monkeyboylx

           Yeah, I shied away from using that term, but I attempted to make the same statement. I have to agree with davmo though about the overabundance of it. It all seems too stiff for me. But to each his own I suppose. They can have the show room and the polish, Ill keep the pavement.

          • Mack

            I was there, and almost every bike in the room looked like it had been ridden to the max.  Talked to a drunk old dirt track racer about his sr500 who was contorted as hell from crashing it so much.  These bikes earned their salt, and their place on a pedestal. Real bikes, real people.

          • Here here.

  • revdub

    Man. That looks like a lot of fun. All those rad bikes in one place. I would love to have been there. And… I spy some ‘peds from the Cutters at 4:10-4:12. Nice to see motos and mopeds getting along so nicely.

  • Clutchbasket

    The One Show is about the motorcycle itself. I honestly do not care if there is a skinny jean wearing hesher, full beard stinky greased out biker or your mom next to me at a show like this.  The show was awesome and it was great to see so many bikes in one place at one time.  How could that not be a scene?  This was the third (3rd) One Motorcycle Show put on by Thor and it was huge.  Each year it has gotten bigger and better.  Checking out all the bikes, having a beer and talking about bikes, it was like hanging out in a huge garage for two days.  Awesome.   

  • lanky

    I went this year and last year. It’s something to look forward to during the long rainy NW winter, which is justification enough. Say what you will about the audience, there are always some cool bikes, cheap beer, and free music. If you can’t handle the crowd stay home and chastise the attendees on the internet.

  • Billy Slicks

    We rolled down from Canada (Vancouver) and the show was great. Lots of different “genres” of bikes, 95% looked like they get ridden pretty often. Everyone seemed nice and friendly.
    I don’t see the hang ups of judging people by fashion or dress. 
    Take it for what it is, a free show with a good atmosphere how is that a bad thing. All you guys crying about keeping it real seem like you are socially awkward to begin with. Lighten up enjoy things for what they are not what you perceive them to be and stop making life into a deep philosophy.

  • Neckdeep

    All motorcycle activity (and riders and bikes in general) should be hidden from public view until when AND ONLY WHEN a group of ‘real motorcycle enthusiasts’* approve both the bikes and the riders as pure, hardcore and worthy of the ‘culture’. Nothing around said ‘motorcycle culture’ should be sold, bought or even manufactured in any great numbers. There is also a long list of words that CAN NOT be used when speaking of motorcycles. Art is included on the list, but you must be pre-approved to see the rest of the list.Also, ‘motorcycle culture’ can no longer be used. 
    *If you have read this statement, no, you are NOT part of this group.  

    •  This needs to be run by Always On Two. He seems to think he IS the authority.

    • davmo

      Hey neckdeep, (in what are you neckdeep?) No poser police here. As noted by others, motorcycles are the latest macarena, a dance so popular children know how to do it. The fad will taper off slowly, as they always do , and folks will have near worthless OCC inspired choppers clogging garages and Craigslist…WAIT! it has already happened. At some point, there will be those who use motos for transportation, fun, and to fulfill their artistic tendencies ( or just that urge to tear something useless apart and improve it,) and those, my friend, will be the “real bikers” of myth. Let the masses come and enjoy, admire, and yes, “pose.” They do motorcycling no harm. Just kind of clog up enough air that I am out of there. You have seen it happen before yourself, no doubt: your favorite little hangout gets “discovered” by young cool dudes. Nothing wrong with that, they have come to replace you. But I will be looking for new digs if things get too rowdy. As far as the contention that some of us might be “socially awkward,” to begin with, what is your point,@Billy Slicks, that those of us not blessed with your panache and charisma should just shut up? Sorry if the “deep philosophy” spoiled your morning latte. 

      • Wineagin

        I live in the city neckdeep in hipsters. If your response wasn’t the most hipster sounding diatribe I have ever heard I don’t know what is. Lol pot meet kettle!

  • bigmattie

    If it takes a show like this and a room full of wankers-or-not to help keep motorcycling alive, with hopefully a younger group of riders, then I think the sport can handle it.

    Hell, I think it is probably shows like this that help convert some of the no-quite-motorcyclists into serious riders and lovers of bikes. I know plenty of people who were drawn by the “scene” and then 10 years down the track are spannering and riding bikes more than poeple who have been “real motorcyclists” their whole lives.

  • Nicky Steps

    All win for me really, see some bikes, hang with likeminded enthusiasts, see a band, look at helmets, there is nothing MORE exciting than that, and if you don’t like some of that, just get some riding conspirators together head out before the show winds up, and GO FOR A RIDE.. shheeeesh what’s wrong with people!

    Motorcycling is in vogue now, join in and have FUN, I remember (ahh here we go!)  not too long ago, having real trouble trying to get anyone talking about bikes, let alone getting more than 1 other mate along for a ride some where, IF THING’ S DON’T MOVE  ALONG AND ADAPT THEY DIE!, I sure don’t want that to happen, more peeps riding means LESS cagers on the road!!

