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CRD’s ’95 Yamaha SR 250 – ‘Atomica’

Posted on June 17, 2012 by Andrew in Scrambler. 31 comments

As much as it pains us to say it, this post is the first bona fide post we’ve ever done on Pedro and the boys at Cafe Racer Dreams. By hook or by crook, we’ve never managed to get our hands on his sweet, sweet goodies while they were still box fresh. But never say never; please meet CRD’s latest and greatest creation, “sweet #16” – better known as “Atomica”.

Pedro tells us that the bike was built for one “Iñaki” and took about three months of his time to complete. It has a lithium battery hidden below the swingarm, the ignition is in the subframe, and the bike has been rewired. It also has reduced front fork travel and, as you can probably see, a special surf board carrier.

The engine side of things haven’t been changed too much from standard save for a rejetted Mikuni carb, a power filter, and a CRD-made pipe set with a baffle to decrease interest from the constabulary.

Other mods of interest include “Betor” forks, Beston brown grips, Continental rubber, Hagon shocks, and a raft of original CRD parts including fenders, seat, modded tank and lights.

Needless to say, we’ve ask Pedro for access to more of his materworks, and with any luck this won’t be the last of CRD’s bike you’ll see on these pages. In the mean time, you can whet your appetite for all things moto de España by visiting their website and Facebook page.

  • TheBishop

    Beautiful little bike, I love the simple/ minimal look and the brown seat and grips give it a touch of class. 

    It looks like the perfect bike for cruising along the coast looking for waves…

  • GuitarSlinger

    With any luck at all this will be the last post on Pedro’s so called ‘customs’ . Stripped down . Catalogue modified . Mildly painted … maybe . But custom !!!!!! Not hardly . This bike is now my Number One Most Boring Bike Shown on the Pipeburn site candidate 2012  . Now pardon me while I doze off .  Wake me up if something interesting  ……..or at least less boring than watching paint dry shows up:-) ;……..zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    • arnold

       But it has fenders.ald

    • Krylov

      I don’t get it: What’s wrong with “stripped down”? (Less is still more, I’d say.)
      Or using parts you can buy from a “catalogue”? (E.g. why build your own headlights
      if you can buy better pieces of kit?)

      It all depends on how cleverly/innovativelty/well you assemble it – and I see nothing wrong
      with this bike.*
      Rock’nRoll, they say, is also just the same “three cords” used over and over again…

      (* sole exception is the “surf board holder”: not much use for this in my part of Germany,
      about 800 km away from the next beach….)

    • vachequipis

      zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ sorry I dozed off during your usual rant Mr Mud  Slinger!

    • Ssssshhhh – don’t wake the little guy up!

    • twofiddy

      aw c’mon…. this is a tidy little bike

    • clyde

       One day  Mud Slinger you will put your money where your big mouth is and post pictures of the bike you have built. It must be spectacular!

    • Yousuck

      Youre honestly such a loser shut up you washed up idiot

    • blackbird

      You should check the latest post on the kneeslider. It might help you flesh out your arguement better.

    • Robbie

      I think you’ll find the term ‘custom bike’ means to modify a bike to suit your needs and wants. So this is a custom bike. Personally not a fan of sr250’s, they have too much dead, unused space in the frame but this is a pretty cool bike.

    • Davidabl2

      Actually a fairly extensive of mods, mostly operational. But yes, appearance wise, it’s fair to say it’s a kinda mild custom. Probably about what should be a stock bike in a better world…

  • Omega Racer

    may I ask what those green hangers in the last picture are for??

    • Bigblocksally


    • Andrew

      It’s an ab-blaster, I think…

    • Oldnbroken

      I thought they were for picking up hitch hikers without having to stop.

      A pat on the back for the person who built it as it is as cool as a beer from the esky

  • Kmodel

    Very tasteful with useful modifications.

  • $30724656

    This bike has everything I look for in a custom: seat that’s thin like a feminine hygiene product, knobby tires (the new Firestone’s!) and what really sets this machine apart from the herd the highly imaginative and thoroughly innovative use of two colors of pipe wrap!!

    • arnold

       But it has fenders. On BOTH ends.

    • davmo

      Too funny. Can’t argue with your view. It was like a command was issued from on high: you will now switch from Firestones to knobbies! This seat looks particularly flaccid, as though a very heavy person sat on it all day for a long time. Had the same impression as @Andrew about the Ab Blaster, but I think it is the Thigh Master  you are thinking of. Silly bike.

  • Drunkandgreasy

    Don’t know where slinger is coming from on this. Looks great. Just my .02

    Cheers and beers

  • Russell Lowe

    In my opinion the standard SR250 is a pretty horrible little bike … I think it takes great vision to take it from there to what we see here. Cool.

  • JimmyR14

    I like it!  I like bigger bikes usually but this is lovely.  If you don’t care for this you’re on the wrong site.  What were you expecting?  This is a beautifully realised, minimalist bike.  CRD seem to cop it on these blogs but I really like how they finish things off.  They are probably the cleanest of all of the purveyors of this style.  I like ’em and don’t care who doesn’t!

  • arnold

    But,but,but, it’s got fenders (and strange crash bars, only on one side) . Despite the tires, which probably won’t kill you at that Horse power, and changed rake/trail that probably won’t kill you at that Horsepower, it looks goo. Surfshop wall here it comes.ald

  • Blackbird.

    Ahhhhhhh. Good photo work!

    • arnold

       Sorry, the photos are too artsy, not bad , but my humble opinion likes crisp , well lit detail orientated, show yer skill type of imagery. These are too dark and moody for a fun small surf bike. is what would really catch my attention with the right placement in the media.ald

  • Jesse Shirley 58

    last time I recall,  knobbies belong on dirt bikes and a 250 sounds like a dirtbike to me. I bet Steve Mcqeen has knobbies on his dirtbike.

  • Dutch

    The only person that has to love this bike is the customer.  Meanwhile, what Pedro and the CRD guys have is a particular style that some people appreciate, but others might not. That’s cool. If we all had the same tastes and opinions then life would be very boring – but I don’t personally get some people’s need to comment on what they don’t like, or to knock other people’s passion and hard work? Surely it’s better just to go elsewhere and spend more of your time & energy on things you do like. Or set up your own custom shop, or even just a blog, and champion the builds and bikes that you rate… But, hey, what do I know. It’s a free world.

    • Davidabl2

      Quoting self “yes, appearance wise, it’s fair to say it’s a kinda mild custom. Probably about what should be a stock bike in a better world…”

  • Beautiful custom! I have been looking for some real-world inspiration for a bike for a while, and this bike nailed it! No surf-board holder for me, but the clean, minimalist and utilitarian stylings that refrain from being boring or ugly are a refreshing change from all the chrome plated swing arms out there.
    Thanks for posting beautiful bikes!

  • Edy

    what kind of wheels are those, i would like to get a pair of them… awesome bike by the way…