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1981 Yamaha XV750 – ‘Black Mat Ed’

Posted on January 22, 2013 by Scott in Bobber. 57 comments

Most builders using the XV750 as a base for their custom project have usually been inspired by the likes of Classified Moto – who have shown the amazing potential of these previously overlooked donor bikes. Not Tony Mroczek from Poland (yes another one, we are big there). He has been inspired by something completely different. “The inspiration came from Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands movie” he says. “From an early age I’ve been completely crazy about everything related to Tim Burton’s creation”. Tony has also grown up with many different motorcycles. Actually, over the years he has owned numerous Yamaha’s and Kawasaki’s of every capacity, but now he is enjoying this custom XV he likes to call ‘Black Mat Ed’ – it’s the latest creation to come out of Tonys garage named ‘Fabryka Edwarda’ or ‘Edward’s Factory’ in english.

Tony started this low-budget project by removing everything off the bike that wasn’t necessary. “I wanted to have a lighter bike with a thinner, dynamic look” he says. “That’s why there is no front or rear fender. The only massive, beautifully shaped part of the bike was supposed to be a tank and the front suspension which was taken from a 2001 Yamaha’s R1.”

“The upside down forks look massive again and gives very specific, clear and strong character to the bike. The mounting seat has been created from scratch. Custom seat was bought from Harley Davidson and then painted gold. I decided to paint some other parts golden to match the front suspension. But first I had an idea to paint it brazen. I used a golden color because it contrasts really well with black – black frame, wheels, matt tank and other parts. And I think it looks very enigmatic… what I like most.”

Tony wanted the exhaust to be modest and not very conspicuous. “But quite noisy” he says. The front rim, brakes calliper and brake plate also came from a R1. All tires are new and Metzeler Marathons. Battery is installed at the bottom of the frame, between two wheels.

Tony decided to leave the stock tank, which has been slightly raised up. The tank isn’t quite finished yet though. “I will be painting the tank with Tim Burton inspired artwork, probably associated with Edward Scissorhands and Nightmare Before Christmas stuff.” Tony says he couldn’t have built the bike without the help of the talented brothers at Power Choppers in Poland.

This young Polish builder is blown away by how much fun the bike is to ride. “It’s absolutely amazing to ride.” he says. “While riding you feel absolutely free. The engine purrs so nicely. It feels like you are cutting the air with a really sharp knife.” Or maybe with a pair scissors?

  • NOT inspired by classified moto. ok, if you say so 😉

    • jason031479

      Agree. Who else is doing Viragos, and modern inverted front fork conversions. This bike is a complete take on CM’s style.

      • Spin Cycle Industires

        • jason031479

          Spin Cycle got their front end conversions from Classified Moto, and their inspiration comes from CM’s builds. Read the article and inform yourself

        • jason031479

          Spin Cycle’s bikes are inspired by Classified’s builds, in fact there front for conversions come from CM. Go read the article on on their Virago, and get informed before you post non-sense.

          • I thought naming a builder would be an acceptable answer to “Who else is doing viragos and modern inverted front fork conversions”

          • revdub

            Ha. Your comment is laughable. “Get informed”. You realize that you’re saying this to a very talented, fully informed builder, right? Here’s an idea for you: before you come up here trolling, why not spend two minutes and crawl out from under the bridge. I mean, get an account and man up to your words, jason3.14159265359…

          • I wasn’t gonna say anything. I make enough enemies on here. lol

          • revdub

            Rex doesn’t need me defending him, but it is possible to rile up revdub!

            2013: The Year of Real People Commenting.
            2013: Know Who You’re Talking to.

          • I second that, Revdub.

          • Double lol…;^}

        • An angry RevDub. Now I’ve seen it all.

      • jason031479

        @ Rex Havoc …. go read the article on Bike Exif on Spin Cycles’s Virago build …. their inspiration for their bikes come from Classified Moto, in fact their front end sawps come from CM.

        • Does my reply warrant three replies of your own?

    • Spyker May

      Mmmm – not inspired by CM; a bit like saying Windows was not inspired by Apple – the idea was just brazenly stolen…

      • arnold

        Sorta like Apple designs featuring Xerox PARC technology.

