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CRD #14 – BMW R75/5

Posted on May 6, 2012 by Scott in Brat, Scrambler. 47 comments

The guys from Spanish shop Café Racer Dreams are truly making a name for themselves on a global scale. The garage was born out of a lack of vintage custom shops in Spain and founder Pedro Garcia hasn’t looked back since opening its doors a few years ago. This is the first BMW to roll out of their small Madrid based garage and we love its stripped down simplicity. The bikes engine has been rebuilt with the expertise of Javier from Maxboxer who specialises in boxers. At this stage it’s still a work in progress but we definitely like where they are going with this project. Pedro tells us it should be complete by the end of next month so we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime there’s a solid build thread worth checking out on the CRD blog.

  • micahshaw


    • charming

      • blackbird.

        Its like a charming turd. A charming turd i would absolutly love to ride. That thing is GREAT! A fugly charming turd of incalculable genius. A golden turd infact! I love it! One could even say, that’s good shit man! Which would, of course, fall under the charming turd catagory. You guys are both absolutly right! 


        • I was referring to his comment, but that’s cool.

        • MaSK

          Actually it’s a steaming turd. I’d still ride it, just not in public.

  • Johnlbattersby

    Looks fun!

  • Quirky little bike. I think the engine could use a skid plate. Dump the last pic. Is it me or is the bike not finished?

    • Ah, still a work in progress. Note to self; read article THEN comment.

      • Note to myself: don’t post unfinished bikes again 😉

      • The Corrector

        Or just notice the lack of headers, paper towels stuffed in the exhaust ports, no carburetors, wires stuck all over the place, and no plug leads. Or possibly you know nothing about motorcycles?

        • Yeah, that’s what it is. Thanks for pointing that out.

        • An the Tesla magical wireless ignition system! 🙂

    • How can you not like three men with beards?

      • Yeah. They’re a little too “hip” for me.

        • Bob

           Yeah, you like your men a little less hip don’t you.

  • Car2nst

    I slammed the previous bike due to lack of imagination, and I still think that, but this is the same type of idea yet using some outstanding talent and creativity-this is what the XT could have been. Tasty bike-if there’s more to come, I’m stoked!

  • mmkey

    and teh turn signals, plate….? wrenchmonkees COPY again and again

    • Philip B

      Did you even read the article? It’s an unfinished bike. Notice the lack of exhausts and carbs too?

    • clintonius monk

      Who cares, you know you would ride that thing!!!

  • $30724656

    Nice Beemer…

  • arnold

    Fender it up, skid plate of some sort, Big Bear Desert sled. A real McQueen age looker.

  • arnold

    Oh yeah, keep the pegs back and snake the exhaust high somehow . Be sure to post the result. Still very cool beans baby!

  • arnold

    Last post on this I promise but the package is very ‘Rickmanesque’ for the Bimmer

  • PGearbox

    Love the treatment on the tank, make sure we get to see this bike when it is finished:)

  • JimmyR14

    Of what possible use could it be to simply write “turd”?  Wow – how clever!  Like a lot of the bikes it is a different treatment from what I would have done but there are some definitely cool aspects to it.  And it’s unfinished.  I like seeing all the different bikes here because they give me ideas I would never have thought of.  I like that it’s not like every other bike around.  And not every bike in this style is a wrenchmonkees copy either.  That’s like saying that every japanese bike of the 70s is a Triumph copy.  Silly and pointless.

    If every bike here was exactly to the same person’s narrow range of taste it would get boring very quickly.

    • I like you a lot.

      • GuitarSlinger

        I’ll assume you probably don’t like me at all :o)

    • GuitarSlinger

      Hmmn …. Well ;

      Not to defend the ‘ turd ‘ posters comment but ….#1 This bike is a snooze fest #2 Showing off an unfinished bike to the general public with this low a quality construction  is a less than brilliant move 
      #3 That saddle  does in fact …. look like a ‘ turd ‘ Albeit a rather large one 
      #4 The only thing ‘ different ‘ about this pile is the perception of it being different . In reality this is a case of SSDD , Been there Done That ….. and how many times DO you need to see the very same  so called ‘ custom ‘ before you get it into your head THIS is not different or original 
      #5 You are right on one small point … its not a Wrenchmonkee’s pastiche . Fact is this is not even  in the same league as the  Wrenchmonkee’s , both quality , originality or execution wise  … never mind a pastiche .
      #6 I certainly am not one wanting every Bike to be the same : liking bikes from Shinya / to Decker /to Falcon / to Big Sid /  to the new wave of Beemer customs ( except this ) to choppers to even a well done ‘ Rat Bike ‘ etc  ….. but crap is crap and this  boring pastiche is   crap ! 

