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DP Customs ’95 Harley Sportster – “del Rey”

Posted on February 7, 2013 by Andrew in Bobber. 52 comments

Anyone that has studied the creative process will tell you that the world’s great artists eventually develop a style that is simultaneously totally original, yet uniquely and utterly their own. Think Kimura. Or Falcon. Or Lennon & McCartney. They seem to reach a point in their careers where they just manage to transcend their contemporaries and take flight. After that, their work is a good as their signature or their offspring; inherently and unmistakably theirs. Looking over the shots you see here of DP Custom’s lastest creation, I’m beginning to think that they, too, have taken flight. Please welcome back the brothers Del Prado, with their 6th (!) bike to make it’s Pipeburn appearance – the larger than life Harley ‘del Rey.’

Any cleaner and it wouldn’t be there

Here’s the brother from (not) another mother, Jarrod Del Prado. “The customer on this build was, as usual, a very cool guy to work with. He shares our passion for motorsports in a big way. Vintage, current, all of it… so we decided to incorporate some of the colors of the 70’s Elf F1 cars into this bike – blue, black and white.”

“His only specific requirements were that he wanted a rocker shifter and pipe wrap, otherwise he was cool with us doing what we do.” Dream customer? Check.

In typical Del Prado fashion, the colours were chosen for maximum impact. “We kept everything with the paint scheme simple and bold, and finished it with matte clear. We built the rocker shifter and had it coated in black to subdue the extra length.”

We asked Jarrod to give us some specifics, just to keep the trainspotters happy. He obliged. “It’s based on a 1995 1200cc Evo Sportster. We modified the frame with a stretched and lowered hardtail. We tweaked the look of the motor by powder coating the primary cover, cam cover and rocker boxes in matte black. Then we improved the performance by adding a Crane Single Fire ignition and coil, and a Big Sucker intake. On the exhaust side, Justin built a tidy equal length custom exhaust finished in white.”

“Braking performance was improved dramatically with Brembo rotors and calipers. We wrapped the 19″ front and 17″ rear in Pirelli Night Dragon tires. As always, Justin proves that clean wiring is an art form – everything flows beautifully. We used Biltwell’s aluminum throttle, Tracker handlebars, and Mushman foot pegs. The bike looks really mean, really sharp, and my bro and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!”

Elf esteem – proud brothers, and rightly so

(Pixels captured by Jed Straham Photography)

  • SportsterMike

    Looks very nice – the colour makes it stand out

    Is the front wheel the stock Harley item (cos it looks better?)

    If I had built this I would need ‘elp’ on the side – as in lots of ‘elp’ to get this far!!

  • Forgot to mention in the post, but we LOVE the solid rear. Genius call.

  • pure awesomeness.

  • arnold

    I’ll take two please. To go.

  • itsmefool

    Wow, talk about bringing two worlds together…there can’t be more than a handful of Harley guys who would even get the whole Elf thing, right? As for the bike, this Sporty fan is still deciding.

  • revdub

    As with every DP bike that has graced these pages, this one is completely awesome! But, what else could we expect from these guys? So amazingly clean. The frame stretch, frame color, rear wheel, ultra clean wiring, and performance rubber set this apart. DP bikes are alone and on a level above the others. If I was looking for a custom Harley, I wouldn’t look anywhere else. Another great build, gentlemen!

    • DP Customs

      Thanks for the kind words Revdub! We just read your comment while enjoying our morning coffee and you put a smile on our faces. We love your style and we’re honored that you like ours. Cheers and best wishes from Justin & Jarrod!

  • Richard Brandt

    Fantastic work all around, gents. I really dig the big damn hardtail.

  • tattoorudy

    Alright, so all the trash-talking I just took for my BSA…. deserved. 😉 I bow down to you.

    • I’d own them both in a heartbeat…

    • DP Customs

      Thanks so much Rudy! We don’t think the trash talking was deserved at all, your bike was cool. When it comes to building custom bikes, there are no rules.

      • arnold

        Sorry, two to three wheels is a rule.

        • arnold

          Although, I have seen many 4 wheeled motorcycle powered beauties.

      • arnold

        Rudy, Your present on the BSA was good, Much better than most, after many years of trying.ald…………… now, about that swingarm…………(and those shopped pictures)……………………..

  • BoxerFanatic

    Funny… I had a Honda Hawk with a single sided swing arm that credited elf engineering for it’s design.

    This doesn’t have a swing arm at all, and by the look of the fork travel, and the thin seat on a small spring, barely any suspension to speak of on the whole bike.

    • Richard Brandt

      We’re going to have to ask you to proceed to your point

      • BoxerFanatic

        My point being that I thought elf was a high-tech race engineering firm from France with expertise in suspension development.

        This bike isn’t high tech, can’t race, and has no appreciable amount of suspension, and I doubt it has anything to do with elf, despite the name being prominently displayed. It isn’t even particularly French, as it is pretty much the American bobber idiom, except for the paint job.

        It looks like garage art for a particular audience, more than a bike to ride any distance, let alone race competitively.

        I find that ironic, for the article mentioning that the buyer who commissioned it being a motorsports enthusiast, who then says that the only criteria he was concerned with was pipe wrap and a rocker shifter, which also have nothing to do with actual performance specifications or making the bike more technically competent.

        Fine if you like the looks, which I don’t personally have a taste for, otherwise, there seems to be just an engine, two wheels and a seat, and none of them particularly advanced beyond the technology of ~70 years ago… and probably not competitive in that time period, either.

