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BMW R100 Tracker – Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles

Posted on April 6, 2012 by Scott in Tracker. 14 comments

It’s always a Good Friday when we receive fine photographs of great bikes in the Pipeburn inbox. Like this recently completed beemer flat-tracker from our friend Karles over at Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles in Spain. Karles is also the man behind Scram Africa and has a serious passion for classic flat trackers and scramblers. It’s been almost a year since we posted Karles first bike, another BMW R100 tracker which was also a tribute to the flat trackers of old. After several months of hard work Karles is extremely happy with his latest project. “It has been a great challenge to complete the bike and a way to improve and continue learning in this addictive world of customization” he says. I have a soft spot for airheads and flat trackers, so for me this is the perfect combination.

Karles found an old 1981 BMW R100 RS as the donor bike and taking flat track motorcycles as his inspiration: “light, thin and powerful motorcycles with wide handlebars and big air filters” he says. He changed the entire rear end of the motorcycle and co-designed with Vonzeti Cafe Racers Seats a new seat and tail section. He also substituted the subframe for a shorter one to fit the seat and “shorten” the bike. He replaced the rear indicators with classic silver bullet style ones. The tank was also replaced with a BMW R90 / 6 one which is much thinner than the stock one. “That gave the bike the look I wanted” he says. He also modified the slope of the combo seat/tank to get a more aggressive line to the bike.

He replaced the stock bars with Tomaselli handlebars for that flat track style. He also replaced the original headlight for a smaller one giving the bike a more well balanced look. The beemer also got two K&N competition filters and the exhaust pipes are handmade – taking the original BMW exhaust and shortening them and then adding the cone-shaped part. Elbow mufflers were also added with a more upright angle to get a racing look.

Karles then added new suspension, Dunlop K70 vintage tires,  custom plate holder and handmade number plate as well – perforated plate on the outside and fiber board on the inside. The electrics were replaced and hidden with a new narrower gel battery.

I can definitely see myself riding this classic tracker across the deserts of Africa, can you? There’s still some spots left on the Scram Africa trip, so if you want a once in a lifetime experience to tell the great grandkids about then contact Karles in a hurry. Check out this video for some further inspiration.

  • Mike Cambareri

    That’s the direction I’m taking my ’80 GS750E.  Simple, a little bit sportier, and a functional day-to-day ride, while still being a whole hell of a lot of fun.  There are plenty of lovely little details on this bike to fuel my obsession…  Truly a lovely machine.

  • Jeffk1500

    That bike is awesome. Nice job

  • GuitarSlinger

    Across Africa ? Definitely not ! Across the SW US , Outback of Australia ( on the pavement mate ) tearing across Canada , heck even a Grand Tour of Europe ? You betcha ! 

    Seriously , this bike has neither the ground clearance or the suspension to be dealing with Overland riding 

    But it is a pip of a ride . Been seeing this quite a bit in the last two days . 

    Clean with nary an extra piece nor a piece missing would be my sum up of this little beauty 

    • Just for the record, I wouldn’t really want to ride this bike across the african desert. Just a segue to the scram africa trip.

      Sweet bike though.

  • Clintonius monk

    Derr Fuhrers Tracker! I love the cage for the battery. 

  • Richard Brandt

    Bet it looks even better covered in dirt. Thanks for sharing this one, what a build.

  • clitorus saurus rex

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  • Blackbird

    Yeah, serious. Its not a complete morning without coffee and hanging with the roomates, looking at Pipeburns eye candy and psychoanalyzin Always on two’s inane hate for all things not him/her. We have formulated a few theories though. “Large vagina/small penis”, “unexplored sexuality/lack of sex” and “lack of father figure/abandonment issues” are the current leading theories. We have at least agreed that what ever the psychosis, its probably comorbid. (hence componded theories). Lastly, that, there is one purdy bike! yup.    

  • I like. I’ve always loved the horizontally apposed stylings of the Germans. The pipes look a little wonky. Is it a clearance thing or are they crooked?

  • Nicky Steps

    PIPE BURN & BIKEXIF having the same bike at the same time??, It was bound to happen sooner or later…

    • It’s happened before, believe me. And just for the record, we posted it the day before EXIF…


  • Steveackland

    Love it. Not sure about the white on white photography though.

  • cornishman2

    Another really cool bmw. Carry on like this and the once bargain buys will be on the up…..bugger.