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Interview: Alicia “Motolady” Elfving

Posted on July 6, 2012 by Andrew in Other. 99 comments

Imagine, if you can, motorcycling with all the superficial artifice stripped away. What would you be left with? What would remain at the core of the experience? Allow me to tell you. It’s those moments you have when you’re gliding down that perfectly curvy road in the country, five feet off the ground with the sun shining and the warm wind blowing and time standing still while you get to take a fleeting glimpse into the windows of the big house of the gods. This is something, I’m convinced, that almost anyone with a soul, be it male or female, would really enjoy. The thing with motorcycles is that to get to this sublime point you have to negotiate a whole bunch of smoke, horsepower, oil and a mountain of other ridiculously blokey stuff. Stuff that can turn the fairer sex right off the whole shebang – which is a real shame when you think about it. That’s probably why most females I know would prefer riding horses than revving horse powers. Except one, that is…

Did we mention she’s also an Icon test rider?

Can you introduce yourself to the readers?
Oh jeeze, sure thing. Full name is Alicia Mariah Elfving but you probably know me for/as MotoLady or “The MotoLady“.

Where are you right now? What’s happening there? What are you doing after this?
I’m on my lunch break at the moment- at MotoCorsa, a Ducati Dealership… THE Ducati Dealership in Portland, Oregon. What’s going on here? Well, lots of Ducati stuff of course! It’s a beautiful sunny day and people are riding in for drinks from the cafe and to look at Italian stallions. I’m at my desk, tucked away in the back. After work I’ll be filming a moto maintenance how-to video with Hannah Johnson (the worlds only female Ducati Master Tech) and then going home to do more moto bloggin’.

Alicia in her man ma’am cave

Can you give us a brief history of yourself?
A history of oneself is hard to make brief… but here goes. I’m relatively new to the motorcycle industry – I got my endorsement 6 years ago, first bike 2 years ago, started MotoLady in January of 2011 and starting working at MotoCorsa in February of 2011. I’ve been going non-stop the entire time… constantly around motorcycles, talking about motorcycles, looking at them, thinking about them. They are my world.

Before motorcycles [happily] took up my work and personal life, I worked as a Designer and Assistant at Exprima Media (an interactive design company) and Produced advertising and fashion photo shoots for Vorpal Images. Set design, wardrobe, makeup artistry and art direction are among my talents. I’m a very visual person.

What bikes have you owned in the past? What do you own now? What would be in your ultimate garage?
Leading with the aforementioned info of my youth in the industry, I have not had as much time to collect motorcycles and infact still have my first bike… a 1980 Yamaha Maxim XJ 650. I bought it at the beginning of summer a couple years back, knowing very little about motorcycles besides that I wanted an 80’s cruiser. Because of that, in the time I’ve ridden the piss out of it, it’s degraded into a pile of crap. People ask me all the time if it runs, and I reply, “yes.. but the real question should be if it’s rideable.”

My other bike is a 1998 Ducati Monster 750. If you’re familiar with my blog, you will have probably seen my Monster Project… an ongoing review of my custom build. I got the Monster in totally wrecked condition last year from MotoCorsa and decided to go all out in fixing it up rather than replacing the old stock parts that are pretty expensive (and often times kind of ugly since they’re outdated).

When it comes to my ultimate garage, goals for the near future include a bike trifecta: Monster, Cruiser, Dual Sport. I’ve been toying back and forth between a plasticated newer dual sport and a classic dirt tracker kind of bike. I just want something smaller that has high clearance to use on trails and such during summer. When it comes to the cruiser, I’m looking into a 1973-1977 Honda CB… perhaps a smaller 350 for in town riding.

As for dream bikes? We’re talkin’ the new Ducati 1199 Panigale (Corse), Honda CBR 1000RR (newish), 1938 BMW R51, a 70’s Ducati 750SS, and the new Triumph Speed Triple.

Little know fact – the collective noun for a group Ducatis is a “throb”

Considering most motorbike blog readers are guys, how’s the scene through the eyes of a female?
MOST OF MY READERS ARE GUYS?! I’m completely shocked! Jokes… No really, I’m aware that the bulk of my readers are men. It’s just the nature of the motorcycling industry. However I will say approximately 39% of MotoLady’s Facebook fans are women, which is a fantastically high percentage given the fact that approximately 10% of all motorcyclists are ladies.

