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Rogue Creation’s “Blood Lust” Moped

Posted on August 9, 2012 by Andrew in Moped. 84 comments

I was shooting the poop the other day with a few bike-minded compadres, and the subject of mopeds came up. Now as often happens, one of the peanut gallery came out with the usual, “they’re not real motorbikes” schtick. Which I have always thought was a rather irrational and petty view to hold. See, if you look back over the history of motorbikes, you’d quickly find that not only do mopeds and motorbikes share a common ancestory, but for the first phase of their existence, motorbikes were essentially mopeds. We all love board trackers, but somehow we seem to forget that many of them actually had pedals, twin chains, and bicycle frames – just like mopeds. Not real bikes, you say? Tell it to Austin Tremellen, the man behind Rougue Creations and maker of the wonderful ”Blood Lust”.

Rogue Creations – taking custom mopeds to new heights

Here’s Rogue’s main man – Austin Tremellen. “Thralled by these forgotten machines, I suppose I never had a chance to avoid the unique relationship I share with these 50cc time capsules. I mean, let’s be honest here, through its entire life cycle the moped has no dignifying point and has been used merely as a means to an end.”

So I guessing it’s not going to suffer too much from crosswinds, then?

”Born into an era recovering from World War, the moped went into production for cheap transportation, when creating more desirable forms of transportation was just too taxing on valuable resources. Again the moped found its way to the USA to aid in the 1970’s oil crisis helping many people with reliable transportation while driving cars was just too expensive. Shortly after the oil crisis, most mopeds retired to basements, barns, and the deepest corners of garages, as they served their purpose to those who originally needed them.”

”What could be more gratifying than taking someone else’s forgotten about junk, and turning it into a composed form of functional art? This is what truly calls to me when restoring and building a moped, I am not just giving a new life and propose to these little machines, but also giving them something they never had, respect.”

”While building Blood Lust, my goal was never to be the fastest off the line, and not break top speeds, but create a ride that just felt as good as it looked. To me this means, feeling safe and solid at 60mph, it means keeping up in traffic from stop light to stop light, as well as feeling confident when throwing your weight into a turn. I think Blood Lust illustrates why building mopeds became a passion, commitment, and obsession to me.”

  • I’ve always been a fan of mopeds and this one looks great to me. I’ll take one just like it.

  • Jus

    Cafe Moped Racer

  • Looks cool and fun to ride. I like the work being done on mopeds these days since they were never really developed to their full potential. I don’t generally care for pics with the builder, but the one where he’s holding it up is groovy. Hate the hairstyle, but I guess every generation has one.

    • ROGUEbuilds

      Sorry about the hair Tony, I had helmet hair as the moped was rode to the photo shoot. Better safe than sorry!

    • Guessing Mr. Stark is bald, then.

      • Now you’re just hurting my feelings.

  • davmo

    Sweet little bike.

  • Mgmue mgmu

    I really dig a nicely setup moped. IMO it’d look better with some paint on the tank & the triples polished, but I’d ride the shit out of it as is with a big smile on my face.

  • revdub

    Austin is a great guy and a very creative and skilled builder. Inspiring. I see some big things on the horizon for Rogue. As for the Blood Lust, I think it’s safe to say that this is one of the cleanest and just plain HOT mopeds out there. I’m looking forward to seeing the next build, and the one after that!

    • Your “General Mayem” is a pretty cool little moped too. These recent builds have got me interested in starting a moped build myself.

      • ROGUEbuilds

        “General Mayhem” truly is a build above the rest, still cant get over how awesome the seat is!

        • revdub

          Always a gentleman.

      • revdub

        Thanks, manxman. You should do it!

        • There’s an old Murray on Craigslist for $65 with my name on it.

          • Remember us if you go for it!

          • Andrew, you will be the first to know.

          • The guy selling the Murray lowered the price to $40 so I brought it home today in the back seat of my Mustang convertible. For that price if I don’t use it for a build it’ll make great yard art.

  • GuitarSlinger

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again . IMHO these Moped Customs are a kick in the pants , a boon to motorcycling overall ( bringing younger as well as less affluent folks into the hobby ) and plain and simple a positive development . Not to mention a hoot and a half to ride and like the above bike/moped ” Blood Lust ” a lot of them are pretty damn fine looking as well !

