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Harley “48” Sportster – “Rajmata” by Rajputana Customs

Posted on June 20, 2012 by Scott in Bobber. 31 comments

When it comes to custom bike builders in India there’s only one that immediately springs to mind. This is the fourth bike we have featured from the guys at Rajputana Customs and they have all been unique in one way or the other. The previous three builds were all built using Royal Enfields as the donor bike, but this time they have chosen something beefier – some good ol’ American Iron. This 48 Sportster has a level of craftsmanship and inlay work that you would usually only find on ancient Indian artifacts or Hindu temples. We understand this style won’t be to everyones taste, but that’s ok, because the locals from Mumbai to Delhi are drooling all over this thing.

This 1200cc Harley has been named after the late Indian Princess called “Rajmata” – who was once listed as one of ‘The Ten Most Beautiful Women of the World’ “Rajmata” because the word translates as “queen mother,” the Harley being the mother of all bikes they’ve turned out thus far. Vijay from Rajputana says the bike “has a deep-seated Indian art and craft aesthetic which is brought to light by the Koftgari sword work on the clutch cover, Jawaja leather work on the seat, and Silver/Gold inlay work on the gas/oil caps”. The miniature painting has been done by the artist Nandu Ji. He has detailed the gas and oil tanks beautifully. Other standout features include the custom pipes and the front modified springer.

It’s because of impressive builds like this that Rajputana Customs are gaining a huge fan base in India. We actually know first hand how big their fan base is because we receive a lot of emails from Indians wanting us to give them Rajputana’s email address. Sometimes they even think we are Rajputana and want us to build a bike for them. Here’s one email which was too good not to share: “Hi i am mahendra from india. i want you to design a chopper for me. i will give you the design , you must also have seen it in ghost rider movie , when nicholas cage rides a bike before turning into ghost rider. i need it the exact it is, just the engine will be change, it should be royal enfield built 350 cc engine. what would the estimated cost in indian rupees. waiting for ur rply”. Just for the record, if you want a bike built by Rajputana then you can email them here.

If you’re interested in seeing the previous builds by Rajputana then you can check them out here, here and here.

[Photography by Saurabh Goyal]

  • Amit Chauhan

    Way to go Rajputana! Making India proud!! 

  • Ross kroetch

    I like it but do you have a pic in the day light?

  • TMcSp

    Pretty cool detail work. How about some pictures showing more of the bike though? Maybe taken outside on a sunny day? With such great attention to detail shown in the inlays and paint work I wanna see the rest of the actual bike!

  • Mrluebe

    These photos make it look like a 1:12 scale model

  • Crberg86

    Did anyone else think this was photoshopped together? I still can’t convince my mind it’s not.

  • blackbird

    Dig the intricacies. Needs a little fill-flash on er with a dash of disfused soft box to the left and right. My personal favorite is wet cement floor with a slight reflection of the bike in it, so sexy ya know, in that kinda light. Ummmmmmmmmm, soft box. 

  • VigoTheCarpathian

     The 1/8th of the bike I can actually see looks great, but these photos aren’t exactly making it easy.

  • Otaviofl

    Gotta agree with ya folks. The bike looks promissing but the pictures dont show all of its potential.
    But one can not expect a guy to build bikes and take photos with the same proficiency.

  • Not really to my liking. Reminds me of ladies during last call. Once you kick on the lights, whats it really look like?

    • arnold

      This new Discus system makes it fun to experiment. Still like what I can see.ald

  • King

    judging by their last few bikes, this one is probably just as nice. Nice to see work like this coming from India- most indians are really into chintzy over the top oppulence. Subtlety is not a strong point. (see ghostrider email for reference). Also, rubbish photography.  

  • GuitarSlinger

    Now thats a bit more like it . A bit too over the top and baroque for my tastes , but at least its a genuine ‘ Custom ‘…… and not another one of the  ‘ Brat ‘ ” Stale Loaf of  Bread Saddle ” custom wanna be’s thats been making the rounds on the internet lately  .

    > Tony Stark – my standard with the ladies is they need to look as good coming out of the swimming pool as they did going in . Also  I agree completely with your analogy on this bike 

    • Thank you. And I agree with your view of the whole “brat” thing. Looks like all the pics are just to showcase all the whooptidoo carvings and not really the bike as a whole.

  • $30724656

    I also like the nice work these guys have done with Enfield powered bikes – good stuff.

  • Aaronrichard75

    black bike shot on black background…awsome idea..

  • revdub

    Beautiful work on this one.

  • Hold tight, looks like Vijay is shooting some new pics of the bike. I will post them as soon as we receive them.

  • Carbonarc

    What a pretty thing

  • Raymond

    These pictures suck. Awfully pretentious, can’t see a thing. Borrrriiiiing.

  • Raymond

    CRBerg — agreed, photoshopped is the first thing I thought of when I looked at this bike. The tank especially. I don’t know if it’s photoshopped or just plain brutal photography.

  • Mrityunja Singh

    It’s a brilliant showcase of Indian craftsmanship. At the end of the day, custom motorcycle building is all about craftsmanship, diametrically opposed to off-the-shelf. As for the “Bling” aspect, it’s named after a late princess who was amongst the most beautiful women in the ’60’s; so in my opinion this ride hasn’t been “Pimped”! – Cheers

  • JAmes

    Lose that fatty rear tire and we’ll have us a rockin’ bobber!

  • arnold

    You know, I like what I can see. (Aside) call me stupid and you would hit close to the mark, but I find the spokeing in the wheels distinctive. Have I been snoozing too long?

  • brodi

    this bike is sweet!

  • Vijay Singh

    Some shots of the bike I took yesterday in the evening after reading all the photography comments on here …we’r newbies in every respect…(custom building bikes and photographing them)…but learning everything first-hand is an eventful and fruitful experience…being 26 i have a whole lot of years ahead of me to better both these respective skills. Here’s the link….


    • Looks MUCH better in the light. Looks beefy and the blingy bits aren’t so overwhelming. Nice work.

  • Please, the name and specs of front wheel model. Tks from Brazil…

  • arnold

    Market? look at his website and wonder how he does so much traffic. KUDOS. well done.ald

  • Mike D

    You know what mahendra from India’s prime concern will be when (in a sudden departure from website production) you build him his chopper like nicholas cage rides a bike before turning into ghost rider?

    The mileage.

    (If you have ridden in India, you will understand.

  • simon

    this 1 belongs in thailand with a triple titted he/she riding it.

  • Raju Patel

    I like Rajputana custom bike