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BMW RS09 Cafe Racer

Posted on August 17, 2012 by Scott in Café Racer, Racer. 87 comments

It’s hard to believe that when the Sydney Opera House was unveiled back in 1973, a lot of the public called it the ugliest building they had seen. Not that it was truly ugly, but because they hadn’t seen anything like it before. Now I’m not saying this BMW is the “Opera House” of the custom world. But I am saying you probably haven’t seen a K100RS like it. Roel Scheffers from the Netherlands is the man behind this unique Beemer. Roel has built many bikes over the years, usually streetfighters and choppers, so this build was a little left of field for him. As a kid he used to ride on the back of his Dads K100, so this model holds some special memories to him – he wanted to build something different while still keeping the soul of the K100, and we reckon that’s just what he’s done.

Roel bought the donor bike last year – a 1986 K100Rs from a guy who had it sitting in his shed for over 5 years. “With some new fuel and a push it ran great!” says Roel. “My idea was to build a unique bike on a unique base. I’ve seen some K100 rebuilds, but very few good ones. When I was a kid (I still am.. but a bit older) I rode many kilometers on the buddy seat of my Dads k100, so I actually like the design and I wanted to use as much from the standard fairings as possible.”

The first thing he did was strip it down. “I chopped everything up, front fairings, seat-part and even the tank and frame” he says. “Then I went on putting out the lines for the bike, that was the most time consuming part I guess. After that, I welded up the rear end of the frame, welded up the tank again and did a lot of polyester work on the front fairing and the seat-part.”

Roel made the exhaust out of segments of stainless-steel tubing. “It took me a loooonng, loong weekend to complete that puzzle, but it was totally worth it!” he says with a smile. “The headlight unit I made out of aluminum just as I did with the dynamo cover and some other small details. Collected some more parts, footpegs, clip-ons, speedo, etc etc. After the first test-drive which was quite successful I went on with taking it apart and cleaning the engine and other parts. Simultaneously, the paint job was done by Kustombart – it has a real nice deep blue and a subtle “mother of pearl” white finish in it. I think they did a really great job”

After installing new bigger injectors and an adjustable fuel pressure-valve Roel tells us the bike began to run “really, really nice” in combination with the K&N filter, home made air-box and open exhaust. “I ride it daily to work now; I think it’s a great drive.” We think Roel has built something truly unique and it’s these kind of builds that always polarize peoples opinions. You either love it or hate it. Where do you stand?

[Photographs by Michiel at Shed built bikes]

  • Steve Whyburn

    It looks better with someone on it

  • Nicker

    ugly bike.

    • eye of the beholder

      • sc

        Not at all: Objectively speaking this bike looks great.

        • Except that whether one thinks this bike is ugly or not is subjective. Ergo, you’re not speaking objectively but simply making another subjective comment.

      • Robbie

        Ironic from you tony, I recall a WLA bobber on here you referred to as “Fugly”

  • Krylov

    Very interesting build – I like it! But then I do admit having a bit of soft spot
    for the old “flying bricks”, which were just released brand new when
    I was growing up in Germany and just becoming interested in motorcycles.
    Still reasonably high tech even today and usually very reliable over many,
    many kilometers.
    (The K100 is very teutonic like that: It does “kilometers”, not “miles”… 😉

    Myself, I would possibly prefer somewhat higher bars and having kept
    a bit more of the berth of the original K100 wind shield protection – but then thats
    just because you can do hundreds of kilometers in excess of 200 km/h topspeed
    on German autobahns with the original K100 wind shield… (These things have
    quite a reputation as excellent and seriously fast long-distance tourers.)

    That this K100 seemes to have lost a good part of weigth
    is a good thing!

  • GuitarSlinger

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh ….. finally ! Something worthy of a positive comment ! Phew ! This bad little Beemer ? Clean . Simple . Even a bit elegant . No BS . From appearances ….. all business thru and thru . Looks better with a ride someone says ? Well mate …… aint that the whole idea of a motorcycle ? To be ridden ? So two thumbs up that it does look EVEN better with a rider on it … as god intended motorcycles to have …. rather than just sitting there looking ….. well ….. what ever

    • Now you see, GS, your comment scares me. First, you have no snide remark (which is scary in and of itself.) More importantly, however, is that we are in complete agreement on this bike!!! Oh no. The planets must be in alignment or something…

      • revdub

        It’s not Dec. 21st yet is it?

        • I forgot about the Incas and all. So, why are we bothering with these bespoked bikes???

          • GuitarSlinger

            Tony – Just to make you feel a bit better and relieve that fear my earlier post set in you today .

            That there’s the bloody Mayan’s not no Inca’s whats predicting the ” End of the World as We Know It ” !!!! Don’t ya knows nuthin ?
            There ! That make you feel a bit better ? ( LoL )

          • I thought that might get a rise outta ya! HAHAHA!

          • arnold

            Maya, not Inca , although referred to as the meso american long count calendar.