  • Tool

    It would be well received to organize something like that into a Poker Run/Charity Ride.  Raise some money for a worthy cause, check out some cool shit, drink a few cold ones, and fucking RIDE them bikes. 

  • Casey Henderson

    Leave my hesher beard out of it.   Anyone willing to bitch about the One Show obviously didn’t go or has some petty personal agenda.  This is a builder’s show- 90% of what you see was built by the greasy dork standing next to it.  I’ve dragged my crap to a couple of different shows over the years and this really is one of the best.  I don’t give rats ass about the hipsters, their attendance merely reflects our local populace.  Sexy young folks are allowed to like motorcycles, their opinions are no more uniformed and boring than most people who ask you about your bike. 
    Thor’s pants may be tighter than mine, but he’s a real swell guy anyway.  And if he can actually figure out how to make money dicking around with motorcycles, more power to him, he’s got me beat.

  • Billy Slicks

    Davmo you sound like the typical holier than thou kinda of person that gets more enjoyment pointing out things he doesn’t enjoy or could do better rather than simply just enjoying oneself.

    That was what I was talking about. And when did I say so many nice things about myself except that I enjoyed both the show and the people of Portland.

    If I ruffled your feathers that easy you might want to go ice your ego and wait for the next time you can get all high and mighty behind your keyboard when important life matters come up such as the current state of attendees at motorcycle gatherings and the implication the overall show will have on your precious view of the culture everyone else is polluting so terribly for you 

    • davmo

      Yes BS, your amateur psych consult is a bit off the mark, and the rest of your statement absurd enough to ignore. Having said that, I believe you might be the one with the bruised ego. You might notice little derogatory about my comments other than the mention of the US Northwest as a haven for counterculture posers. Please try to disprove that one. As far as the show, the only adjective I used to describe it was “cool.” But it seems that you missed that as well.  “And when did I say so many nice things about myself?” you ask? That would be by implication, when you derided anyone who did not enjoy the show as much as you as “socially awkward.”  But thanks for making my point immensely:  masses of people  with your point of view, lack of perspective, and insulting to boot? Yeah, that sounds like a great get-together.

      • Wineagin

        Watching a tv show does not make you an expert on NW demographics. We may have a loud minority of hipsters in the city but they are far from representative of the state and the region. Funny thing is all the hipsters are transplants from the NE and mid-west. 

        If our choice was to choose between people like you and the “counterculture posers” I think we would choose the self-described pretentious hipsters rather than the old man in denial pretentious prick. Do us a favor and keep your generalizations of entire regions of the world and groups of people to yourself.

  • stacius

    I went. The missus and I went last year too. And this one was even better. I’m sure those of you who worry about whether there were posers there or not wouldn’t have been satisfied no matter how cool it was. That’s fine, stay in your town and stick to your own “whatever.”
    I thought it was great. I’m betting most of the bikes actually get ridden on a regular basis. I know for a fact that several of the bikes were the personal rides of the Cretins MC.
    As soon as we got inside, my wife took off with her camera out. She has vertigo and can’t ride, but she still can appreciate the art and the mechanical beauty of motorcycles. The Moto Czyz bike is GORGEOUS up close!!
    And that was what this show was about. Not a bunch of guys patting each other on their back over their 50K trailer queens, but instead, bikes usually too old, slow or ugly to fashionable. If you can’t find something nice to say about that, or didn’t go, you really missed out.

    I look forward to next year.

  • Zundap

    I  Don’t like a lot of bikes that people build or ride, but I can usually find something about their ride that I can appreciate. What I can’t understand is why some people get so upset about over someone elses taste or a motorcycle show they don’t approve of. If the show was as cool as the video I’m sure it was a good time.  ..Z   

  • Hipster

    Haha.. I think the funniest part is that the show’s naysayers are happy to assume that motorcycle snobbery is something new.. while ironically surfing a blog with the same intent as the show.. Who gives a fuck who is hipster or not.. the real test happens on the road, right? The show was fantastic as always, celebrating the underdog builder as much as, if not more as the bourgeoisie of builders (czysz).. 

  • Thor

    good commentary. Believe it or not, the show is not a fashion show, nor does it make any money, its a free event to bring motorcyclist together be it a “hipster” or “whatever the opposite is?” We are doing things differently because thats how things go. We cant change when we came into this world, We can only change what we bring to this world. What other show caters to all types of builders, racers, creators?  I can assure you that we are not doing it because we want to look cool, we just love motorcycles.
    Piece & Motorcycles

  • Complaining about hipsters makes you an hipster, right? I really wish we would have more of these all-kinds-bike-shows in Europe. So don’t complain about the shows you have, just be grateful for them.

  • cornishman2

    I was,nt there, but sure wish i was. My type of bikes…and free you say……now that is a bargain.

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  • taylorparker

    My family and I have been into motorcycles for years and we have really enjoyed watching One motorcycles. I’m sad that it’s over. There have been many nights together on the couch as a family watching and chatting together. I guess its back out in the road on our motorcycles for us!