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Suzuki DR650 – Deus Bali

Posted on September 22, 2012 by Scott in Scrambler. 60 comments

Bali is known as “the island with a thousand temples” but there’s only one temple most moto monks will be interested in visiting on their spiritual pilgrimage to Bali, and that’s the ‘Deus Temple of Enthusiasm‘ – it’s the place of worship for those that bow their helmet to the ‘God in the machine’. And the latest machine from the Bengkel boys is this dirty back track Suzuki DR650. Compared to most countries like Australia and America, the DR650 is not a very common bike in Indonesia. As the saying goes ‘they are rarer than rocking horse poo’, thanks to the strict Indonesian import laws making the importation of larger displacement bikes a very expensive venture due to the huge import taxes. So when one comes up for sale, Deus try to snatch them up.

Over to Dustin from the temple of grease and wax. “This is a tale of all the bits coming together for the greater good. More often than not we are in our own little orbits, each working on what is available in our own backyards. But sometimes there is a bike that is so special that it’s small wonder that we share it as a common goal. The Suzuki DR650 is one such bike.

“When you have a bike with a well designed, low-stressed engine and an excellent lubrication system. That also possesses quite the big name on the block when it comes to a long, trouble-free service life. And it’s also a remarkably friendly bike to work on, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand why, collectively, we think she’s an ideal candidate for a Deus rebuild…

Sounds too good to be true? Well the DR650 is not without issue. The main being that there are very few after-market parts available. Shy of building the bits all by hand, making her a rather expensive option in the western world, there isn’t another option. Until now…

“You know when just as it all seems lost, something unexpected happens? You guessed it, a 1998 DR650 became available locally and we wasted no time snatching it up, not so much for our own sake (well maybe a little) but rather for our brethren in the US and Australia as part of a R&D collaboration. The transcontinental scuttlebutt we’d been having suddenly became a reality. To be able to build different kits for the DR and ship them off. And you know what? We are just about there.

That’s where our Bengkel boys come in. Purveyors of the hand built, who rally at the first chance to show us how they can fashion & fabricate, this new found friend gave us them, the physical they needed to wrap our ideas around. Of course there’s a custom tank and nice new fenders. We got our fly fiberglass seat and battery box in there. They cut the frame here and welded it there. Added a nice Ventura handlebar, a custom header and exhaust. Pulled the electrics and came back with new indicators, tail light, switches and speedometer. KNN filter and grips by Posh. Some black wrinkle on the metal bits and the tank sporting a super slick spray job.

It wasn’t “hey presto” fast, as this was one we intended to take our time on. What we got though is one of the worlds best all round bikes all nicely wrapped up in a tight custom package.”

Deus Bali have turned this clunky and plastic looking stock trail bike into something you would be proud not just to ride the back trails to the local surf breaks, but also down to the town bar for a cold Bintang or two. We can see the DR650 being a popular choice for builders wanting a more affordable donor bike. Might even check out ebay now. Hmmm…

  • Dougd

    Very sweet build and great design concept. They hit all the nails on the head!

  • NathanT

    That looks like a blast to ride!

  • I was really wanting to say something positive, but there just isn’t one thing about this bike that is interesting to me. I’m sure the building is high quality, but this just doesn’t work for me.

    • KingDR

      You must be a dickhead

      • Please. Play nice or take yr toys and go home.

      • I must be since you have 1 thumbs up and I have 3 down. I guess it must have something to do with giving my honest opinion. Oh well. At least I didn’t resort to name calling.

        • For what it’s worth I don’t think you’re a d**khead, or an a**hole, or a dumbs**t, or even a @#%&*#!

          • arnold

            When you use for’n words like that, I git tired of lookin’ em up in the dicshunary, ’cause they ain’t thar.

          • arnold

            I haven’t found the smiley face key on my computer yet. Neither have I found the any key, as in, press any key. Please no help, I learn things better if I do it myself.

          • Thanks, Manx. I feel much better now. Now I can get out of the fetal position I’ve been in for the last 2 days and get back to life.

          • :^) Now that made me laugh!

          • Thanks, I think.

    • You have seen a stock dr650 haven’t you? It puts things in perspective…

      • Yes, it is better than stock if one is going to use that as the basis for comparison. But, generally, I don’t see much that I like. Must be an aesthetics thing.

        • Ugh

          I agree. It’s just a very plain bike.

        • agus

          i wanna see your handmade custom bike tony…if you dont have one you just abig talker….bullshit

          • Oh, that’s right. no one can have an opinion unless they are professional bike builders. Good thing that same philosophy doesn’t apply to movies, food, clothing, sports, architecture, art, blah blah blah or else we’d all be screwed.

            Here’s a clue for any would be experts who want to set one straight simply because he or she doesn’t agree with your sense of aesthetic; shut your pie hole. You like it, I don’t. Pipeburn posts a variety of bikes for a variety of interests. Get over yourself.

            And as for my custom bike? You can see it every other night parked outside your momma’s house.

          • Bike Doctor

            @tony: now we all know that you just a big talker….talk bullshit is so easy.just like you..hahahaha

          • Speak English. And your momma wants you to pick up a loaf of bread on your way home.

      • arnold

        I’m not sure of the definition difference between modified and custom is.
        Here’s the bone stocker:

        • itsmefool

          It’s funny…all those stockers look like they’ve been kicked in the headlights!

        • Bike Doctor

          take all the plastic off, modified frame, battery box, fenders, tank,turn signals, wheels, tires,seat,headlight,,….wow thats alot of been change…which one you dont understand? you ever see a motorcycle?or just see at your computer screen?hmmmm

          • arnold

            Thanks for explaining modified to me. How about custom?