            Party like it’s 1999………..

          • Please see my comment above for further information about my being ironical.

          • arnold

            Ironical is a play on the Iron Man theme. Work on the bike Tony. My sense of humor is similar, I see, but much drier. Not necessarily better. If you insist on a sword fight with every body prepare to be touched, occasionally.

          • If you want to touch me, at least by me dinner first.

          • arnold


          • OK, a French dinner.

          • GuitarSlinger

            Yeah yeah . Come up with the ” I did it intentionally ” defense four hours after the fact Tony and you’ve already been called on the carpet about it . Uh huh . You bet . Like that’d hold water in anybodies thinking .

            ( now you should be feeling completely at home again … things having returned fully back to SNAFU :o)

          • Thank you. I feel much better. But once that Aztec calendar thing happens, we’re all in for it.

        • Joel E Cervantes

          They were wrong

      • GuitarSlinger

        TS I reserve my ‘ snide’ comments for bikes deserving of such . As far as the planets aligning …… no worries there mate ! I’m sure Andrew will come up with something sometime soon that I’ll hate and you’ll absolutely love ….. or maybe not . I did read something though about the Planet Zorch coming into alignment with our Sun . But methinks that might of been a bit o vapor ware fluff 😉

      • If you guys don’t start arguing soon I’m going to have to give you a warning.

        • We’re trying, but we’re just all too darn nice.

          • Looks like GS made it back from Midland in his Yugo.

          • LOL. How was the trip, GS? Can’t wait to see the Yugo turned into Brown Sugar II.

  • Tom

    Amazing looking bike! Congratulations on doing something so unique, the paint work and lines are stunning!

  • KP

    I love the flow of the bodywork along the length, the straight horizontal line screams attention to detail and top notch design. The exhaust looks like a mess of spaghetti, a design which I have always loved. I have to admit I absolutely love the profile of the bike but from head-on I’m not so crazy about that front fairing. I think I would round out the fairing if it was my call, it appears a bit too pointy for my taste. I bet it’s a riot to ride and I’m sure it brings back fond memories.

    • That line is laser straight. And I’d say a mess of sour kraut.

  • Aaron Richard

    you need to look at the original bike to really get a feel for all his work that he did. Reminds me a bit of the bikes in that delta force movie from the 80’s…just cooler..

    • Exactly. This is one of those where the finished product is so tight, one might think “so what did he change?” If you’ve seen the original, it’s obvious.

  • Glen

    This makes me want to play Tron.I dig everything but the front fairing I would have liked without the peak

    • I know, right? Before I even read your comment, I made my own Tron reference.

  • Richard Haines

    Original twist on unusual base with good proportions and style – love the fairing. One of those creations which makes me think of new possibilities (like Cafe Racer Virago projects…whole new world of ideas).
    Great job Roel.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. Seeing beautiful bikes is great, but seeing one that gets you thinking about new ideas is even better.

  • Jordan

    It’s weird enough to be a legitimate looking Beamer cafe racer but still looks really cool while doing it. Looking head on into the bike, the front cowl is a little quirky, but I like this bike a lot.

  • Really terrific.

  • The same was said by the French of the Eiffel Tower. I have said it before, I LOVE BMW’s (and I’ve never even ridden one.) This bike is uber cool. The line created from the fairing to the bump is beautiful. The upper half kind of has a Tron look to it. If one wanted to get really low, a bit of a windshield you could see through may be in order. I appreciate seeing a rider sitting on the bike to give it a sense of scale. Only gripe: the angle of the very last pic should have been dead on. Awesome bike.

  • DStereo

    Love this BIKE!!!!! So smart, so purposeful, so well done. Roel, you did it right. Congratulations, though I’m sure riding it everyday is reward enough!

  • revdub

    If I had to name this bike, which no one has asked me to do, I’d name it “Back to the Future.” It looks to me like the collision of the past with the future. Awesome clean cafe lines, with a futuristic front fairing that looks exceptional. I love it. Very different and very cool.

    • How does this resemble a DeLorean that runs on trash?

      • revdub

        Hmm. Good question. Not sure. But, I want to see what happens when this bike gets up to 88 mph!

    • Maybe it could be called the ‘Flynn 1.0’

  • arnold

    No doubt well designed and fabricated, and looking at the linked site confirms my opinion.
    However I find the overall effect futuristic and cartoonish. Fairing, headlight, lack of turn signals and road and rain diverters (‘fenders’), snaked headers and vestigial bitch pillion, unprotected forward facing air cleaner are all factors in this nine picture opinion. Never the less, if it magically appeared in my garage, the hooligan still left in me would run the tires off it and mount another set when I would have to sell it to cover the cost of talking to the guys in blue, judge and the sheriffs that run the jail.

  • Glocker

    I like it! It reminds me of something that could have been in one of those 70’s Sci-Fi movies like THX 1138.