    Now seeing as how some gent of a certain age here in the past got his shorts all up in a knot when I mentioned the word ‘ Youth ‘ in my last praise of the Moped Marauder Cult ….. allow me to say if a few older and/or more affluent folks chose to get involved in the Custom Moped scene … well all the power to them

    Rock On all Ye Moped Marauders . I’m enjoying every minute of it ! And to quote Steven Colbert in answer to all those who chose to condemn the Custom Moped scene : ” Guess what finger I’m hiding behind my hand ” 😉

    • I know who this is; it’s Billy Joel. Calling yourself “Piano Man” would have just been too obvious.

      • arnold

        Yeah, maybe. George Michael is busy at the Olympics.

      • I think he’s really Flaco Jimenez but using “SqueezeBoxSmasher” would be too risque.

        • GuitarSlinger

          Wrong again ….. by a country mile ! Next ?

          • Let’s see..sometimes.lives in Colorado, plays guitar, uses French terms like brioche and peloton…I know, I know…Stephane Wrembel.

          • arnold

            Hey, Stephane Wrembel scored for Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” Do you think we could get his autograph? Woodie’s I mean.

          • arnold

            Randy Travis fits all the criteria, especially the ‘country mile’ part.

          • What do you say, GS? Can you get us Woody’s autograph?

          • Maybe John Denver never actually kicked the bucket…

          • arnold

            I know Bob Denver is on the other side for sure.

          • I don’t think Gilligan was a guitarist…

          • arnold

            He must have played some instrument for entertainment to kill all that time on the island.

          • True. Maybe bongos? But that doesn’t help us I.D. GS.

      • GuitarSlinger

        Not even close mate ! No Tony …. truly I am a Guitarslinger . Not a ‘ pop ‘ one either if’n you catch my drift ! Billy Joel ! Eeeesh !

      • Billy is a biker from way back, and has left comments on PB before…

        • Seen him on Cafe Racer. Love to see the museum he has set up. I think it’s here in California, no?

    • ROGUEbuilds

      Woah I had to google the term “kick in the pants”! Thanks for your words and insight! I hope one day everyone shares your acceptance towards the “moped revitalization movement”.

      • I think GS meant to say “kick in the brioche”.

  • talkingbird

    way rad. one of my favorite moped builds i’ve seen, makes me want to get back into them. austin, build a hobbit.

  • Jason

    sick, sick, sick! Heres to you Austin Tremellen! I own a custom Honda Ruckus, and people comment on it every time I ride. I have owned it for 2+yrs now and don’t ever see me selling it unless I get another.

    • ROGUEbuilds

      Yes I am a big Fan of the ruckus though Ive never rode one! My gang and I crashed a ruckus rally in OC,MD this spring. Got to chat it up with a lot of hardcore enthusiasts, unfortunately on the way to breakfast before the ride, I blew up my clutch, my buddy blew a ring, and one girl hard seized, so we didn’t get much riding done but still had a blast as the beach smelling like 2 stroke! Thanks for the love!

      • Jason Torres

        sorry bout your trip, sounds like you still had fun tho. i have yet to find a rally in my area. hopefully I can find one in Atl soon and throw my ruck in the back of my truck and take it. they look like a blast.

  • Jason

    coincidentally I have that very same Vector digital speedo on my Ruckus as well!

  • Austin, love the build and everything else your up to with Rogue Creations. It’s great seeing all these mopeds finally popping up on the custom motorcycle sites over the last few months.

    • ROGUEbuilds

      Thanks Rich, even better to see motorcycle enthusiasts accepting and dare I say admiring our little mopeds!

  • Tj Clark

    What type of frame as forks are those?

    • ROGUEbuilds

      This is General 5 Star Minarelli frame with Tomos Hydro Forks

  • JimmyR14

    That is awesome – I love it! Easily the coolest moped ever. And good to know that you can power a bike with a hand dryer.

  • arnold

    Yep, what’s not to like. A cowlicked youngster and his animal he saves from certain destruction. Time passes and he proudly displays His show winner and the citizens of the county are proud. Movie stuff. Great job.

  • Ugh

    Hell yes.

  • jon

    Hey, here’s a thought. It’s not about why mopeds suck or why they should be embraced or any of the stuff you folks are arguing about. Just one thought: You don’t get to build a moped and then name it Blood Lust. You can’t have Blood Lust topping out at 50MPH. You’re a skilled builder and i really dig the concept though. Maybe just name the next one ‘flower shop special’ or something. Very nice build man.