As for being stereotyped, definitely. In different ways depending on the generation from which the person in question came from. Older men seem to think I was designed to ride on the bitch seat, and even though they know I ride will often refer to me as a passenger more than a motorcyclist. Younger men often assume I’m into bikes to pick up dudes, or that I ride slow or without skill. And then there are all the folks who love motoladies- those who would like to ride with a girl rather than taking a girl for a ride. And there are many of them! These days it seems that there is 5 people who love seeing a woman on her own bike for every one who assumes women are just moto-groupies.


“Younger men often assume I’m into bikes
to pick up dudes, or that I ride slow or without skill”


According to a friend of mine, a Senior Instructor for the Basic Rider Training organization Team Oregon, around 60% of people in his motorcycle endorsement classes are women. So with the number of women riders ever growing, I believe we’ll see a whole lot more motorcycle marketing toward women in the near future. Whether it be new and exciting gear that goes above and beyond simple function and good fitment, or OEM parts that make bikes more lady friendly, there will be more and more opportunity for women to integrate into moto-society. As of now, I’ve noticed motorcycle manufacturers pander their entry-level bikes toward those with both an X and a Y chromosome, which definitely sends the message that women do not have a need or want for bigger/faster/better/stronger bikes. I hope to see more manufacturers cater to the ladies in the industry, and knowing that women of households tend to make up to 98% of the purchasing decisions, it would definitely prove profitable for them.

Note to self – must get Alicia to model next season’s Pipeburn Tees

What’s your most epic moment on a bike?
I’d have to say the first time I ever locked up my back wheel. I felt like a fuckin’ rockstar when I didn’t wipeout. As a new rider, just 3 months on the road, I thought for sure I’d be eating pavement when I felt the rear wheel lose traction and my bike continued it’s path straight through the intersection. When it began to turn sideways, setting me up for a high speed low side, or (worst case) a flinging highside… I stopped braking, looked both ways and cranked the throttle, launching myself forward and out of a sticky situation.

Second would have to be when I braked too late coming around an increasing turn at high speeds on the freeway, and slid right over the white line into a three foot section of shoulder that hovered above a five story drop into the SE industrial area of Portland. I suddenly knew what everyone means when they say they saw their life flash before their eyes. Time slowed down as my momentum continued to push me toward the median. As my muffler began to scrape I felt my back tire rub on the bottom of the concrete stanchion, I saw a three foot section of a 4×4 across my path not more than 40 feet in front of me. Instinct kicked in and I dropped a gear, let off the throttle long enough to regain traction on the patches of gravel, leaned hard and punched it… narrowly maneuvering past the road debris. Most people ask me if I pulled over at this point in the story, to which I respond “HELL NO. I shook it off and rode on.” And I did, regardless of how much I was shaking at the time. Most everyone has stories just like those though, so I really don’t consider them epic.

Testing the Enertia

Can you tell us a little about your blog?
The original reason I started MotoLady was to just have a place to put all the cool motorcycling stuff I found throughout my day without mixing it into a ton of other found photos and videos. At the time I was still working with the photography company and wanted to do more motorcycle photo shoots so I was finding a lot of media content.


“MotoLady came to stand for real women motorcyclists who needed a voice in the community that is motorcycling”


Within a month, it was clear there was a niche to be filled. I got quite a few messages thanking me for having a website full of beautiful photos of motorcycles and the women that ride them, from all sorts of folks. Having always wanted to travel on motorcycle, covering events and writing articles… I decided to start with my daily experiences. MotoLady came to stand for real women motorcyclists who needed a voice in the community that is motorcycling. We’re here, we’re passionate, we’re capable. Pay attention to us!

My intent has evolved both obviously and subtly as the site has continued to grow. Inspiring women to ride and dispelling the negative stigma that surrounds motorcycles is my main goal. Giving men something to look at while speaking to the legitimacy of women riders is a pleasant byproduct.

What’s your idea of a perfect ride?
One that starts on pavement and ends with camping for a weekend. Long straights mixed with sweeping turns so you can really play with the centrifugal sweet spot after blasting it wide open.

We sure hope Icon let you keep that jacket

We found you through Jeff at Saint Motorbikes. How’d you know him?
Jeff Yarrington and I met through the interwebs! A real motolady love story. His custom Ural, the green cafe racer, got a lot of attention on my website. I posted an image of it from behind with the comment, “Ohhhh, I’ve got the Ural infection…” and a link back to his blog. The next day I got a bunch of requests from readers for more images and info on the bike, so I posted a couple more. Next week I got an email from Jeff saying thanks for posting his bike and that he found me tracking back the clicks his blog got from my posts. And so we began talking. I was going through a rough spot in my life- my marriage was failing plus I was unemployed and searching for work. We quickly became friends, and haven’t stopped talking since.

