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La Corona’s ’81 BMW R100RS – “004”

Posted on February 25th, by Scott in Scrambler. 11 comments

La Corona Motorcycles is one of the latest shops in Europe to be producing this stripped back street tracker look. Based in Barcelona, this is their fourth build by the four passionate Spanish builders. Each of their builds has used a different donor bike, but they all have the ‘less is more’ La Corona aesthetic to them. This time they decided to use a 1981 BMW R100RS. It’s the second incarnation of this beemer, originally being built red with black detailing. The stock bike had a sizeable complete fairing, which was the first thing to go. Their goal, like most of their builds was to build something simple and “naked” – we think they acheived this with flying colors.

They changed the original handlebars in favour of some dirt track bars – which gave the bike a more comfortable riding position. The clock is made by Acewell Digital and it’s also a little on-board computer for the bike. The stock wheels were replaced with gold mesh style wheels, and covered with a fresh set of Firestone ANS Military tires; 19 x 4.0 front and 18 x 4.5 rear.

The stock BMW R100RS fuel tank was also replaced with a Kawasaki kz750 tank – adding to the classic tracker styling they were looking for. The electrical wiring was also replaced and simplified. The battery is a gel battery with case was relocated under the engine. They also added a scrambler style headlight and rear light.

La Corona removed the stock air filters and case, and a new cover was constructed that flows better with the lines of the bike and it’s engine – they are planning to sell this case cover soon through our website.

Overall, they have created another beautiful naked tracker that has La Corona written all over it – particularly on the tank. As the boys from Barcelona said “we are very proud of this great bike.” And so they should be.

The bike is now for sale, so if you are interested contact La Corona through their website or Facebook page. 

  • sproggy

    I love this bike – it's incredible what a difference it makes to an airhead BMW changing the heavy-looking standard tank for something like this. Beautifully executed if you leave aside the pipe-wrap and 'no front mudguard' opinions.

  • Lewn

    The tank, seat, removal of the angular fairing and shorter mufflers are all great improvements that really help to kill-off that that boxy BMW look and giving the bike a much sleeker style. Nice.

  • Arnold

    Very striking color combination. Stripped, built up Beemers are a favorite of mine, and this one is especially good.

  • SR1911

    Too much tire for my taste but that is a stunner none the less.
    An excellent example of "less is more".

  • Spittlejar

    Gorgeous. This is the lightest looking Beemer I have ever seen, and it looks fantastic as a result.

  • Andrew


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    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Hamish Lamont

    Wow, that looks stunning! Why has no-one else changed the tank on an Airhead before? That and the paint absolutely transform this bike – it looks 100Kg lighter! – not taking anything away from the rest of it, (case update etc) which is excellent. I can guarantee this one wont be the last we see with super sleek updates. This has to be a ground-breaker. Awesome work.

  • Wayno

    Now that's how a motorcycle is supposed to look.

  • Mike

    Love this bike, a lot.

  • vachequipis

    The nicest non Kevils Beemer I have seen

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