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Bandit9’s Chang Jiang 750 – “Nero”

Posted on July 26, 2012 by Andrew in Bobber, Brat. 85 comments

Bandit9 – back in black (click for a larger image)

Forget the intro paragraph where I try and be clever with my big vocabulary and witty banter. Forget the jokes about really, really black things. And forget the interesting back story about Chinese Army motorbikes and a Filipino guy living in Beijing. This bike has Scott and I in absolute awe and is easily the best custom bike we’ve seen in a very long time. Feast your hungry eyes on Bandit9’s “Nero” Chang Jiang.

Here’s Daryl, the bike’s owner, maker, and boss of Bandit9. “Nero is the latest bike to roll out of our Beijing-based motorcycle design boutique, Bandit9. It’s a revamp of a Chang Jiang 750 – hopefully like no other. The idea was to build a dark, mechanical beast. It had to be visceral.”

“Bandit9 started with a very ambitious design for the tank and fenders. Since everything had to be made by hand, it took about 3 months to perfect. The result was a very long, narrow hexagonal tank that continues its razor sharp edges to the rear fender.”

Any blacker and it’d start to bend the space-time continuum

“Nero is very minimalist in design. The goal was for the bike to look beautiful from every angle. A view of the profile shows off Nero’s flat silhouette; from the top – Nero’s V-shaped body. Take a closer look and you should be able to see some of our attention to detail. The fork and handlebars are one piece. It’s a very clean design. No more chaos of nuts, clamps and screws that serve only one purpose.”

It’s as if colour photography never happened


“We borrowed a lot of inspiration from
Giger’s creature design for the movie Alien”


“We borrowed a lot of inspiration from Giger’s creature design for the movie Alien. The engine almost looks organic – every wire, tube and valve serves only to keep the bike’s heart pumping.”

Did we mention it’s black?

“Nero is the most experimental bike yet built at Bandit9. There wasn’t a lot of planning involved. Instinct drove the design. It’s more of an emotional piece vs. a pure engineering exercise. And that suits well with our style.”

Daryl recovers from a near-fatal case of helmet hair

If you can stand to avert your eyes from the bike for a second, you may want to check out Daryl’s previous two creations here and here. Or just visit his site here.

  • Chester

    Some may say it’s just all black…and wicked!

    • Daryl Villanueva

      Glad you like it. A lot of people seem to disagree with the full black but this can’t be in any other color.

  • siddy mcskidster

    the photography is better than the bike. nice depth cool contrasting and motif, i think they pulled focus on one of the tangent front end shots. good studio work. the bike owners posture says it all about the bike build… ” $17.69 in tremclad driveway sealer for this shitty thing? I was robbed!”

    • CBIWhite

      Though I totally disagree with what you’re saying, I’d like to say that you’ve spawned a great idea – textured paint on a bike, like driveway sealer, or paint with grit in it.

      I think what you’d pay for here is the ingenuity of the builder, because nobody’s thought of this before. Parts and running costs would be in the build cost, but artistry has a price of its own. I don’t think a rider would feel ‘robbed’.

      • JimmyR14

        I already did that. 🙂 Both of my bikes are finished in textured powdercoat. Maybe I’ll shoot Andrew through some pics. Great minds eh?

        • Do it!

          • JimmyR14

            here is my newly finished baby. Texture black frame and brakes – actually loads in texture black. Tank and fenders in a textured gunmetal-ish powder.

          • Daryl Villanueva

            Gorgeous bike my friend. Love the color.

          • Sorry, just not up to Pipeburn standards. Don’t ever do that again. lol

    • Janus Motorcycles

      You mad.


    Way too black. Doesn’t seem to work here with that style of bike, I’d prefer something futuristic if your going for the Dark Knight look. Or a balance of black and brushed aluminum or something to contrast it down some. Otherwise looks like a solid build.

    • Daryl Villanueva

      thanks for the tip. will keep that in mind for the next machine.

      • Whether you do it or not, it’s cool having a builder that will just listen to “advise” without getting defensive. Some guys get really butt hurt if anyone suggests changes. Bottom line is it’s your bike and your vision.

    • Better call the cops – seems like someone has stolen your good taste.

