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Video: Waiting Out Winter

Posted on February 12th, by Andrew in Video. 2 comments

As a southern hemispherian, I have a strange relationship with winters. And I’m not talking about the kind we get down here. In fact, calling those ‘winter’ is akin to calling Nicki Minaj an ‘artist’. But just like any other westerners, we grew up with images of Frosty the Snowman, sleigh rides and ice skating on frozen lakes. What the picture books and stop motion Christmas specials conveniently avoid, though, is the nastier aspects of la saison d’hiver. Like the heating bills, shovelling snow, and worst of all – the fact that your bike stays put for what seems like an eternity (hello North Eastern America if you are reading this.) But is that really a negative, or is it a customiser’s blessing in disguise?

Hold that thought while you watch the latest video from long-time Pipeburn contributor and good mate Andrew David Watson. It’s a piece he’s done with Cast & Salvage, a very cool-looking Philly bike shop. As Andrew puts it, ‘winter is in full force up here, and we still have another month or two to go, so hopefully everyone watching has a winter project to keep themselves busy with until it’s riding time!’ Enjoy.

  • JP Kalishek

    A benefit of living in Texas is with my old XL250S on standby I can ride every day of the year is I wish. I have once been caught by the snow on my ST1100 (Pan-European), and didn't wait long enough for the snow to deepen for traction. But once I did (after picking 700 pounds of bike up for the second time) this displaced Yankee was fine in 2-3 inches of fluff.

    There is talk at work from time to time of moving my section to Wisconsin. I'd likely make a reverse trike or convert an old Honda ATC for road use if that happens. I just prefer riding to driving my truck.

    Just recently found your place and love it. Keep up the great work.

  • D T Hammer

    I feel guilty now. It was 52 degrees this morning and I decides to drive because I did not want to have to carry my jacket around at work. I heard that snow actually falls where people live but in Southern California it stays on the mountains, in the distance.