        Just a hard tail like so many other hard tails. show-off points to nostalgia buffs who like H-Ds, and not much else.

        To each their own, but I thought ‘elf’ meant something different than this.

        • DP Customs

          We were thinking more of Elf ‘oil,’ when we made the bike, and we can confirm this bike DOES have oil in it….(except we use Valvoline).

        • but it has blue fork’s how many bike’s can get away with blue fork’s ???

        • Richard Brandt

          I’ll agree with you that the badging strikes me as kind of silly, for much the same reasons you outline above (and not least because I do my best not to offer free advertising).

          > Fine if you like the looks, which I don’t personally have a taste for, otherwise, there seems to be just an engine, two wheels and a seat, and none of them particularly advanced beyond the technology of ~70 years ago… and probably not competitive in that time period, either.

          It’s a bike built for a guy who wanted something fun to ride, sounds like – and if he’d wanted something faster, craigslist offers any number of CBRs at a price point I’d wager is lower than DP charges out-the-door. But I’m going to venture a guess that this is not the customer’s only bike. 🙂

          I have a CB450 that I’ll probably hang on to forever, not because it’s fast, or a particularly well-executed custom, but because I built it and I like it. If form always followed function the world mightn’t be as much fun to look at.

          Thanks for elaborating, I appreciate it!

  • Spyker May

    It is amazing how these guys are able to pull off basic, bold, monotone colours, time and time again. “Flat” white and blue on any other custom would have been an absolute nightmare…

    But an even greater mystery would be to find a moniker for the said style.., it is not a bobber, or a chopper, or a dragster, or a speedster, heck it is by no means remotely a sportster anymore.., perhaps it is now a much vaunted DELPRADOTSTER..;-)

    • DP Customs

      Wow, thanks Spyker! Stay tuned for “DELPRADOTSTER” t-shirts!

  • Park

    Seriously sick. DP customs are turning out bikes that actually seem perfect. Awesome.

  • Paco

    Thanks for not running blue stripes down the tank and fender and for not doing white triples. It’s so easy to get carried away, but the colour balance here is amazing, even the yellow pirelli logos complete it.

  • love it there is only one thing in my eye that needs a tweek tilt the battery up in to the engine so it stills inline with the rear of the frame if that makes sense

  • Lewn

    I’m not a massive fan of Harleys, other than XRs, but this has been taken beyond cool. Love the colors, they work really well, the way the bike is sitting so low yet no components are obstructing the lean angle. The super short travel fork matches up really well with the stretched out hard-tail rear end. Also really digging the modern brakes and tires, I hope other builders follow this fashion.

    Straight thru pipes seem to be a signature of DP, not personally a fan of them as they are dyno proven to rob the mid-end torque and not benefit the top-end power, but hey I also hate migraines, so maybe I’m boring.

  • There are a lot of hardtail customs out there but DP makes their hardtails look just right – low, mean, not too much rake and very ridable. The 17″ rear tire keeps the bike from looking like it’s running up hill while the solid rear wheel anchors it to the pavement. If I had the where-with-all I would commision a DP sporty with cues form the elf Tyrrell P34 with 2 steerable front wheels – is that even possible for a motorcycle? ;^}

    • arnold

      A little bogie with laced 12″ wheels that pivots on the front fork axle line, inline though. I’m having a graphic artist draw it up now so we can copyright it. How’s it coming Tony?
      I don’t think we will get F 1 crazy money for the concept though.:-)

      • arnold

        Oh poop! I’m caught off base, some one has thought of the concept before, with a ski.;-)

        • arnold

          Back to the DP post , I really enjoy looking at your work, I know how much effort is involved to make your present so “clean” and can offer only my respect.

        • I want one!

  • Aaron Richard

    very nice and clean. A+ guys.

  • coldsunshine


    • arnold

      Sorry, Were you trying to say Testarossa? Darn that disqus for cutting you off.

  • Perfect in every way. A 10! Too bad in the left side shot, that both the tire logos are perfectly upside down. Pipewrap 🙁

    • DP Customs

      Thank you Sir! From two of your fans, Justin & Jarrod. Cheers!

  • OldDaytona200Mechanic

    Intelligent placement of battery. Needs fabricated chainguard and a steering damper adapted.

    For a more 1960’s era “oakland” look, sportster type tank should be canted in line with top frame tube.

  • Matt Holmes

    Just saw this bike in person. It was amazing. Great bike, great build, and even better builders…truly a class act

    • DP Customs

      Thanks for your support Matt, and of course, the delicious cold refreshments!

  • Mugget

    Love this bike… awesome stuff! Great work DP Customs!

  • DP comes through again. Best use of Harleys in the industry.

    • DP Customs

      Thanks Tony, you’re the man.

  • Вова

    Чётко сделали , респект !

  • I have fallen in love with this bike !!!
    Rock on , its awesome !!!!

  • Jake

    What’s The Drop Stretch And Rake On That Frame? I Love It And Am Looking To Do Something Similar With My 75 Sporty

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  • Tanner

    I have a ’95 sportster I’m looking to turn into a bobber. I would like to do most of what I can on my own so I can actually learn and be invested in the bike. I honesty don’t know much about it or where to start. That is why I want to do it. A new hobby I want to pick up. If anyone can steer me in the right direction it would be much appreciated!

  • John Macfarlane

    That thing is trick. Battery?