  • lennard schuurmans

    great lines
    very cool bike
    I like the different wheels

    the tank seat and rear end are crazy nice

    I’m not a fan of all black but this one can have it

    now take that bike outside and show us some more pictures

    • Daryl Villanueva

      d from Bandit9. i’ll look into shooting more outdoor photos. bike’s on exhibit right now.

  • Sad_Dad

    A few contrast points would accentuate it … my question is … has anyone ever worked on one of these, how do they hold up (mechanically).

    • Daryl Villanueva

      couldn’t put it any better @facebook-1225336201:disqus – The AK-47 of the bike world.

  • Very attractive, I love the Giger references, but the custom-snob part of me wants to accuse them of just rattle-canning everything for expediency.
    @Sad_Dad: I’ve met a few Chang Jiang’s and their owners, the owners all tell me these things are indestructible. “The AK-47 of the bike world” one said.

    • Daryl Villanueva

      we love Giger too. there was nothing easy about the paint. what i didn’t mention in the article is that the paint is our own concoction to get the black as deep and dark as possible and the texture velvet-like.

      • I didn’t mean to knock the paint, it’s very engaging. Incidentally, I’m going camping this weekend near Villanueva here in New Mexico USA, ever heard of it?

        • Daryl Villanueva

          hehe thats not what i meant either. was just explaining an overlooked detail from my end. camping new Villanueva? sounds like my kinda place.

  • .: Chris

    Super, super cool…nice to see someone do something different and just own it. How does it corner?

    • Daryl Villanueva

      Thanks dude. It corners just fine. It has a very low center of gravity. makes leaning very natural.

  • Mgmue mgmu

    I want a closer look. Definitely a different bike for a custom & he made some interesting choices. Specifically I’d like a closer look behind the tranny & the rear fender. Drew me in, thats for sure.

    • Daryl Villanueva

      Thanks for the kind words. We wanted to show that China can innovate too, not just copy 🙂 I’ll try and get in closer on the bike and share that with you.

  • Tim

    sick! This needs to be in a movie!!

    • Daryl Villanueva

      that’s the ultimate dream for us at B9.

  • Anyone notice the seat? Such a cool idea…

    • Chester

      Yeah, honestly カッコ良い。

    • Hmmm…it was black, wasn’t it?

  • Marcus Olsson

    My first thoughts were; Somebody has drawn some inspiration from the BLITZ BMW R60/2. That would make it a copy in many ways 🙂
    Then again, I started noticing some clever looking details, such as the upper triple clamp / handlebar, the seat suspension among other things. Plus, it looks nothing like the Blitz Beemer exept the shared paint scheme. Nicely done!
    Though, I’d loose the “sales pitch” and talk more about what’s been done instead.
    Looking forward to see your next build.

  • Oldnbroken

    Long, dark and handsome. I imagine it is as loud as it is dark with those pipes.


    • Daryl Villanueva

      yeah it’s really quite loud but sounds beautiful. china doesn’t have noise regulations so you can been quite imaginative here.

  • I couldn’t tell what it was at first ’til I noticed the rear suspension.
    Some guys try to black out a bike I think because they don’t know what
    else to do. The blackout approach totally works with this. The only
    other color I might consider would be a military green or maybe tan.
    Whatever the case, it needs that monotone approach.

    It just looks rugged and serious without trying to be something. I like.

    • Daryl Villanueva

      hey man, glad you like it. perhaps we’ll do a second one in deep forest green.

    • metricwrench

      Seriously… Did you just “suggest” another colour choice. Why can’t you just say “I like it” and leave it alone. Do you have any idea how arrogant you sound? I mean with every post you comment on man… Keep it humble.

      • Dr Boffin

        At least it’s more interesting than just saying “this bike is awesome” like every single other person. If it wasn’t for Tony i probably wouldn’t even bother reading comments.

  • mookie

    “Daryl recovers from a near-fatal case of helmet hair”

    now THATS some funny shit!

  • mookie


  • mookie

    a video of it running would be the shizate.

    • Daryl Villanueva

      got my gopro, 5D, now i just need final cut. we’re working on it 🙂

    • what the hell is a “shizate?”

  • yes,h.r. giger for sure this is absolutely awesome

  • Looking good, this bike is a piece of art amazing work

  • Too black? That’s like saying Johnny Cash is too cool…

    • Daryl Villanueva

      Hehe I’m gonna have to quote you on our site.