  • Cool looking K bike. I have the hots for a Beemer Brick and this build fans the flames. Nice job on integrating all the design elements into what at first appears to be a factory-made bike. How am I gonna get any work done on my bikes when Scott and Andrew keep putting stuff like this up?

    • You know what? That’s a good defense. Yeah…that’s why I haven’t finished my bike yet. Good answer.

      • I was going to ask how your bike build was coming along but I thought better about it. I got the cafe-racer-to-be moped apart but the CL360 is still sitting in the shop waiting for inspiration to hit me. I can always blame Scott and Andrew for my slacker attitude. I don’t know how Mule does it. Yes I do – he works his butt off.

        • No doubt. Maybe that’s why he goes by Mule. I respect the opinions of a few posters, including Mule and you too, buddy.

          Edit: I forgot to mention Oldnbroken and davmo. And yes, even GS from time to time (I think I threw up in my mouth a little when I said that.)

          • Revdub is a decent sort of man, I must say.

          • Yes. And there are a couple others I’m sure I’ve forgotten.

  • Oldnbroken

    Sexy paint job. Short, sharp Beama.

  • davmo

    Love it . The exhaust, Tank, fairings paint. It all works for me. Not even a fan of the BMW motos, but this one is great.

  • BoxerFanatic

    98% love it.

    2% think that a great look is ruined by the weird peak on the front of the fairing.

    But if that is what the builder wants… that is what makes it custom.

    I really like BMW bikes, R_s and K_s… and I have thought about something similar to this (but ideally with a boxer, for me…)

    But I think I would go more with a R1150RS fairing re-styled more toward replicating a 90’s era 900SS-CR fairing. I get the chopping and re-shaping thing, in general.

    I do like the K100RS tank and shortened seat pan, with the partial frame that uses the flying brick engine as a stressed member, rather than the airhead boxer frames.

  • Ugh

    The customising done on this bike is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    • 50merc

      HATERAID build less dork.

      • I agree that no one should build more dorks. One less dork is always better.

      • uGH


  • I don’t think its pretty but that doesn’t mean I can’t like it, I think its wicked cool and I love that tiny headlight in the big triangular opening.

  • Hamish Lamont

    Love it! Radically, while seeming only to be subtly, enhanced. Yep, this colour for Tron, a shiny metallic silver one for the Cylons and a Mightnight Brown one for the Alien.
    Maybe the missing radiator shroud is a backward step, at least looking at it from the rhs; hard to see.
    Anyone else notice the brake line running through the headstock? (I assume so the brake line doesn’t foul the instruments – like it does on my custom Ducati – when the bars turn. Is the spindle hollow on a K100? Thought that was a very innovative solution. =)

  • 50merc

    Uber cool build I never thought I brick bike could be made into something awesome and TOTALLY different!! I especially like the blue lines and white paint that POP. Single headlight looks great. Such a cool build hopefully one day my 76 850T3 Guzzi will be on here.

  • David

    Absolutely love what he has done with this bike. I, for one, think the K bikes are beautiful anyhow. Well done!!

  • Marcus Olsson

    Nice! A Katana with a boxer 🙂

    • Henry Carter

      Hey Marcus thats not a boxer (opposed twin) engine its in longitudinal inline four . Hate to be that guy but it was bothering me.

  • I know what this is. If, in Tron:Legacy, CLU was able to escape the grid and “perfect” the real world, this is what the survivors would have been riding during the resistance.

  • Hodge

    This bike is fantastic. I have liked the last three bikes posted, stark, wow man, your starting to total like 84% of the posts in the comment section…what do you do for a living? ( Besides perfecting the art of back pedaling?) 🙂 lol….

    • My Schwinn won’t let me back peddle; it’ll lock up the brake. And I’d say it’s closer to maybe 87%.

    • Wait a minute! Don’t give Tony all the kudos. I’m the one perfecting the art of back pedaling as well as “aimless uncritcal praise” and “ass-kissing brotherhood of motorcyclist egos” .

      • Right. Manx is the real problem with the world, not me. Let’s stay focused people.

  • Randy Moran

    I like it. Neat lines and the pipes look cool.

  • Militiaman11

    Sweet bike. Very interesting look. Nice to see something different for a change. I always love to see BMWs. What I really want to know is where the photos were taken. That looks like an awesome location.

  • jjohn

    Today its stolen!!! When you see it tell the police or owner?

  • I LOVE IT. Will definitely be an inspiration for me.

  • lord.adien

    yupp.. it’s kind a great design meet with a great brand. worked by right builder i think.. success..

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  • Chris Saddler Sam

    just can’t stop admiring this bike…

    with its neat design..


    • scheffers

      <3 , still ride it every day Chris!

      • Chris Saddler Sam

        i wanted to tag u last night on a photo on fb,
        and i didn’t find u!
        so, i started searching for a contact…
        and at the end,
        i stupidly got confused and send an email on MIOB’s page,
        thinking it was u!

        cheers bro!
        take care!

        PS: u find my email on the sakeracers page! 😉