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DP Customs ’99 Harley Sportster – “Centennial”

Posted on July 14, 2012 by Andrew in Bobber. 40 comments

That’s it. I give up. I can’t write any more “humorous” intro pieces for these DP Customs bikes. The guys just work too fast for me. They are wrenching and welding at a far greater rate than my scrawny little fingers with the chewed-down nails can type. I fear that if I keep trying to keep up with them I just may do myself a serious injury – quite possibly something involving my prostrate. So in place of some elaborate opening gambit about them using alien technology or being the direct descendants of William S. Harley and making bikes true to name while the real Harley is being run by Illuminati puppets, I’ll just give it to you straight. Here’s there new bike. It’s a beauty, please enjoy.

Here’s Jarrod. “Our customer on this one is an Arizona native, and already had his donor bike. His budget was tight, so we modified the bike as much as we could without doing a full build. The DPC paint scheme is inspired by our awesome state of Arizona and her 100th birthday. We’ve really been digging matte finish clear lately so we stuck with it to enhance the white and the bright colors.”

“It’s based on a 1200cc 1999 Sportster Custom. We chopped the post shock section of the frame and hand fabricated the rear cowl/seat pan. The owner is 6’3″ so we favored the seat and cowl to give him some extra ballroom*. The DPC 2 into 1 exhaust has a custom made baffle for noise suppression. The two pipes feed into a 3″ collector which then tapers down to 2.5″ at the tip. It’s not too loud and sounds higher pitch than normal. People like it.”

“We lowered the front 2″ and raised the rear with 13.5″ Progressive shocks. We ditched the forward controls for mids and swapped out the 21″ inch front wheel and the OEM rear (it looked like a flying saucer) for 9 spoke mags and powdercoated them black.”

“We used Pirelli Sport Demon tires.The Biltwell clubman bars and Kung Fu grips feel just right. The Arlen Ness Big Sucker air cleaner works. Lastly, we thoroughly cleaned up the OEM labyrinthth of wires and ditched the blinkers.”

*A joke for you all from Jarrod. Why are tight pants like a cheap hotel? They’ve both got no ballroom.

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  • Hodge

    F’n awesome. Toying with the idea of that stance with my sporty….that pretty much does it. What a good looking ride….y’all made a bike that would look good in ANY decade….that’s tough to do.
    Cheers and beers…

  • Carlos André Pinto

    I’d only change the paint and the headlight. The rest is just great! 🙂

    • The paint. Hmmm…how about BLACK DENIM??? lol

      • No ballroom in black denim.

  • revdub

    I can’t think of another shop creating better HD customs in the US, in my opinion. The rear seat cowl flows with the line of the tank perfectly in the profile shots. The up-sweep of the cowl looks awesome as well. Top notch paint, craftsmanship, real suspension, and modern rubber – DP bikes make me want a Harley. Hey design team at HD, are you watching this? You should be.

  • cagivarider

    Really good lookin Sportster, especially in the first pic.
    Like the paintjob and the black wheels.
    Rear shocks should be a little longer, clutchcable a bit
    shorter though … 😉

    Best regards

  • davmo

    Have to give it to these guys. Making the Harley brand relevant as a sport bike again after so much cruiser beat-down. That rear pipe could benefit (or at least your leg) from some well-placed pipe wrap, IMO. Nice job, guys.

    • Looks like a tall boot would work.

      • davmo

        OK, no argument from me.

  • I do like this build, especially the exhaust. I may have to steal it for my sporty. Do you guys sell exhausts for pre-rubber Sportsters?

    • dpcustoms

      Manxman, thanks a lot! We like this exhaust too, especially how it performs. So much that we’re going to start reproducing it soon, stay in touch! Cheers- (

  • arnold

    Thanks to Willy G and honda for bringing Hogadavidson into the twentieth century, and thanks to Buell and dpcustoms for the 21 st century sport models. Very nice work.

  • I’m glad Jarrod builds bikes better than he tells jokes. Anything to change a Harley from a road pig to something fun is going to be cool. This one is cool. I’ve always liked clubman bars. I don’t see them so much anymore.

    • dpcustoms

      C’mon Tony… After your next big meal with friends, tug on your belt and lay it on them. “These pants are like a cheap hotel. They got no ballroom!” I guarantee laughs!

      • OK. But if I get no laughs, you’ll gimme this bike, yes???

      • Your balls get bigger after a meal?

        • Only when Tony’s wearing Black Denim”.

          • OK, you fellas need to stop fixating on my balls and find a date or something.

          • GuitarSlinger

            > Tony Stark – Jeeze ! These guys at it again ? You must either be a hell of a looker or have some massive cojones cause these guys are all over you like flies on honey . Eeesh ! Desperate sick little puppies …. aint they 😉

          • Dude, what can I say?