    • arnold


    • So are you saying the name is the equivalent of a teacup poodle named “Killer?”

    • GuitarSlinger

      Hey kid …. you’ve obviously never taken a dive off a racing bicycle in the middle of a peloton at 30 mph ! Blood Lust is possible at ANY speed there son . I’ve got the scars to prove it . Along with the accompanying hospital bill to boot .

      e.g. The name is fine . Its your perspective thats more than a bit skewed .

    • Here’s another thought – find a long steep hill – in Austin it would be 2222 going east from 620. Then ride down the hill at 50mph on the motocycle of your choice. Next, ride down the hill on a mountain bike pedaling as fast as you can go. Which experience gives you the heart in the throat, big grin, yell at the top of your lungs, kick in the rear feeling. That’s what it’s like to ride a moped at 50mph. Now add cagers trying to kill you and road hazzards. I can see the adrenalin rush of riding a fast moped so maybe Blood Lust or General Mayem may be appropriate names for the small but lethal bikes.

      • ROGUEbuilds

        Hit the nail on the head! Doing 50+ on a bike less than half your weight will have you grinning ear to ear!

      • davmo

        +1 on small bike fear factor. There are not many places I would feel comfortable driving a big bike to it’s limits, based on traffic and my skill level, but 8″ wheels on a bike with no rear suspension at 60MPH, now you are talking adrenaline.

      • When it comes to this – “shit in your pants” would be a great name for the next moped.

    • Jons mom

      hey jon,
      Your idiot, name your balls worthless cause your pussy. Jump out of your car at 50 then tell me you didnt bleed.

  • Joker

    Links or it never happened!

  • BigPeeWee


    • Your comment is so uncool on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin. And it says more about you than it does about the builder, the bike, the other people who post here and Pipeburn.

      • I think he means “gay” like it makes him happy. Yeah, that’s it. Or maybe he’s apologizing for being gay? I’m not sure.

        • arnold

          As a member of the gay community ( old school = happy, carefree) I embrace ‘BIG’peewee into my circle of ‘friends’.

          • arnold

            good on ya bra!

          • arnold

            I emailed you the secret password peewee, did you get it yet?

          • arnold

            Your comments on the X factor are sooooo insightful that I just want to know you better.

        • Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • arnold

      Hey peewee it sounds like you need a hug, little guy.

  • $20707106

    “I was shooting the poop the other day with a few bike-minded compadres, and the subject of mopeds came up.”


  • ajwasp

    “Do you know how sexy you are?”

  • This speedo is a shame to the rest of the build. Why even putting a speedo on a moped. A trained rider knows his speed by the roar of the two-stroke!!

  • Jesús Learte

    Looking at it I can only feel that having the chance to take a ride on it would be fantastic. It must be really funny, and that’s just what’s important. In fact, very important, as the use which is described, (going from one light to the next one, and some times take a ride for the pleasure of doing it), it’s just the use I give to my bike.Congratulations

  • Honda “50” 4 stroke needs revival! America needs a Honda “50” 4 stroke diesel – run off of scrap restaurant oil, even grow your own fuels!

  • Reezla

    With a tuned 140cc pit bike engine in that frame with some serious dics/caliper that would be a serious racer for this series.. V nice…

  • dwinkle

    fat chicks…

  • Greg Wilson

    I love it . I want to build one .

  • Cmacinesrcool

    thats a sexy moped not a fan of dropped handlebars but apart fom that cant fault it

  • BBell

    Where can I get one?!

  • Max Roque

    How do i get one of these?? Contact me.

  • phill

    I want to build oneout of a Puegot 103 any tips?

  • 5T3PH3N D4N13L

    I owned one of these. I made custom brackets and swapped a PUCH 2 speed with a 70cc kit. Oh to be 14 again. It was fast for what it was.

  • AJagy

    what kind of bike was it originally? What kit did you use?

  • Craig

    If your engine is a 50cc,how do u get it to 60mph? Maybe I read it wrong

  • Simba Insensitive Perkins

    I just wanna know what parts he used to have it keep up with cars
    Because I’m getting a Honda 70cc passport and I wanna turn it into a café racer brat Style