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Revdub’s Puch Moped – “General Mayhem”

Posted on July 21, 2012 by Andrew in Moped. 89 comments

A wise man once said, “If a custom bike could be made with keyboards alone, there would be outstanding builds everywhere.” Now I’m pretty sure most people here would know what that means. Comments sections are the playground of armchair experts who talk the talk, but just can’t seem to ever put a spanner where their mouths are. And although we have our fair share of those types around theses here parts, I’m pretty damn proud to say that we also have guys like “Revdub”, a.k.a. Jeremy Dubish. He’s not only one of our top commenters, but he’s also a bastion of civility, positivity and constructive criticism. Now, while we are pretty thankful for him just showing up each day, we are uber stoked to be able to present a bike of his as well. Here’s his very sweet little “General Mayhem” Puch moped.

Here’s the Rev. “It was shortly after moving to a new place, while driving around one afternoon that I saw a group of people on what looked like miniature motorbikes. I didn’t know what they were riding, but they seemed to be having a heck of a lot of fun. I went home and started searching the internet. It turned out they were members of a (not so) rough and tough moped club.

“Moped” wasn’t even a term I knew the meaning of, but I wanted in. A few weeks later, and many hours spent looking at classifieds, I bought a bike and started showing up to their meet-ups. Riding was as fun as it looked, even if the speeds were mostly slow. Fast forward several years later and here I am: putting together some bikes for myself and still obsessively into mopeds, motorcycles, and just about anything with two wheels.”


“I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been influenced
by a lot of what I see on the pages of Pipeburn”


“I had just sold a bike and regretted it, something I’m sure many can understand. So, what else could I do but start another? I don’t consider myself a custom builder, yet. I just know what I like and I try to make it. For this bike, I wanted it to be clean and stripped to the bare minimum. I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been influenced by a lot of what I see on the pages of Pipeburn. I bought an old frame and began cutting. No one would guess it, but I have dozens of hours into the frame alone.”

“The tank is N.O.S. from a General moped. The only problems with it were the large dents on the left side and the lack of a gas cap, which was surprisingly difficult to find. I decided early on that I wanted a clear coated bare metal look for it, so filling and painting were out of the question. After gathering parts over the winter, I rebuilt the engine, had everything powder coated (including the gas tank), and began putting it all together. The seat is a piece of oak with shaped closed-cell foam and a cover made by my friend Nate. I know it’s thin, but it’s surprisingly comfortable. I have named this bike, “General Mayhem”, which I’m fully aware is an oxymoron. Because, seriously, how much mayhem can be caused on a moped?”

“In the world of small bikes, there are many real builders that are creating things that might surprise some people. These builders are who I look up to, people like the guys at Indigan, Motomatic Mopeds, Motion Left Mopeds, HNRZ in Chicago, the Weekends in Florida, and many more. We won’t break any speed records, or ride on the highway, but damn if it isn’t a lot of fun riding at low speeds with good friends!”

  • Felix

    Now you got me wondering, what KIND of Puch is it made from? This makes me want to cut up mine…

    • Marty

      The frame is either a jc penney swinger/pinto, a sears free spirit or a murray. crossbar welded on with a general 5 star tank

      • Felix

        Aw bummer, I don’t think any of those frames were being sold in the Netherlands. Thanks though!

    • Kenneth Smith


  • n49o7

    IT’S CRAP I HATE IT OH MY GOD SUCH TERRIBLE TASTE. YOU SHOULD BE BANNED FROM BIKE BUILDING. When I have my own it’s gonna be a thousand times better.

    So that’s been said. Now, I have to say I’m impressed. It’s very refined and surprisingly muscular, with that bulky tank.

    • haha. that’s a good one.

    • Thanks – you just made coffee come out my nose, LOL.
      But – ahem – you forgot to include… the word “brioche”.

  • Lenny


  • MotoTrooper

    Such clean lines! Moped is no longer a dirty five letter word. Mind the pedal position around corners -it’d be a shame to catch one and fling you and the ride down the tarmac (I speak from experience)…

  • “He’s not only one of our top commenters, but he’s also a bastion of civility, positivity and constructive criticism.”