  • GuitarSlinger

    Thats one bad____ed looking little Harley ….. and yeah isn’t it too bad the Motor Company forgot how to build bikes like this some 30 odd years ago . I’ve said it before and I’ll say this again . Harley’s are a great bike … IF … you’re willing to spend at least $5-10K on modifying them and fixing all the ills that come stock from the factory . Not customizing ( yet ) Just to make them right .

    Thank goodness for the likes of DP but ….. oh ! ….. wait ! ……….. look ! …………. its actually even a Rideable custom ! Damn . And there’s those who say it can’t be done . And wait ! No bloody Loaf of Bread saddle either . Damn !

    Seriously though , this is a functional custom and two thumbs up . But ….. errrr ……. Arizona ? Awesome ? No no mon ami’s . Colorado is awesome 😉

    • I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with most of the things you are saying, GS! In fact, recently I’ve been in lock step with you on most of your comments on other blogs as well. The best Sportsters to customize are the pre-rubber mount models – 2003 and earlier. They have cassette type transmissions that you can remove while the motor is in the frame – heck, you can do a top end rebuild with the motor in the frame. They weigh almost 100 pounds less than the rubber mounts. In my neck of the woods pre-2003, low mileage sportys are going for $2,500-$3,500. If you start with a model with cast wheels and mid-controls it makes things easier. Removing weight is cheap. As DP did ditch the rear fender, chop the front fender and remove signals and the very heavy exhaust and you’ve eleminated some serious poundage. A stock pre-rubber sporty is already lighter than most large displacement dual sport bikes so you wind up with a more agile bike – no feather weight for sure but handy. You really don’t have to make serious engine mods – the torque of a stock motor can get you in serious enough trouble .Add bars, exhaust, tweak the carb and you’re good to go. Besides, the sportys have the nicest made tank in the world – no seam! Have a good one, GS and keep on rockin’.

      • GuitarSlinger

        ……. and to add to manzman’s Sportster recommendations …… one word ….. Storz … for any of you lacking in skill , confidence or ability . Guaranteed a look thru their catalogue of goodies will get you well and good on your way to a mighty fine sportster custom … even if it is out of a catalogue . Add some skills and abilities to the mix and you’ve got yourself a Pipedream winner

        >> Manxman – Scuse my forgetfulness but what other sites are we running into each other on ? I’m thinking a Same Page Tag Team rant for some future article Heh heh heh ( he laughs deviously )

        • GuitarSlinger

          I guess in light of the current Tony Stark conversations here lately I should amend the above to say a ” Pipedream Wet Dream ” not ‘ Winner ‘ . Oh wait . Now I’ve probably really got them excited . Mea Culpa Tony . Damn I wish the EDIT and Post Photo functions worked on my end !!!!

          • Why you drag me into this???

          • Hey, I didn’t start this – Andrew did – must be an Aussie thing.

    • cagivarider

      You mean functional except ergonomics, don’t you?

      • davideokills

        Maybe for you shorty. I can tell us normal size humans would fit nicely on that bike.

        • GuitarSlinger

          Thanks ! My words exactly !

          • cagivarider

            Lol, revolt of the pygmies! 😀
            Sorry guys, are you midgets or just have never sat on a bike?

          • Maybe little wood blocks on the pegs? That’s what we used to do with our bicycles.

          • cagivarider

            Some seat upholstery might be more purposeful…

  • $20707106

    Lose the 16 rear and it’d be damn close to wicked nice.

    • But then you’d only have one wheel. That could be dangerous.

  • Robbatron

    Love this bike! DP Customs sure knows how to make a mean machine. I just began taking apart my 96 Sportster 1200 and keep coming across such awesome bikes and getting more and more inspiration. The article states that the rear was raised to 13.5″ and I was wondering what the stock shock length on the 99 Sportster was originally though? For my 96 I believe the stock rear shock length is 13.5″ and I am interested in recreating the feel of the bike pictured above but cannot figure out whether I should raise or lower the rear end or leave it the same. Any help would be appreciated. My compliments to the builders, it is a truly gorgeous bike!

  • 3p0ch

    One of the finest looking sportsters I’ve seen. Really beautiful.
    One question; what is the deal with that clutch cable flapping in the wind like that? Seriously, route that sucker somewhere!

  • Bo

    whats the name of the shop that customised this bike?

  • Bo

    its ok, found out pretty much straight away …. 🙂

  • cjanes

    guys, i really like this , i like it too much! Can somebody help me about this.. can I find it somewhere in europe? or .. please help!! thank you~!

  • nobby

    Your client got a fine looking Sportster that’s for dam well sure.