When I got my Monster, he offered to bang out the tank dents and paint it black so I could have a decent looking bike. When I sent it to him it suddenly got more complicated when he asked, “If you could paint this tank any way you wanted… what would you do?” …and so the Monster Project was born. Not only has Jeff been a great friend, but he’s also given me loads of mechanical advice that’s saved me time and money, and he even did the mods for the Monster Project’s front end swap.

How many motorbike riders are female? “About one in ten,” Alicia says

Any future plans?
I’m always planning. I’ve got a few things in the works, both long and short term. The nearest announcement is my new website. I’m moving off of the tumblr platform since it’s unreliable and can’t handle the amount of visits I get. The new site will look very similar, but content created by me such as photography and blog entries will be more obvious. And the search function will actually work, wow! I’m also planning some adventures out of state, hoping to make it to Bonneville this summer.

When it comes to the long term stuff… I’m trying to find partners/investors for a motorcycle website/phone app that I’ve dreamed up… I can’t talk about it past that but just know that if it comes to fruition, we’ll all be stoked.

If your current ride was a song, which one would it be?
As in, my current bike’s anthem? Motorcycle Blues by Jesse Colin Young. “Yeah your spark plugs are new mama, lord and your wirin’ too. …but your ports are corroded and your alternator won’t be true.” I’m thinking those are the lyrics… my god it’s hard to understand them southern boys sometimes. Ha ha!

  • MotoTrooper

    Andrew, thanks for the interview, I’d ride with her any day (if my better half would allow it). We need to have more of her type on the road. Maybe I can get my wife over to her blog to encourage her to take the bull by the horns/bars more often. A larger more diverse riding community is something to cheer about –as long as it doesn’t devolve into a fashionable way of being ‘seen’ that attracts Kardashian-types. Well…okay it’s that way already so let us all support the genuine riders in us all whatever gender!

  • Great interview, Andrew. With Alicia and folks like her I am optimistic about the future of motorcycling. I dig her attitude and poise and wish her the best of luck with Motolady.

    • Thank you, I appreciate it so much!

  • Otizzle4Shizzle

    I’ve been reading her blog for the better part of a year. I’m glad she mentioned her new site; I plan on getting some MotoLady Schwag soon! It’s good to read an interview with her on Pipeburn (well done, btw!) and I’m glad she is getting the attention she deserves. Keep the MotoLady love goin’, folks! She’s FAWESOME!

  • Someone on a bike flipping off the camera. How original.

    • Blackbird

      Sorry. Tonys cranky. He ment to say, thanks for makeing it your own, thanks for encouraging ladies to continue to break into motor culture. Thanks for being dedicated and sweet T shirts.

      • Thank you. 🙂 I appreciate the kind words.

        • Alex

          If you ever come to Germany, visit us. We have a couple of nice horses in the garage. And you don’t have to sit in the back.
          We live in a great area to ride and recently a race track opened an hour away from us.
          Merry Christmas and all the best

      • Blackbird is my servant and edits my comments for content.

    • CORRECTION: woman on a bike flipping off the camera. Which is quite unlikely, statistically speaking. (See comment to swivel.) 😉

      • lol. I guess that does make it original. Unless, of course, you were some “ol’ lady” on the back of a Harley, but we won’t go there.

    • anti

      Agreed, flipping off the camera is lame no matter what. Maybe in this instance it’s not a punk move by I’d like to hope it’s directed to all the morons that would like to see her as the pillion on the pilot…. They deserve the finger.

    • If this was an article about some DUDE and I made that comment about flipping off the camera, at least half you guys would be in agreement, probably calling him a poser, hipster, wannabe, etc. But because it’s a GIRL, you boys all feel like you need to run to the aid of the little lady. You ask me, I’m the one treating her as a peer and an equal while the rest of you act like you have to save her from the mean ol’ man. Gimme a break.

      Alicia, I think what you’re doing is great, not because you’re a woman, but because you’re doing what matters to you.

      • Well cool, Tony. Honestly I will flip off whoever I want, whenever I want. In photo or out. If that attitude bothers you that’s fine. That’s me, and that’s who I am. Isn’t gonna change because of someone thinking it’s so very poser. ;P

        • Honestly, if you want to go through life with that kind of attitude, knock yourself out, because I’m sure at some point somebody else will.