    Aaaah, that’s so sweet, Andy. So when are you and Revdub tying the knot? Oh and nice little moped too.

  • Oldnbroken

    If it wasn’t for Pipeburn, moped’s may have remained a forgotten memory for me. There was a few of these things scooting around the Sydney suburb I grew up in but for me they seemed to vanish in my teens. It is easy to see how someone could get passionate about them for no other reason than their amazing nostalgic beauty. Nice combination of shiny bits and black bits Jeremy.


  • I’ve loved mopeds since the first Peugeot I rode back in 1960. This one looks like a cool little bike to ride around town on.

  • cagivarider


    • JimmyR14

      Wonder wool??

      • cagivarider

        Full of wonders!

  • Davmo

    Sweet little bike. Small displacement bikes, Yeah! Way to go Rev. Just don’t let g-slinger see your seat!

    • arnold

      GS must be off fabulating another gold record. He hasn’t chirped up yet.

      • arnold

        I believe his real name is George Michael……………

        • arnold

          They come and go, they come and goo,ooo………………………..
          oops, sorry that’s another George.

      • His mum took away his internet privileges for not making his bed.

  • CafeNoir

    Congrats! Love the gas tank. Good work, keep on doing it thst way.

  • UncleB

    Still seeking a Honda 50 4 stroke diesel that runs on waste oil fuels, or even rendered fat based fuels, or hemp oil, rapeseed oil etc., for the days after the biggest crash the world has ever seen, the day the trillions on U.S. debt crushes us and we return to the land in poverty.

    • Ugh

      Having manufactured biofuel from scratch just to see how hard it is, I can tell you – you’ll be cutting the motors off mopeds and cycling to the salt mine when the crash happens. Without industry the internal combustion engine is a boat anchor.

  • revdub

    Thanks for all of the nice comments, dudes. I feel truly honored that my bike was posted. This is, of course, my favorite place online to check out an awesome variety of all kinds and sizes of bikes – from all over the world. Also, Andrew… I’m blushing. Too kind, man. What a great dude. One person I forgot to mention is John from JHF Finishing. His great powder coating skills have contributed much to the “clean” appearance of this build. One last thing (for davmo)… maxi pad seats – FTW!! Peace.

    • This a truely impressive build. It doesn’t have any weird lines or anything that looks contrived. WTF? I thought you were a chopper guy? You must be a closet roadracer guy.
      Really nice job. An improvement to my eye would be to put as much effort into a trick seat design as all the effort that went into the rest of the bike!
      What are you building next?

      • revdub

        Thanks so much for your comment. Honestly stunned. Your bikes are an inspiration to us all. I completely agree on the seat. A redesign will be in the works. Some of the decisions with the seat were made due to a lack of available tools, but I’m planning on acquiring what’s needed. Looking for the next build at this point. I’d really like to focus on small bikes, because it seems there are less builders giving them a proper treatment. I would love to get my hands dirty on a rd200 or similar bike. Thanks again!

        • I’d stay away from RD200’s and RD125’s. They have a problematic history with crank seals and the carbs were very rich from the factory with no jetting available. They were the only bikes (model or brand), I ever heard of that used Teiki (SP?) carbs. We used to solder up the jets and then drill smaller holes in them to get them to keep running without loading up the pipes with crap. There’s lots of singles still available. Like you could buy a small chassis (with title) and then get a small used dirt bike like a CR/YZ/XR/KX 80cc or 125 and then you’d have a potent little street scratcher! Used dirtbikes in certain models that the vintage racers aren’t interested in are a huge untapped market/supply of small, high performance powerplants! Check it out. Your seat just needs a little 2″ bump on the back to totally change the overall look of the back half. Still looks really good though!!!

  • arnold

    Very well conceived and finished. But a Molotov cocktail stencil on the headlight? Might be there be some significance? I think it gives off a steam punk vibe.( sorry couldn’t resist).ald

    • revdub

      Ha. Touché. And, the headlight sticker is the emblem of our moped club in Louisville, KY. It’s a bourbon carboy. We’re so crazy that we sometimes hit 50mph. 😉

      • Stats

        Do the half-ton!

