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Yamaha Scorpio – Thrive Motorcycles

Posted on March 18, 2013 by Scott in Café Racer. 57 comments

When you think of a great motorcycle to customize, the Yamaha Scorpio probably isn’t on the top of your list. But to thousands of Indonesians, it’s one of the most popular bikes on the road today. Unfortunately, the Indonesians don’t have a huge choice of bikes, due to their strict low displacement regulations. Luckily for us, we get to see what they can do with this reliable little Yamaha. Now we have seen a lot of Scorpio’s over the years – especially from Indonesia – but none have ever looked like this. The bike is the handy work of Indra Pratama from Thrive Motorcycles in Jakarta and although it is his first custom build, this design has been floating around in his head for a long, long time.

Like a lot of kids, Indra was obsessed by Japanese cartoons as a youngster, particularly the Kamen Rider.Instead of drawing the cartoon character, he would spend hours drawing all the mechanical things the characters would use – like bikes and cars. “Since then every reference when I drew vehicles always lead to the madness of Japanese designers, which at least for me, has always had a distinct impression, either the form, machines, and sound, it’s all like fantasy that has infinite space and time.” he says. 

In 2007 Indra had a chance meeting with an old friend that would change everything. You see, his friend had an old BSA and seeing it and hearing it made him want one badly. “At that moment I wanted to sell my little Yamaha and swap it with an English-made motorcycle, whatever type it is” he says. His dream was quickly shattered when he searched the internet and realised that their wasn’t many British bikes available in Jakarta, and if they did exist, they came at a price.

With desperation in his veins, he picked up his trusty old pencil and paper and started to draw a concept for his humble Yamaha Scorpio. He wanted to turn it into something special, something not seen before on the streets of Jakarta. Subconsciously he started to draw a Kamen Rider style bike, straight out of his childhood.I decided to immediately implement the design from paper into a real build”. 

Indra was happy with his sketch, and got to work building this ‘cafe street racer’. “I cut the rear frame and created a more café style” he says. “Leaving only part of the framework attached to the engine. I also shifted the triple tree about 5cm forward, to create a longer swingarm – making it longer and lower”.

Then by hand, he made the stunning seat, gas tank and fairing out of galvanized steel. The seat was then covered by Indra using a sheep skin from a breed of sheep called the garut. The inspiration for the beautiful paint job comes from a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, using a matte grey for the body, matte black frame and wheels, finishing it off with touches of red to highlight some of the details. A color combination that works so well.

Because most of the bike was built by hand, Indra had one last thing he wanted to do. He wanted to take it from a long ride and test his workmanship. “The test I did through 6 cities, a distance of approximately 600 km. With field conditions that can be said to be very challenging, through the road that should not be passed by a standard vehicle, especially a cafe racer with low handlebar”. The bike and Indra made it back in one piece, and if you have ever ridden on an Indonesian road, that in itself is a big feat.

We love the low stance and seamless lines on this Scorpio, and we take our hat off to Indra and Thrive Motorcycles for the workmanship that has gone into the build. It might not have been on our list of great donor bikes, but we definitely won’t look at Scorpio’s the same way.

[Photography by Putra Agung]

  • Montymink

    beyond awesome!

  • Speechless…

    • revdub

      I feel the same way. This is amazing.

      • Guzzto

        Totally agree, this is something very special, I love the headlight setup and overall stance, The colours just make it all hang together so well.

  • Jape Sinisalo

    Well that´s original looking. Great design and execution. I´m definately gonna put that matte silver in my idea drawer.

  • Stats

    I’m honestly not super thrilled with the bodywork, but everything below that is just perfect.

  • Anton

    Makes me think of the Disney movie Wall-E

  • Ur Momma

    The most original custom I’ve seen in a long time.

  • clutch99


  • These all look like renders.

    • Benjamin Helton

      Agreed, where is the real bike?

      • Guest

        Here you go..

      • Hello guys, thank you for doubting.

        In this series, i want to shared Indra’s machine with a decent quality image from a very low budget photo production. So i’m trying to experiment with the sunlight bounced and diffusing them here and there. I’m sorry if the photos still looked like a 3d rendering, it’s probably affected by the matte paint. So here i attached a couple image that i use to make one single photo.

        warm regards,
        Putra Agung

        • durp

          Well i think its a compliment by most when we say it looks rendered. In cases like this it means that the quality of the photos and the bike both are perfect. Zero flaws. I really like what you did, and I’m a 3d artist! So yeah, good on ya.