  • Swivel

    Why are women on bikes always portrayed like they are circus dogs walking on their hind legs?

    • Maybe the problem is your perception of people.

      • HAH! HAHA!

      • Swivel

        You don’t know my perception,I refered to the portrayal…..

    • Maybe because 1 in 10 women ride. So it’s about as common as men who are binge eaters, food industry workers who earn a livable wage, people who have dyslexia, or men who have been raped to give you an idea.

      It’s less likely than a major earthquake hitting the Pacific Northwest in the next fifty years (those odds are 1 in 3), less likely than finding ‘life beyond earth’… I could go on.

      Also, I happen to be great at walking on my hind legs. And I love the circus. Aaaaand I have been called a bitch a time or two in my life.


      • Swivel

        Reality check sister:Plenty of guys have been molested as children or raped in prison or the military.They don’t even admit to themselves it happened to them or ever even tell anybody.If you only think women get raped you are delusional.Open thine eyes.Do you walk on your hind legs well? (subtle literary reference there!)

        • Mark Morrison

          Swivel, I dont quite understand your reference or your psycho-babble. She said that 1-10 women ride, which is about as common as men who are raped. If anything this is a little on the high side…are you actually saying that more than 1-10 men get raped? She didn’t even say anything about being molested, that was just some sort of odd and slightly disturbing point that you seemed to make. Do you just enjoy being argumentative? I like your condescension with “Reality check sister” right before you descended into ridiculousness. So are you always this aggressive towards women? Or only on the internet, because talking to them in real life would be waaaayyy too scary for you?

          • Swivel

            You go from
            insult veiled based in ignorance then on to presumption and then guess work and
            assumption on rape and molestation statistics and then draw presumption as to
            my character and/or motives. And that you are slightly “disturbed”, by
            mere comments. “Condescension” and “ridiculousness”? , I find it
            condescending in the extreme that you to go into debate for a woman without
            letting her do it for herself: “white knight? “.Free and frank discussion is
            not aggression; it is wonderful thing and a double-edged sword. I talk to many women,
            in many contexts and situations all the time and the bulk of my tweet followers
            are female journalists and comedians. I’m not aggressive, I am a force of
            nature in all realms and unphased by any situation.

          • Mark Morrison

            There was nothing veiled about my insults, maybe you just need help comprehending them. You failed, in every conceivable fashion, to present her with any factual debate, only (here it goes again) condescending to her and spouting off some pseudo-factoids, and ended by calling her delusional. Your aggressive stance towards women who have not provoked you is clear for anyone to see, and it certainly isn’t white knight behavior to point out passive-aggressive, “scared of girls” behavior. I am sure you talk to many women, but family members and the girl cashier at the gas station you barely mumble hello to don’t count. I have ten bucks that says you are a little overweight a lot insecure. There is nothing “frank” about your discussion, it is nothing more than picking a fight with a girl over the internet for no reason other than boredom and your hatred for the opposite sex.

            As an aside, being so fat that you have your own weather patterns does not in any way make you a force of nature, in fact…what an asinine, arrogant and childlike statement. Tell me, when was the last time you actually saw a woman with her clothes off?

          • Swivel

            I’m aggressive towards everybody,and it works just dandy,”Scared of girls” that ones good for a laugh,I must say! Overweight!,I cycle about 15 city miles most days and I’m well over 6′ and have arms without an ounce of fat on them like a boxer’s.The only “girl” I seemed to have drawn in this thread is you! As to the force of nature bit,If I’m ever anywhere near you will change your opinion very fast,honestly.You do not understand or even could comprehend the realms I dominate with awe and respect from the throng.I know women”very”well who are champion road racers and they don’t have to pretend play race to relieve the city enuui.I always question the backbone of men who throw guff at guys behind a keyboard,because no one has ever had the spine to do it to me face to face…..If you think this is all lies and nonsense that’s just fine by me…..I’m quite prepared and able to meet you and look and you in the eyes most parts of the planet sometime….Like in the ring,at a local boxing club! I’d rather look a girl in manolo boots and good jeans any day,

          • Mark Morrison

            More than happy to meet you. I am in Andalusia, in southern Alabama, but very close to Panama City Florida. Although I just pissed down my leg at your description of your own badassery, I managed to pull myself back up off the floor and stop shaking long enough to type out a response. I see that you are quite the keyboard warrior, and I am simply in awe of how tough you are. It takes quite the man to pick on a girl online and then throw out physical threats. You are one scary mofo. If you are in the area, we can just go by my local MMA gym and you can let loose the thunder and lightning Mr. Forceofnature. Maybe we could even get it on video and MotoLady here would be kind enough to host it? We can keep it civil and hell, I’ll even let you borrow my gloves.