        • revdub

          No lie. I literally was “pipe-burned” on last night’s ride, after doing the “half-ton” on a darkened Louisville road by the Ohio River.

  • Breece McConnell

    I am into all of this moped love lately.

  • Glenn

    Seriously cool in every way. Only critique and I mean this in a positive, the seat needs more shape. Well done and congrats!

  • cole

    Love the Oury MTB grips

    • I’m with you there. Great look.

    • BenjaminMorgan

      They are going on my scrambler for sure!

  • Ugh

    That moped is f%$&ing sick! Best bike I’ve seen on Pipeburn in a long time.

  • JD

    clean and simple, it all ties in together quite well, really like it!

  • cagivarider

    revdub, why is there so much slack in the chain on the right?
    I’ve seen this on other mofas before, so I guess there must be
    some technical reason I don’t understand!?
    Btw., one of the best looking bikes featured here on Pipeburn
    this year!

    Best regards

    • revdub

      Hey Sven. Thanks for your comment. I believe it’s to ensure that the pedal chain doesn’t rub on the swing arm, even at differing angles. The additional slack combined with the chain-tensioner and the chain stays where it needs to be, while remaining tight enough to pedal when needed.

      • cagivarider

        You need to pedal to start the engine, don’t you?

        Best regards

        • revdub

          You can pedal or push start.

  • King

    this bike belongs in a swedish furniture catalog with that swoopy frame and rigid lined tank/seat. Well done, looks like a load of fun.

  • And just for the record books, I’m the top commenter on PB, followed by Mr Stark, and then the Rev…

    • Cool.

      • davmo

        You whore, Tony.

        • Tony = dude with too much time on his hands…

          • Hey, when are you gonna start on that Honda build?

          • arnold

            I thought it was Viragos? I was looking for a donor to throw my ham fisted hat into the ring.

          • I’m working on it. I have a rolling chassis and I’m ready to do the timing on my (top end) rebuilt motor. The table I had the 175 lb motor setting on collapsed, so that’ll have to be dealt with. I also need to teach my cats that my workshop isn’t their litter box. (Little F’ers)

          • How did you lift that motor out of the frame and on to a table. Heck, I had to really grunt to get the motor out of my CL350 so I could take the frame to the powder coater. To get the motor back in the frame I laid the motor on it’s side on the floor of the shop and place the frame around the motor.Then tilted the whole thing up. Cat hair sticks to anything that has a little grease on it. I had to defurr several small parts before assembly.

          • lol. It’s designed for the right lower frame section to unbolt and come off. With the motor up on blocks, you basically move the bike to the side away from the motor. One then has to be able to lift and hold 175 lbs. My “workbench” apparently wasn’t up to the task…

    • Cool

    • Cool…Have I hit number 1 yet???

      • revdub

        Right on your heels, Tony!

  • Best Moped I have seen. Beautiful, clean, and with great attention to detail. An original to boot. Amazing job!

  • Sideroad

    Hats off to this one, what a great build. Well done! I would be proud to be seen buzzing around on this. This is an example of attention to detail.

  • Dstereo

    wow. a phenomenal custom build. Well done. No matter what size the motor is, this bike stands out as one of the top I have seen for elegance, creativity and originality. Well done!!!! (again)

  • Damn that’s sweet. I wish it was easier to get Punch Mopeds in Australia!!

  • KrookStreetRacing

    Excellent stuff! Love that line that starts with the bottom of the tank and goes backwards at just the right angle. And the black wheels of course:-)

  • eideteker

    A wise man once said:
    “When you’ve done something right, no one will know you’ve done anything at all.” This quote especially applies to this quote from the builder, “No one would guess it, but I have dozens of hours into the frame alone.”

  • Brian Andrus

    Nice five star tank, is there really anything better looking? I just sold one that made its way onto a magnum x project.

  • Dan

    A very elegant machine. Love to TBS as well.

  • dpcustoms

    Very nice work Revdub! That’s a super clean machine and sure is a lot of fun to look at. Bravo! Cheers from the brothers DP!