      • I like apples.

  • funt

    This young Polish builder has build that bike in garage to be honest (check photos in “galeria” which has garage’s brand logos, removed from bicycle in article probably by photoshop). As far as I know, PC crew is making something new from Yamaha XV700 ’85 and it’ll meet streets soon 🙂

  • Lessismore

    Awesome. Don’t ruin it with a tacky airbrush job on the tank. Leave it well enough alone.

    • Spyker May

      Exile Cycles have been saying the same since the 1980’s…

  • mt

    puke. really ugly.

  • Now&Zen

    Being a Tim Burton fan myself ( especially his art ) I’m not really seeing any TB inspiration/references here . Regardless though this is one serious Pit Bull of a bike and I like it . I’ll also second Lessismore’s opinion as to the tank . To quote the Singer/Songwriter David Wilcox . ” Leave it Like it Is . Its Fine ” Mighty fine that is 😉

    • arnold

      Nightmare before Christmas silhouette in one of the backgrounds?

  • Jacob Speis

    Looks great. Simple enough, definitely no need to airbrush the tank. Love the seat mount.

  • The only thing I’m getting that may have something to do with Edward Scissorhands is the fact that some unfortunate guy is going to hit a bump wrong and get his nuts snipped by those two wingnuts holding the gas tank down. Aside from that I think it’s pretty cool. I think a gloss black tank without any airbrush would look best though

  • I like the stance of this bike – reminds me of the Galaxy Custom’s BMW a few posts ago. It looks like a low-down and mean junk yard dog kind of bike. No more paint, please – leave it like it is – theme bikes are for the tv reality show builders. I’m not sure about the wingnuts on the end of the tank – they look cool, but could prove to painful. Maybe acorn nuts might work just as well. IMHO.

  • Kai Vallon

    I dig it. I wouldn’t paint the tank but then it’s not my bike. Great work, particularly in making the engine look so free and open.

  • James Erd

    I wouldnt add anything. i think it is beatiful in its simplicity. I realy like this bike. in fact I love everything about it except the testicle / femural artery slashing wing nuts.

  • Grendel Medlord

    No real critique of his work. I don’t really get the testicle grater wingnuts, but whatever.

    But man those Viragos are HIDEOUS! No amount of customization can hide all that ugly.

    • anthony

      agree with the wing nuts? wtf! Nice bike otherwise, really like the seat mount

  • Nothing groundbreaking, but a nice bike just the same. Not every bike has to be cutting edge. I would add fenders.

    • fasty1973

      Building cafe, street tracker or bobber you have to watch thousands of photos from pipeburn, bike exif, gas gap and other falcon. You are inspired by many things. He came up with a really interesting concept, has gathered great looking R1’s parts and chose great colors. Nice, original painting. One thing I don’t like – wig nuts and that horrible seat mounting.
      Such a great inspiration, also for me 🙂

      • Well, like I pointed out, nothing original, but not every bike has to be completely original.

  • revdub

    I’m not trying to be overly critical, but the entire look of the front end would benefit from a smaller black headlight. Just a small thing, but it would make a big difference. Still a cool bike.

    • nathas909

      I agree completely. I could not put my finger on what was out of place in the last photo, but now you mention it, I can see a smaller black front headlight would look great.
      Other than that it looks like a mean ride.

    • Maybe he likes the reflection in the headlight cowl so he can see how cool he looks riding?

      • Oldnbroken

        I used a big chrome bucket on my bike to but then again I do look much better in a full faced helmet with a tinted visor.


      • I use my review mirrors adjusted so that I can see myself looking cool and hip as I cruise the boulevards.

  • warren

    it’s not a copy of classified moto’s, its a copy of someone who actually credits the inspiration

    I’ll admit that I’m building a virago because I was inspired by classified moto’s and other virago’s that have been published. The can be beautiful bikes when redone correctly. It’s just a shame when someone can’t give credit where credit is deserved.

    • That’s where I’ve seen that before. I’m noting some distinct similarities.