          • Swivel

            I don’t enter MMA halls they are without exception full of cowards with a cruel streak.I you want to include kicking into the mix,that’s your choice,and your fate I guess.I only box,as gentlemen have done for centuries,it is civilized and there is no where convenient to run.I may well include you on my next leisure tour.I’m not tough,I just am.Are you?I don’t issues threats,but I gave you the option one day of leaving the keyboard for the canvas and replace insult with reality……

          • Mark Morrison

            Boxing? Oh we don’t do any of that. We basically just roll around on the floor and kick at each other. When that doesn’t work we run away. Crying sometimes. Slapping and hair-pulling are completely accepted too. I’m done here. That’s my facebook, hit me up if you come around the area and I’ll be sure to make myself available for you to beat up.

          • You guys crack me up.

            Edit: Dude, you’ve got some guns. And who’s Kim? She’s hot.

          • Mark Morrison

            That’s the wife. I lucked out lol. Thanks for the compliments!

          • Swivel

            I mentioned you to my close friend the state wrestling champion and pro cage fighter about your insults from behind the coward’s ramparts of a keyboard,the offer of a MMA bout and the love of dogs and guns;the normal state of MMA type guys being craven cowards with a cruel streak.He agreed entirely with my assessment of you.He said it was sad the type of psyche MMA gyms attract much of the time.

          • Come on guys, back to motorcycles please.

          • Swivel

            Scott,please read the threads first directed towards me and my character by this guy while defending”some woman’s honor” and giving him license to ridicule,insult,assume I’m some kind of clown and later challenge me to a fighting bout in a MMA gym.I hope you may analyse his comments and ask him why he felt entitled to insult someone he will never in all probability meet in person.Bringing the option of meeting a guy face to face is not a threat,but a semblance of reality often forgot on forums.
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            Scott@Pipeburn wrote, in response to Swivel:

            Come on guys, back to motorcycles please.

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  • Tyler Horne

    Too bad she’s at the opposite end of the country. I’d love to meet her, talk about bikes over a candle-lit dinner…

  • MsMotoPro

    Great interview- she’s so real— and so very “not going to pose for this stuff.” I love her and she knows it. 🙂 Women who Moto are the Goddesses of the now. m / to ya, girl.

  • Lady Moto power! Great interview, you make us proud Alicia.

  • GuitarSlinger

    Well … so y’all think Tony Stark is in a bad mood about this ? Ha ! THIS is a bad attitude about this young ( and I use the term loosely ) lady ;
    1) Flipping off the cameraman – Congratulations Ms Elfving …. you too are able to behave like a drug/beer addled adolescent male … 2) The excessive mugging/posing for the camera – Congratulations again Ms Elfving . Once more you’ve proven your ability to behave like a drug/beer addled adolescent male while showing all the class of a cheap barmaid ( trying out for your own Reality TV Show perhaps ?) …. 3) The whole pretentious ” I’m a badass ” posturing . Well you’ve done it again deary . Proving a woman can act just as stupid as a drug/beer addled man . Aint you jes so very very proud ? So here’s a hint . You want to be taken seriously as a Rider ? Well first lets see some genuine CREDIBILITY …. and then try acting Seriously . Because right now from my perspective you’re just another Vaporware Blow Hard , male or female , trying desperately to prove yourself to be relevant . Cause lady …. from a REAL World perspective you’ve just pushed back the cause of Woman Bikers Worldwide another two decades . Guess I should offer my congrats for that accomplishment as well . Nuff said ! Detractors arise !

    • Hold your head up high and… finish the rest for yourself.

    • clyde

      Talk about a “blow hard” you should know all about that ya big mouth. Why should any one take you seriously and what gives you credibility. At least we have seen her ride a bike. I for one don’t believe you even own one.

    • TubWhacker

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it usually the journalist or author who goes out and finds the person to interview? Isn’t it usually the editor who puts the photos and words all together to form the finished product?

    • keep drinkin’ the haterade! 🙂

    • Robbie

      You are such a wanker. Why constantly beat people down when they are out in life doing things they love? I’m all for giving people some usable criticism but nothing you say is close to constructive. Please put up some pictures of one of the many award winning bikes I’m sure you’ve built. Either do that, or admit that you are just the angry 50 year old living in your mums garage that I’m sure you are.