  • Ture Gustafson

    Great machine, I was admiring it on your flickr last week.

    I picked up a Magnum xk about a month ago and I’m doing a rebuild/custom job on it as well.
    While waiting for the parts I ordered I stumbled on your build.
    we seem to have similar tastes.
    I have on order the EBR hydraulic forks, hidden stabilizer, stubby handlebars that mount on the sides of the forks, Saba tires and the same headlamp you used in your build.
    I use Oury grips on most of my bicycles and this build just because of how comfortable they are.

    Somehow I am putting together a very similar build, without even having seen yours.

    Currently the motor has a Polini 64cc cylinder piston kit, Custom Malossi reedvalve block and intake with a Dellorto carb.
    I just put in the Treats stator, flywheel, CDI, and external ignition coil setup.

    Did a complete rewire job on it as well.

    I am curious as to the length of your front forks, and rear suspension because mine seems higher off the ground with it’s current suspension complement.

    And what is the Swing arm you used on that?

    • revdub

      Gustafson – the forks are maxi length EBRs and the swingarm is a robot that’s been powdered black. Good luck on the build!

      • Ture Gustafson

        what is the length on your rear shocks?
        I already have a set of chrome adjustable, but mine look a good 4″ longer than yours.
        also wondering, did you have to modify the suspension mounts at the top under the seat in order to accommodate the wider swing arm?

        • revdub

          Hey Gustafson. Shocks are 300mm. No modification to the top shock mounts needed. Stock Magnum shocks are approx. 340mm.

  • Awesome to see this posted here. Rev is a great guy, with (recently recognized) talent. I knew he was working on this but didn’t get to see it in person til a couple weeks ago. The design and attention to detail is top notch. Love to see hidden talents coming out of Louisville. Props Rev! And thanks Pipeburn.

    • revdub

      Hey. Thanks, Scott. Much respect for ya, man.

  • Desmaniac

    General Mayhem is proof that more scientific geniuses have come from Austria than any other country.

  • arnold

    What I like very best about it is that you are taking the time to respond to every one who posts. Shows a builder who respects his potential clientele. Still looks good even after a half dozen peeks on my part.ald

  • fatherjon

    wow i really really like this one!

  • Kiefer Paton

    First off, stunning bike. I love what you’ve done with it. I do have two suggestions though. The tank appears to be on a frontwards slant (away from petcock) is this intentional? Also, have you considered running the fuel line along the curve of the frame to blend it in rather than having it run straight down from the tank? Again, incredible bike and very thorough attention to detail.

    • revdub

      Hey Keifer. Thanks for taking the time to post. The slant of the tank was the best possible compromise in light of the rear of the top tube. To maintain the line of the seat and tank, a slight forward slant was unavoidable. With the fuel line, this was a difficult decision. If the fuel line is dropped along the rear loop of the frame, it would take away from the clean appearance of the loop, in my opinion. I felt I had enough negative space that the line dropping straight to the carb wouldn’t detract too much. Peace to ya.

  • Jaime

    Awesome bike Revdub! I’ve been spending way too much time not working on my custom Tomos, so thanks for the inspiration. Have you tried using air pressure to pop out the dents on your tank?

  • What a little beauty!

  • Froshow

    Amazing bike revdub! Truly a great piece of work. You’ve single handedly piqued my interest for moped style bikes now. The new hipster trend?

  • barney fife

    That’s a really nice build…what’s the story on the wheels?

  • love to see this bike, so simple

  • Darrell Schneider

    This is one of the few Mopeds that have caught my eye, very well done.

  • Hamish Lamont

    The compliment I use when I’m in the company of a petite girl is “small but perfectly formed”. Same same. Love your work.

  • fernan_castillo

    So an inspiration! very good!

  • SalvateraDesign

    Is this moped still around? how fast? how much? I’ll buy it…

  • Dean Tibbetts

    I got a moped with a tank like that one. But the frame is different. It has a nice look to it. Gonna add a cafe style saddle & rear fender combo piece to go with the quasi board track bars I have. A custom black & gold backyard paint job & I ought to be stylin’.