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Icon’s Triumph Tiger 800XC – “Dromedarii”

Posted on February 15, 2013 by Scott in Other. 56 comments

By guest writer Ian Lee.

So you decide you are going to build a custom bike. From this starting point you have so many directions you can head in for the style of your build. Should your bike run motocross bars or clip-ons? Is it a good idea to lengthen your swingarm? Is it really a problem if you want to run both Firestones and pipewrap? All good questions if you are a run of the mill customiser. However, if you are in the same state of mind as the builders at Icon, then your ideas will stretch far beyond conventional means, to the realm of the post-apocalyptic.

After seeing Icon’s bike starring in the Raiden Files ‘Portland to Dakar’, Triumph approached Icon to put forward the idea of a build. OEM & custom builder collaborations seem to be the flavour of the moment, with manufacturers looking to workshops to show what is possible when customising their product. Icon called all the shots on this build, with Triumph supplying the bike and letting Icon work their magic. With Icon not willing to call a bike a ‘custom’ unless it has had serious work done to it, this bike has had produced in the vision of what it would take to survive should society break down.

A Triumph 800XC was chosen for this build, it’s plastic fairings being replaced with protective cage arrangements. An oversized fuel tank, stuffed with Rotopax fuel cells, replaces the factory unit. The fuel tank cap is part of a filler spout from a jerrycan, complete with handle. The rear subframe has been raised, and any superfluous bracketry taken to with a grinder, allowing easy viewing of the Leo Vince exhaust. Ohlins stiffened suspension help hold Continental TKC80 tyres onto the road, dirt, whatever terrain you come across. And to see what terrain is coming up the bike has been fitted out with PIAA high intensity discharge lighting.

Finished in desert tan, it is exactly what you need to get around at the end of days. Take some time out to watch the video on Icon’s website, you will see why Triumph is willing to collaborate with them. Icon is a professional outfit, with a lot of show to match the go of the bike. They don’t fap about, don’t compromise on anything on the build, and their build quality is exceptional. Post apocalyptic exceptional, hopefully.

  • Stats

    Is that a snowshoe tail for a front fender?

    • bjax

      Dang, beat me to it.

      • arnold

        Pioneering a new bitch seat concept? 😉

  • SportsterMike

    Just needs a machine gun… to complete the look
    Looks a little faster than my old Honda Baja….

    • An M249 SAW would work just fine.

    • Shooting at it or mounted on it?

    • arnold

      good Mike, i think you would should be sayin’ more.

  • arnold

    Brutal. I like it.

    • What I was thinking, too.

      • arnold

        Like the top down photograph too, a great perspective that I don’t see often enough.

  • ofl

    This is exactly what I would want in a zombie situation…

    • ofl

      looking at it a little further, I would this bike in ANY situation.

  • confused

    apocalyptic yes. spraycanning the entire thing dirty pink/brown? why? why?? what is the point? in the name of all class and care, that move sits distastefully in my throat; it stinks of laziness. icon is no teenager playing in the garage, i thought?

    • Camo so the zombies/killer robots/invading forces/aliens can’t see you. Jeez!

    • Mike

      British troops (I’m not making this up) in Iraq discovered that in a desert environment trucks which had been painted pink-ish were VERY difficult to see from more than 500 meters away. I’m not sure how or why; I believe it has to do with the wavelength of pink light interacting with the intense heat of the Jazeera desert, making them all but invisible.
      So that’s a possible explanation… I have no idea if Icon had that in mind.

      • This is true.

      • Icon Motosports

        I’d like to say that the pink-ish hue was intentional, unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Our painter pulled the wrong tone from the camo pant sample we gave him for reference. Of course we were horrified when the bike came back from paint and it resembled an old ladies foundation make-up. Alas, we don’t pay our painter much as he is just a lazy teenager in a garage, therefore we weren’t too upset.

      • Mr White

        Its not just since Iraq. Google SAS Pink Panters. Based on a Series ll 109″ for desert raids and decades older than Iraq.

    • Shane_lxi

      In all actuality, they probably put nearly as much work into that distressed patina paint job as they would have into a reall glossed out job. Lazy? No.

      • arnold


      • Soapy Loofah

        I agree. It may be fair to say you don’t like the treatment (I’m not entirely fond of it either), but I don’t think there is a single bit on this bike that wasn’t planned and there is a lot of work here. Icon has fully developed marketing sensibilities.

  • AC

    I like the paint job. It gives it the appearance of a well worn piece of military equipment Look at British fighter jets from the first Iraq war. They have the same pink tan color with the same aged look. I like it.

  • Yves Trabac

    Tip top notch as always !

  • JeroenB

    Really? This one doesn’t do it for me, it only raises one question: Why destroy a beautiful bike?
    It looks like a rat bike now and that’s something not to be done with a new bike.

    • 800XC? Beautiful!? Ummm…

      • This looks so much better than the beak-nose XC.