    • And we’ll never gonna see him wear a suit of white. 🙁

    • Davidabl2

      He and the bike do make the same wardrobe choices.

  • I love flat head boxers – they look so right. This is a very cool build The all-black is the perfect color (or non-color) choice for this one. It’s like a black hole – it sucks you in and you start staring to find the details.

  • arnold

    Liked the look of the Chang Jiang when first noticed them as a side car rig. Two wheel drive if I am not mistaken. The workmanship is outstanding, the seat springing seems typical of the type and well done. Two types of wheels, spokes and solid, cut it down a bit. Presentation of a black bike in a dark background also is a down bit for me.

    • arnold

      Except the last pic and caption. I am too old to LOL and ROFL.

      • arnold

        Help, I’m laughing and I can’t get up.

  • A black bike in a low lit garage with super bright glaring. Not the best way to convey the design.

  • Austin

    If Glock made motorcycles…damn love this thing.

  • King

    last picture is awesome, gave me a sense of scale on the bike. Without it the bike looks massive, like something a goth punk troll would ride around between sheep clubbing sessions. I mean that in the best way possible- this bike is intimidating.

  • Graham

    reminds me of a blacked out Shinya bike. not that its a bad thing. But the influence seems to be strong here.

    • I think a lot of people are going to see a “Shinya style” when it comes to bikes that are low, long, and have narrow tanks. Maybe an influence, maybe not. Daryl?

      • Daryl Villanueva

        Shinya’s amazing. I wouldn’t compare our work to his…he’s just in a different league man. He’s definitely somebody I’d look up to but not “borrow” influence from.

        • Got it. Your styles are distinct from one another. Like I said, I think if someone sees a bike that has a similar stance, they may automatically think Shinya, whether he was an influence or not.

  • Hodge

    Is it me? Or does everyone on this bike go well with the geometry of the frame? I can’t find a thing that sticks out….not a fan of the all black out, mostly because it’s like a black and white photo. When it’s done right, it shows every little detail and works great, shown here. When it’s done wrong, it’s shows every little detail works terribly…not shown here. Good job. A bike well done.

    Cheers and beers

  • Swivel


  • Rose tinted goggles .

    Are we talkin about the same bike ? i just see a black painted old shed …. man i must be outta touch – or not on the same drugs !

    • Maybe it’s just the rose tinted goggles.

  • sam2can

    sweet work

  • Paco

    Just as I was starting to get a little bored with a lot of the customs out there, something like this comes along!

  • Assholewelder

    I would like to see it with spoked rims back and front. Or maybe the same style of rims, as is on the back. In my opinion its your best looking bike to date!!! Keep it up 🙂

  • James


  • disqus_yR5KoSlhQN

    I had a Chang Jiang before but it looked nothing like this. I emailed B9 about it because I am wanting one but had some questions. The CJ I had sported some reversed brake/clutch handles. I think that would also look super cool on this. The questions I had were if this bike could be built with a passenger seat? Also could there be a more traditional looking gas tank? I am not trying to be arrogant as I think this bike is amazing. That said I would love to get reviews on how it rides. Great design! Great color! The light choices are perfect!


  • Wow! Fantastic bikes! It doesn’t happen very often (I can’t even remember one) that an all blacked out bike works. The lines on this thing are razor sharp and fantastic. Really nice build, really nice photography, even after looking for it, I can’t find anything not to like.

  • ShapeShifter

    Darth Vader’s bike?

  • ShapeShifter


    • coldsunshine


  • Big old Flathead. The world needs more like this~

  • mete

    that bike both gives me the shits and a hard on… confused!

  • januk

    This bike is exactly was made by Russian licence- KW-750-as a copy BMW Sahara since II war-I know because I had this bike in years 80. Really nice project,great footage…

    P.S.sorry my English

  • Andy

    Where do I buy it????

  • Everything about this bike is beautiful, and while it is not something that I find myself drawn to either ride or own I can sit back and admire the detail that was given to make it a true work of art. The color works very well with the minimilistic style of the bike and ever line draws you to something else in the bike in a way that makes it feel more organic then many of the customs out there. Keep up the great work and continue to show what imagination can bring to this world.

  • stretch

    just…. awful

  • man thats my favorite color how could this not like to me :3

  • John Andrew Schmanek

    I would love to say I love how it looks but your stylized photography blocks my view of the bike.