      So can we drop the politically  correct … everybody deserves a medal – everything is wonderful –  and can’t we all just get along  tripe and get on with expressing an opinion without getting bombasted by the  self proclaimed ‘  Righteous Few ‘ ?

      Exercising and element of discernment used to be a positive attribute . Give it a try . You’ll be surprised at the results .. both in your tastes as well as your wallet 😉

      • JimmyR14

        Haha!  That is definitely the first time I have ever been called politically correct!  I do think though that if you are going to put a one-word comment like “turd” it’s just not very helpful or clever.  Why is it a turd?  I am genuinely interested in knowing why people think the way they do.  I don’t know everything about bikes so may learn something from another’s opinion.

        I agree that the seat doesn’t look exactly how I would like but I have seen a lot worse on regular production bikes.  And there are plenty of bikes that I think are less imaginative and uglier than this one.  I find the vast majority of modern sportsbikes look like something made out of lego.  I love it when guys pull off all the bits that don’t need to be there like this.

        Negative opinions are fine.  But if you are going to diss someone’s hard work it helps to explain why.  It’s called constructive criticism.  And not being a smartass wanker.  BTW that is not aimed at you, Guitarslinger, but at turd-man.  A fellow guitarslinger can’t be all bad!

        • GuitarSlinger

          Agreed ! Apologies for any misunderstanding 

  • micahshaw

     o.k.- i looked at the bike again-(i posted that original “turd” comment.) and i want to, with the panels permission, amend my original statement.

    it is an unpolished turd and from what i see it will be a polished turd when complete.
    the tank is unsightly. the seat is as well. the tires are ugly.the whole incomplete contraption is-
    a turd.

    • GuitarSlinger

      Well that’n got a good laugh out of me !!!! I’m still a grinnin  :o)

    • GuitarSlinger

      Honestly if I had to sum up this bikes looks in a single phrase , avoiding the ‘ T ‘ word so’s not to offend Mr Stark ….. well ……… ( scratch scratch ) …….. It looks like a Box ( not a boxster mind you….. but a cardboard box ) on wheels . 

      I mean its not absolutely horrible or anything . It simply has Zero redeeming qualities .. aesthetically speaking . Its …… a Box !

    • JimmyR14

      To which my own turds pale in comparison.  🙂

  • Could we all just stop using the “T” word. Of all words, I hate that one the most.

    • GuitarSlinger

      Seriously ? Jeeze I can think of about twenty words right  off the top of my head I find a heck of a lot more offensive than the  ‘ T ‘ word . 

      Hmmmmn …. 

  • Beeroose

    First pic looks like a “scaled up” Honda Z50, boxer motor not withstanding. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not

  • Chopperflop

    Finally, we’ve all seen too many street bikes with fat knobby tires, no front fenders, and rubber fork boots. Please stop the madness.

  • revdub

    I really like where this is headed. Simple, clean, and that seat looks great to me. I agree with the comment about some high exhausts. Those would complete the look.

  • jlgace

    I think as far as boxer customs goes this one’s quite a looker.  Relatively speaking, of course.  And you have to speak relatively when discussing the aesthetic appeal of any boxer derivative.  Kind of has a ‘monster bike’ look to it, like you’re going go out and crush some cars with it.  There is undeniably a certain elemental appeal to the design I think. 

  • Mike Cambareri

    It’s a novel idea, but I’m not particularly fond of the execution.  While I hate to agree with micahshaw, he had the perfect description of the tank: unsightly.  That lovely old BMW motor is already incredibly square, and that’s part of what makes it fantastic, but adding more angular elements to the bike makes it look like a big jumble of assorted kitchen appliances.  While the craftsmanship of the tank is fantastic, I just don’t think it flows.  And to repeat the sentiment of another previous post, must we put knobby tires or those vintage-looking Firestones on everything?  I think looking rideable is a lot more attractive than looking retro or quirky in the rubber department.

  • arnold

    This bike is finished and on display at B*******f and is really very well done.ald

    • arnold

      The B******f did not let me post a referral to this posting.ald

  • 22century

    the BOXER was always fantastic to me. Your “nino” is great

  • ShS

    Bella veramente mi sono permesso di fare uno schizzo da appendere al muro per quanto mi piaceva…