      • Hodge

        Robbie, he and the others are justifiably pissed off. She herself said she’s only been in the industry for three years. They have been in it undoubtedly much much longer….and yet have had no effect on it via, bike builds, media contribution, blogs, no recognition at all. Oh wait, they get recognition here, in the comment section. It’s really a good laugh, sad but still a good laugh. Look at the middle finger thing man, 90% of people under forty it seems flip off the camera, and they’re harping on it…so really, what else is there that she is doing wrong? Oh a pose, that too….I think she’s doin a lot right, and that’s pretty much all they can grab onto. Like all kick ass moto websites, unfortunately they fulfill a need. Without the obligatory duechebag comment our universe would be incomplete….

        Cheers and beers

    • We can’t give credibility to anything GS says because he isn’t real – he’s a figment of his deranged mind. He lurks on every moto blog so that he can hijack a post and turn all the attention to himself. He sets himself up as the singular authority of art, taste, design and all that is acceptible. He is wrong on most things he says. He hides behind his Oscar Wilde meets Roger Debris prose thinking that this elevates himself above us all. He is threatened by strong women – check out his response to Maria Marta on the Cotradito Cafe Racer page on Silodrome. His antics would be funny if it weren’t so sad and disturbing. He becomes defensive when asked to provide any information about his fame as a musician. We’ve seen this over and over. The best thing we can do is to ignore him and maybe he’ll leave and go bother somebody else. To Alicia: Keep doing what you are doing and you will be happy and successful.

    • Congrats, GS! I see you are able to behave like a drug/beer addled adolescent male, too.

      • Why does everyone keep doggin’ on beer addled adolescent males? Sounds like every man in the Portland area, honestly…

    • After looking though the article again I’m tending to agree with you, GS. She’s doing what she loves, which is fine. But she has no better cause to have an article done about her than any other person who just likes to ride (I think there may be more than a few.)

  • JimmyR14

    I really don’t understand all the negativity. Wow. A chick on a bike? Get over it. I would love to see the ratio of women to men on bikes at 50/50. Honestly, the only women I know who ride are lesbian. Seriously. I would love to see more regular women – hell, more regular people! – riding bikes. Anybody! It was my wife who got me into riding bikes, and she’s not lesbian, but she only rode a Vespa. Scared the hell out of her too but she rode it to work because it was the cheapest option. So I started riding it and enjoyed it even though it felt like a barstool on wheels. My wife doesn’t ride the Vespa any more as she works from home now, but I have two bikes!

    One thing I liked was the pic on the Bonneville – first time I ever saw someone make a Bonny look like a big bike. 🙂 Good for you Motolady. I am amazed at the negative responses in this day and age. Guess it shows that some bikers haven’t progressed as much as the rest of society.

    • Jimmy mate.., how do you know your wife is not lesbian..? Notably as you said you only know lesbians who ride (maybe you have not considered the coincidence properly)…

      Respectfully, perhaps you did not intend what your script suggests, but I know a number of woman who ride-, most in fact race motorcycles and NONE of them are lesbian.

      Then again – maybe you should just get out a little bit more…

      • Yeah, and here lies the problem. The most women i see on the road are on race bikes. No chance to get a chatter, cause i am a slow Joe, doesn’t matter. 🙂
        My bike is to loud for bike to bike conversations anyway.

        • JimmyR14

          I don’t know what my “script suggests” – I was only stating something strange in my experience. I couldn’t care less whether a women is lesbian or not, I just thought it odd that the only female riders I know are all lesbian. I wish I knew more women who ride. I wish more people rode in general.

          I’m not suggesting that all women who ride are lesbian. I’m just saying that all the women I know personally who ride motorbikes happen to be lesbian. I think that’s curious, and wonder why that is. Maybe I should “get out more”. I tend not to ride with other riders because to often it ends up being a competition, which I am so not interested in.

          Anyway, if Motolady can entice more people into riding then that can only be a good thing.

      • Swivel

        Reality check:”The default setting of the female is:Lesbian.”

    • toastieVT750CR

      well put sir

    • Neato!

      You still have the vespa? Wanna sell it? 😀

  • Oldnbroken

    That 10% women riders quote I found interesting, I see heaps of women riding around my town so maybe my town ups the stats a bit or is it just what catches my eye.

    • Oldnbroken

      I should add that many women riding here are on those 50cc scooters, does that count?

      • sc

        No, unless it’s capable of highway speeds.