          • Bike Doctor

            You don’t even know what modification or custom? Hahahaha

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          • arnold

            Brother, don’t you know that blackberrys are so yesterday? Try and keep up.

          • Maybe Blackberrys are the best they’ve got in Bali?

          • Sounds like bike dr is sitting somewhere in Bali whining because not everyone agrees with his opinion.

          • arnold

            To each his own. It was good to be gone for a couple of days(from eletronics as well), I would not have noticed that English was probably not BD’s first language and even I, that speaks and rites perfect english, miss nuance.Thankfully. If every one was on the same wavelength as me it would be very boring to say the least and totally FUBAR to say the most. I am very happy BD is working and has it so well figured out.ald

          • arnold

            May I suggest ‘to the customer’s specs’ since you are lacking in a response.

    • arnold

      Looks like you need a hug. The Internet is kicking your butt. Get off the terminal and spend your mega wages on the boik.%<). (how's that for a tilted glasses emoticon? not as good as Picasso.)

      • Nice try. I think the tilted glasses are shift>any key.

        • Are you sure it’s not s**t>any key? I’m just sayin’.

          • did i misspell that?

          • No, it was my poor attempt at humor after a couple of Shiner Bocks. lol.

    • Bike Doctor

      for aguy that never make any custom talk to much shit

  • AndrewF

    Perfection! Bravo, Deus! I’m so glad to see this time they resisted silly affectations like planks for the seat or relocations of speedo to somewhere under the armpit… Nothing flashy, nothing ‘out there’, not trying to be anything it is not. It might not be ‘interesting’ and that’s fine by me. Instead, it is a perfectly usable bike for daily riding that is just a little bit different from the others, and to me, this is what custom bike should be. On that note, it needs mirrors!

  • I would be more impressed if it was an original idea.
    That’s over two years old. That having been said, if they did this just to build kits and offer parts, then I’m ok with it, because it’ll make it easier for me to build my DR.

    • Now see, I checked out the link you posted and like that one better than this one. Still isn’t something I would rush out to buy, but I’m guessing it’s just some of the styling ques that I simply don’t like.

      I wouldn’t necessarily call this one a ripoff, but the similarities are obvious all the way down to the the stripes on the tank.

    • Bike Doctor

      not even close my friend!

      • Not close, but better. And I don’t recall us ever becoming friends.

  • arnold

    If you’ve any creative blood in you, you don’t fall into the trap of “its all been done before, why bother”. To use an overworked example, the light bulb was invented (by somebody in Europe) long before Edison performed his thousands of failures in the lab and finally developed a simple, long lasting filament.
    This Bike may not be a leading edge in a two wheeled revolution, but I’ll bet a doughnut that the buyer is happy with the product. I would be too. ald

    • arnold

      Even more so if I was riding it in Bali.

    • Mister Oddjob

      Amen. I’d prefer to see something new that I haven’t seen before, but I still appreciate a well executed custom even if it doesn’t break new ground. Think about it this way. At a bike show this wouldn’t be the star of the show, but out on the street I’m sure it would have people turning their heads.

    • Yeah right. You don’t HAVE a doughnut.

      • arnold

        Caught me. I ate it.

  • Oldnbroken

    Kits! great idea for those without time or inclination to DIY……. Deus! taking you on a ride that Suzuki won’t take you on.

    • arnold

      ^ 5

  • maczee

    arguably the best I’ve seen from deus.the tank fits almost properly!
    Its similar to what I’m hoping my xl600r will be like.more street less dual.

    • saw the bike yesterday…looks easy but re- wire is the key great stance and plenty of donors out there, just spotted one in :seattle cl. for 2500.00 . i talked to julian – they talked about putting a kit together… this has yet to be seen

  • Doctorpepper

    Nice ride and love Deus work… But the ‘temple of enthusiams’ in Bali is more or less a t-shirt shop with some bicycles in it and was a rather disapointing prayers room. Anyway love the bikes.

    • bill bali

      when the last time you swing by deus bali? last time i check they have full custom motorcycle shop with talented people in there…come see to believe.

  • Henry

    Maybe needs a new chain? Snail adjuster is maxed out.

  • DirtRacks

    I really like the look and design of this Suzuki DR650. Great article. Thanks.

  • kilby

    beautiful, just perfect!

  • Bob Carleson

    A very nice iteratioin of a great machine. The only thing I would change is to lower is a couple of inches to complete the serious street tracker look. I have been looking for a down pipe exhaust for my 07 for six months without any luck. Who built this fine ex pipe and where can I get one?

  • Benny

    Im in complete love with this bike! Bookmarked for life.

  • wingmanjim

    I think it is a classicly handsome treatment – the fact that it started out as a dual sport only makes it more intriguing.

    So – where do I get one ?

  • disqus_nAN4C3U4jD

    They made a dual sport bike look like a 70s cafe racer without sacrificing the function (everything about this bike will tear through dirt). As someone that loves the look of older bikes I think that’s cool… Try to understand, the reason new bikes look the way they do is because they are optimized for mass production. Most people like the look of classic bikes. It used to be just as difficult to make a beautiful bike as it was to make an ugly bike. Today, ugly bikes are much easier to make because it opens up automation options. So modern bikes are a compromise between style and manufacturing constraints.

  • Moff

    Is that oil level sight glass painted in with HD wrinkle? It could just be the photo. Sure hope so Deus.

  • NuyaBizness

    I would gladly pay fair market for a reproduction of that pipe. It’s the last piece in a similar build I have going on and the cost of a custom local fabrication is insane.