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Pipeburn and Sydney Café Racers – Group Ride

Posted on February 11, 2013 by Andrew in Other. 20 comments

Here’s something we haven’t done in a very long while; a good old-fashioned group ride. It’s been more than a year since we did our last one with the lads from Sydney Cafe Racers, and that was a bit of a wash out. Not being ones to take such metrological insults lying down, we have decided to get together and do it all over again. And this time we’re inviting you.

So what do you have to do to join the fray? If you live in Sydney and you are free this coming Sunday, the 17th of February then all you have to do is meet us at Audley car park in the Royal National Park at 9am. From there we’ll cruise down south for a spot of lunch in Kangaroo Valley. Easy. All bikes types and skill levels are welcome. There will be a support vehicle, photographers and a film crew on the day. More details here. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

(As always, sorry to our interstate and international readers. If you start pulling your bike apart now and sending it via FedEx, you just might make it in time.)

  • cptmatt

    I love this bike, but its not really custom. Its just a stock Moto Guzzie Le Mans V7. The builder could have at least swapped out the ugly tail light.

    • @cptmatt


    • Full-of-SHIT

      I think it is shoddy craftsmanship from a shitty builder.

      Just my 2 cents, that you don’t give a fuck about.

    • Henri

      this bike needs pipewrap and Firestones.

  • Anyone have any questions?

    • arnold

      Concerning the Prophecy of Malachi and the last ten Popes……………………………?

  • Hodge

    Dayum…would love to show up for that ride. Really. Give y’all a handshake and a thank you in person for giving me shit to look at for the last couple of years. Expect lots of pics. An you turkeys that bitch about all these builds and show up to that ride better do so on smack deli-iscious rides.
    Have fun!

    Cheers and beers

  • nathas909

    No questions, but I do hope you will share with us some great photos.
    I am now sitting here in Shanghai in minus degrees and freezing, dreaming of being back in Sydney and then you had to go rub this in. A day of riding some of the best roads around with a group of awesome guys.
    I wish I was there, its been 4 years since I rode those roads. WAY TOO LONG>>>

    • hugh

      Ditto, but freezing in France instead. And to think my red/white Monster 800 is sitting in my folks garage in Sydney with no one to ride it. Gah!

    • The whole thing was captured by these guys:
      I have high hopes…

      • Hoonda

        Yes! Can’t wait to see how the photos and video turn out!

  • Is it just me, or does that poster have some kinda “Star Wars” thing goin’ on?

    • cptmatt

      It does, but he’s just waiting for his buddy riding a Harley cafe racer (with the pipe wrap, brat seat, and Firestones) to catch up.

  • arnold

    Sorry the “scene ” is so calm. Does Carnival Cruise there?

    • arnold

      Honestly, wish I was there.ald

      • arnold

        I’d like to try that left side of the tarmac stuff enough to get used to it.

  • Andrew V.

    No question about the grout ride here as i am in NYC, but would you happen to know the illustrator of the poster?

  • Mio

    had no idea bikes of all kinds were invited, i wanted to go but i’m on my wee cbr250rr 🙁

    • For future reference, all types of bikes are welcome. We had a stock trail bike, a street triple, and a very unstock Harley chopper this time. There’s always a nice mix, so no need to feel embarrassed.