  • Marcelo ( Blog MotordoMundo )

    Good – and deserved – interview! I follow the Motolady here in Brazil and I am passionate about the work of Alicia, excellent ideas and an incredible sense of art in the photos published. I also have a blog about bikes, (and I have published the same beautiful picture shot by Giles Clement, who is at the beginning of this text) and I try to do my part to change the bad image that the bike has on society here. I wish much success to this fascinating “motolady”! (sorry for my bad English …)

    • Mark Morrison

      Your English was excellent.

  • Hodge

    Ignore the duechebags, we do. They profess about relevance, but as you can see, there attempt at it is hanging around the comment sections….laughable.

    My 14 year old daughter loves your photo content, middle fingers aside, and do as well. Rock out with your blog out!

    Cheers and Beers

  • Hey, relax folks. I think she’s doing something she likes, and anyone who’s willing to ride is OK by me. I’m just sick of the whole flip-off-the-camera schtick. Make one little comment and people blow a fuse. Sheesh.

  • arnold

    Thanks Andrew and Ms Elfving. Good present. I am still interested in the plate/ headlight on the Duke. Could you fill a behind the times old man in on this detail?

  • dmc05

    Great interview guys. Motolady rocks, hands down. I will definitely have to get one of those shirts they look awesome. Any plans for the cb you want as a cruiser?? I am test riding one this week with less than 8K miles on it. I want do a modern cafe. I dont care if people think its overdone, it is something I have wanted to do for yeats. To both pipeburn and motolady, your sites rock. Please keep it up, I enjoy every time there is something new to read.

  • Michael Hess

    why even make such comments like “oh, how original”? It’s pathetic how people can’t just appreciate that others are out enjoying things they love. You make a comment about how sick of seeing people flipping off the camera, how is that any different than the girls you probably stare at on the computer bent over in a skimpy thong? “i’m getting really sick of these girls bending over all the time”…. get real!
    Such a sad world.. ya’ll negative Nacy’s need to be packed way too tightly into a rocket and blasted off into space.

    Great interview, and stoked to see more ladies out there doing their thing!
    (still curious why the shitslinger isn’t banned yet)

    • Hodge

      Because that would be censorship. All we can do is wait for them to grow up….meantime, we keep looking at motos on this here website….good enough for me.

    • Look at it this way, Mike. A woman on a motorcycle is nothing amazing to me. Good for Alicia for doing what she likes, not because she is a woman, but because she’s doing what she likes. Putting so much focus on the fact that she IS a woman I think takes away from her true accomplishments.

      If she wants to be called MotoLADY, then she should act like a lady and not flip the camera. It’s an offensive gesture and uncalled for. Not to mention juvenile.

      As for the rest of your rambling, sounds like you’re just trying to get me riled or some such thing. Based on your analogy, I think most guys would much rather see a chick in a skimpy thong (redundant) bent over a bike than flipping ’em off from one.

      Lastly, GS has his right to his opinion (even if it is usually wrong. lol) If nothing else, it is amusing how he can get people (like you) all worked up. It’s Andy’s call who’s allowed and who isn’t. If you don’t like it, maybe you should be loaded into the aforementioned rocket, because you obviously can’t handle it here.

      • I agree that everyone has the right to an opinion. But most sane people have a “douche” switch in their brains that keep them from sounding like jerks. It’s the switch that keeps you from getting beat up in public places. For instance, it keeps you from saying to the guy next to you in the Broken Spoke Saloon in South Austin that his wife is ugly even though she could make a freight train take a dirt road. It’s easy to make rude comments when you’re hiding behind a DNS server. We tend to treat people a little nicer when we’re face-to-face. All I’m saying is we that we ought raise the bar of civility out of respect for folks like Andrew who keep these blogs going for bike lovers like us.

        • It also keeps you from “flipping off whomever you want whenever you want.” It’s a sad and piss poor way to view life, thinking that one can do whatever they want and to hell with how others feel or what others think. The woman in this article has this ‘Motolady’ monicker. With her f-bomb in the article and flipping off the camera in the last pick, I would use the term ‘lady’ very loosely.

          • manxman

            I agree with you about the middle finger thing. The last time I used my middle finger inappropriately a big mean biker chick broke it – by hitting me in the nose!

          • lol

  • PGearbox

    What I would like to know is how else do you “Pose” on a bike? Sit on it, look at the camera and try to look cool because bikes are cool. If you try something original you would get bagged out as well. Maybe laying down or standing on the bike?

    • But only if she’s in a thong. For that matter, maybe GS should be in a thong as well, then we can vote whose pics we like best.