  • Robert Lawton Ridgway

    please dont mural the tank! as a nod to the roots of this design it should be the glossiest black, with a thin gold leaf line following the curve of the top of the tank, around the front top curve and ending at each lower rear corner i.m.h.o. and while you’re at it gloss black the motor and forks, too. very cool build!

  • arnold

    The overall impression I have is agricultural. I see where the three point hitch attaches, but I am baffled as to where the PTO comes off to run the brush hog. Seriously a massive brute and considering the breeding stock, very well done. I agree with the previous comments that anything more than a bit of highlight pinstriping would be too much. And absolutely no “Hello Kitty” stickers.

  • BoxerFanatic

    Not bad, but then again, I like resto-mod XVs that look like cafe racers or hot rod bikes.

    I don’t mind the black matte tank. I wouldn’t add a mural, though.

    I would have blacked out most of the cylinder jugs and the crank case, with the side covers coated in matte gold to match the forks stanchions. matte pale gold, like a casting, though, not glossy or metal flake.

    I might also black out the cast foot peg brackets.

    I would also have chosen a chain drive XV920 engine, to have a chain drive, and use an R6 swing arm, or a Triumph single sider.

    But there is potential here.

  • audiomoto44

    Really inspiring. Sincerely interesting concept of changing the old Virago. Painting is just amazing:)

  • Richard Brandt

    This is a bike that would benefit a great deal (aesthetically) from a single-manifold carb conversion. I would be interested to see more on the tank mounting, but Jesus – why wingnuts? Yow!

  • EofA

    What’s with the nut hooks on the tank? Please explain. Was that the only way to secure the tank to the frame because of the old-tractor-type seat? I like the rest of the bike. Simple. Nothing groundbreaking, but clean.

  • OK, I have read a lot about the trend of pipe wrap. Here is what I “know.”

    The wrap can generally be used to cover ugly pipes or welds. It can also be used to have a cool spot so that one does not burn his legs. I understand the practical use.

    Some people will use it because they think it looks cool. That’s immaterial and doesn’t matter to me one way or the other, so I understand the aesthetic use.

    I have heard that it will create a temp difference from the header pipe to the silencer/muffler, so “confused” exhaust gases will flow better. This generally works better on well tuned bikes. So I get the technical use (I suppose.)

    All this rambling begs the question from every article, “why use it?” I don’t think any article has clearly stated why the builder specifically chose to use it. I would wager that most times, it is used because the builder likes the way it looks.

  • wiz

    How big foot you have to have to change gears here? Or is it just the photo? 🙂

  • gardos42

    Cool bike! Ofcourse inspired by CM and many others.
    Is it wrong? Of course not. Moreover, Burtons inspiration

    sounds perfect. Cool R1’s borrowing and gorgeous black/gold
    painting. F… wingnuts and, please Tony change seat mounting
    for something else close related to scissors. It will fits the bike
    more significantly. Really great build!

  • Carly Florain

    Oh my God! It’s a miracle:) I would like to have it with me. Tony, please make even more changes with scissors. Change the seat mount and do the gold painting on the tank. For sure, will look perfect:) Very nice. Im totally in love with Black Mat Ed;))

  • CozySet

    Breathtaking bike, Tony! Come cut the air with scissors to Paris:)

  • Awesome! Those 2 wing nuts look dangerous!

  • TeeDoggyDog

    Why may I ask do we never get a squared-up photo of both sides of every bike with the bike fully fitting the shot? I really want to see both side of every bike that I like on here to admire the details all over. this bike for example is incredible but I can not admire the right hand side :’-( call me what ya like but I really wanna see the other side of some of these machines especial this bad girl!

  • Adjackson

    Any idea what the speedo is?

  • Ballskdke

    I need a pic of someone on this bike, I’m thinking of doing a similar project but the pegs look so close to the seat and I’m curious how it fits.

  • Ronnie

    The 2 butterfly nuts on the tank are going to make you a eunich on the 1st hard brake you do.
    A head on smash will tear you a vagina!
    But i do like the bike

  • Collier Hageman

    Beautiful, but I wouldn’t want to leave an expensive souvenir on those two wingnuts mounted on the gas tank at ball-level.