        • JeroenB

          Yeah, this, uh, tray looks so much better…

          • Very useful for carrying roadkill, dead aliens or zombies. Or, as Arnold pointed out, a new concept for hauling your wife/girlfriend (I wouldn’t try carrying them both at the same time). ;^}

          • arnold

            I try to keep my comments gender neutral. Today, bitch, may refer to one of many genders. Zombies, roadkill and aliens are gender neutral by definition. I am sorry to offend any one not covered by this disclaimer.:-) (Mounting kill on the fender is a Tradition):


          • arnold

            And rightly so…… Plaid on Plaid………Sheese!

          • Absolutely correct. Should not have quoted you out of context. Apologies all around.

          • arnold

            You did not. Please, carry on Miastro Manx.

      • JeroenB

        Beauty is in the eye of the, whatever. I’m into allroad bikes and the XC meets my purpose. This diarrhea colored paint job… do you like it?

        • arnold

          Oops, darn I just ran out of simi chrome for my dresser./sarc

          • You can borrow mine (as I laugh up my sleeve).

    • Icon Motosports

      Hey Jeroen – I would agree that turning a new bike into a ‘rat’ bike is a questionable move. This particular bike, though a 2012 model year, is actually the black Tiger from our ‘Portland to Dakar’ video. The orange Marlboro Tiger in that video fared pretty well and ended up on tour with Triumph. The black bike was not so lucky (ironic that it was a Lucky Strike paint scheme). It was crashed pretty heavily during the production of our video and most of the bodywork was roached beyond repair. Instead of trying to return it to stock condition, we transformed it into the ‘End of Days’ Dromedarii to match up with our latest ICON1000 collection.

      • JeroenB

        Now that’s a different story and actually makes sense to me 😉 I was put on the wrong track by the article that says “Triumph approached Icon” and “with Triumph supplying the bike…”
        I’m beginning to appreciate the bike now, knowing the real story first hand. Thx

  • Icon builds such great tongue-in-cheek post-apocalyptic bikes. They bring a smile to my face everytime. The top of the gas tank is worth the price of admission – I just wish I had thought of it. To really dig Icon bikes you have to think action hero, Mad Max, end-of-days, video game graphics and leg-pulling fun. Would I ride this bike? In a heartbeat. I like the Chernobyl-esque photo shoot site.

  • barney fife

    i don’t get it….

  • itsmefool

    Yeah, I like it! So where do I mount my .308 AR?

    • Rotopax probably makes a mounting for that. 308 (7.62mm for the rest of the world) is a very good choice, especially againts zombies.

      • itsmefool

        It’s also a good choice for hog (feral, not Harley)! That’s what I use mine for…

  • Lewn

    Mostly cosmetic changes and well developed theme, with a few clever ideas, nothing about how this bike rides has been improved, I don’t really see the point, the Ural had a better, bleaker appearance. I’d rather own the stock bike.

  • MotoTrooper

    I think a Star Wars stormtrooper should be caught riding this!

    • It would be great for hunting womp rats on Tatooine, but a T-16 Skyhopper might be more effective.

  • choosedeth

    Saw this bike at The One Motorcycle show. It looks really badass in person. I liked the paint and thought to myself it would be cool to see more custom jobs done in this (post-apocalyptic) style with as much attention to detail.

  • newhavenstumpjumper

    Liquid cooled! no way. one shot to the radiator and your done!!

  • Ur Momma

    nice bike — but WTF with the zombie bandwagon…. I liked the 90’s better when ever one was going to hunt dinosaurs a la Jurassic Park.

    • You’re right. This bike would fit in great with those stripped down Benz SUVs.

  • barney

    While I appreciate that this bike is quite proficient for off roading, it does nothing for me stylistically at all, either as a custom as above, or straight off the show room floor. I just think all modern bikes are plain ugly. The motor looks like it comes out of a refrigeration unit or something. Ugh.

  • Mikael Lewis

    Pink? I must be colorblind. I’d call it tan. It’s obviously painted to look militaristic and post apocalyptic. Either way, its pretty damn cool!!

  • SoyBoySigh

    I’ve seen the tank filler before – at Princess Auto, though they weren’t cheap – French Army Surplus, Aluminum Jerry-Cans, but not for gasoline – WINE actually. Yeah, sounds like the Frenchmen that Bart Simpson met on his student exchange – “Ah, butt ze arm-hee mouse’d hev eet’s WHIIIINNE~ WH-OUI, C’est Bon. Ze Arm-hee travails awn eet’s STO-MACK!!!” Should’ve bought ’em when I first saw ’em, as they sold out in a day at something like $75 per 3gal tank. At the time, I knew this would make BRILLIANT auxiliary tanks for an adventure bike. I just never pictured ’em welded straight into the gas-tank itself. I’d love to have a pair, I’d polish the living sheet out of ’em….