    • My buddy Bob is a gynecologist – for some reason he likes this pose – don’t know why?

      • Hmmm…oh, is there a motorcycle somewhere in that pic?

  • Boomslang

    Awesome! Love reading about others who share my passion. And better yet those that get to enjoy it for a living
    Onya Alicia!

  • Helene

    This interview is just fantastic and I’d love to ride with you one day, but for that I’ll have to visit the States (time horizon: till 2020:-)). I just started riding one year ago and I’m enjoying every minute! I try to follow your blog, altough I really don’t like reading. Or if I don’t read, I’ll just look at the pictures (btw you look gorgeous on those bikes!). Greetings from Switzerland!

  • dpcustoms

    Cool write-up, cool bikes and a cool chick. Nice! Cheers from the brothers @ DP Customs.

    • I’m afraid to ask what the “DP” stands for.

  • Rach

    Alicia, you’re my hero. I love my ’70 Honda CB350 and if my job accepted my riding attire as appropriate work attire, I’d ride every damn day. I think it’s quite hilarious when I take off my helmet and the old guy across the parking lot drops his jaw then approaches me to tell me he had a bike just like mine in the 70s. I’ve received nothing but respect and admiration that I actually know a little about my bike. I wouldn’t trade riding for the world and I wish more women would get some cajones and join along.

    Keep on rocking it, Lady!!!

  • Nice interview – always good to see people writing and sharing what they love, whether they’re male, female, animal, mineral etc…

    And given that biking in the UK, and particular sportsbikes, are in decline in sales, we should all be encouraging everyone to try two wheels – especially younger riders, female riders… A couple of the girls I know are some of the most enthusiastic bikers around and have the cash to buy bikes I’m still saving for!

  • Woodie

    Hey, so what she Flipped off the Camera in one shot.. Not my favourite attitude I must admit, not something that gives bikers as a whole a good name.. BUT hell she rides a bike, loves riding bikes, fixes her own bike and talks about bikes… she can ride with me anytime of the year, she could look like the back of a 49 Bus for all I care, that fact she doesn’t is a pure Bonus. (Hey I’m a bloke, prettty woman interest me… so sue !)
    Her Blogs put a different spin on the world of bikes and I love em… shame she is over there in that here former colony (LOL) Try riding in the UK in the smog, fog and Rain… bet she wouldn’t look so good wrapped in fifteen layers of waterproofs and thermals… (Only Joking)

  • HJ

    Nice- good for her, seems like a regular rider-cute too- like she says” ladies were born to ride!”

  • Mark Morrison

    As a husband with a younger wife who is very much interested in riding, it is wonderful to see a young, well spoken and attractive woman out breaking the stereotypes. If you are ever down around Panama City Florida, it would be wonderful to meet you and to have you talk her up some and maybe build up her confidence! I am currently building her a VW Trike, but she is really interested in 2 wheels!

  • WillyPs

    When I was her age it was rare to see a woman with her own bike. I would love to meet more women my age who ride their own bikes, as long as it wasn’t a Harley or some gay-assed cruiser.

    • You might want to rethink your criteria a little bit since you’ve probably eliminated about 80% of the chcks who ride their own bikes. Nothing wrong with girl on a Nightster.

      • WillyPs

        Didn’t mean to imply there was anything wrong with any chick, whatever she rides, but Harleys and gay-assed cruisers are just not the style of riding I do. I frequently do meet girls on Harleys and gay-assed cruisers, but most of the sport bike girls are too young (I’m 51, I ride a Concours) and most girls I meet my age prefer to ride pillion, mostly on Harleys or Goldwings or gay-assed cruisers.

  • IRace

    5 pictures posing. 3 pictures riding slow in a straigh line. You are a thong short of what you preach against. Hahahahahah. Try and apply your “skills”.

    • HAHA! Toooo funny. Well, she certainly is no Leslie Porterfield, Elena Myers, Shelina Moreda…shall I go on? And I think they all have her beat in the looks department to.

  • Hey Andrew, I haven’t seen this much fuss over a pretty woman since closing time at the Broken Spoke Bar in south Austin. This is better than a reality show on tv – people calling each other names, wanting to beat each other up. What fun! I gotta quit checking your site every 30 minutes and get some work done on my bike. How about something less controversial – like a chopped Panagale with pipe wrap and Firestones or a street tracker Brough Superior with a Honda CB360 engine swap – just to calm everybody down.

  • bc

    great boots Alicia is wearing on the first photo. Anyone know what they are?

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