        • arnold

          I thought that it was the real deal, too much I Pad sized looking at the world, I submit.

        • Thanks for sharing that with us. I’m a bit of a wanna-be photog myself, so I’m always interested in how people go about it. Amazing stuff…

          Did you create the black BG entirely in Photoshop? I’m thinking that’s maybe why the photos have a little of that “rendered” look to them.


          • Thanks andrew, actually i put a huge black screen as a background so i could get a darker ambience at the bike. Then i touched ’em a lil bit with my limited Photoshop skill to get a smooth effect as clean as studio background. But apparently i did it too much so it looked like 3d rendering. Hahha.

            Thanks to Pipeburn so i can learn more about enhancing the beauty of motorcycle through photography such as Jason Lee Parry, Adam Ewing from Classified Moto, Vincent Prat from the Southsiders MC and also the new web of La Corona ( would love to knowing who’s the man behind their stunning photos so i can hit command+D directly, hahha. )

          • Iko

            Mas Putra, absolutely great shots, keren banget. Btw, where is exactly Thrive’s studio/workshop in jakarta? would love to see their other works..

      • ccc40821

        Now about those fake moon landing pictures…..

    • Just too much photoshop. Backgrounds are sterile… so the entire image looks rendered

  • bsa

    Looks great! Love the matte finish and colour scheme. The shape and colours seem to give it a hint of Suzuki Katana. Can’t wait to see the next one..

  • FreeFrog

    Me likey long time!

  • Durjana


  • Wow…

  • arnold

    I am always amazed by panel beaters. Probably each item is one piece, not a hammer mark to be found, probably very little filler. Very little welding. The style may not be very appealing to me, but the craftmanship is.ald

    • Agreed. It is an amazing skill. Wish i could do that.

  • I like it except for the bikini fairing, headlight cowl thing. The last pic shows that it wasn’t finished very cleanly.

    • arnold

      I agree Tony, the last picture is not flattering to the bike at all. An unfinished edge, an open bar on the throttle that a plug or bar end mirror could have covered, a little lifted tape………. But I’m not supplying a client on a budget or deadline.

  • Moglix

    what kind of tyres are those puppies??

    • They are Swallow S212 4.00 – 18

      • Moglix

        cheers bro!!

  • durp

    wow this is fantastic. I only post when im really moved to. Like everyone else said, these look like 3d renders. Its so smooth. I LOVE that front faring and headlights. Absolutely fantastic.

  • nate

    What are the tyres?

    • Tires are Swallow S212 4.00 – 18

    • Muki Mustahqim

      just 30 USD 😀

  • I really dig the sheet metal work – especially the tank – nice metal beating. Also, the colors are great. This is one cool bike.

  • Wow, we build our bikes together more than a year ago. Since we shared the same sheet metal fabricator, so this bike is like sisters bikes. This scorpio cafe racer, my cb175 cafe racer, hd sportster cafe racer and kz200

  • nathas909

    WOW, as soon as I saw that first image I was just stunned!
    These indonesian boys are creating some of the most original bikes, I love seeing what they come up with, with their limited resources.

  • I’ve got that “Pipeburn Top 10 of 2013″ feeling in my bones…

  • titan perf


  • Ah man I miss Indonesia, waves and motorcycles everywhere… paradise!

    These do look like renders, although I see they’re not, which makes this even cooler with the technical shooting and processing.

  • Truly hits the 80’s Anime style dead on! Quite the sexy machine.

  • vachequipis

    I had no idea what a Scorpio was (other than Ford my Dad owned in the 80’s) now that I’ve googled it this bike looks an even better build, bravo! I like the Star Wars front end.

    • “Start Wars.” Perfect description.

      • Guzzto

        it was bugging me what this great build reminded me of and Vachequipis nailed it!

  • Marcus

    “And now for something completely different…” Brilliant bike with originality not often seen. It really shows that with creativity any bike can be created into something special. Love the story, love the bike!

  • Cliff Overton

    I love this bike, the body lines are spot on – brilliant work

  • Swagger

    Well done indeed!

    • Swagger

      Pegs look a bit high but then you’re probably more flexible than I am!

  • modernslave

    similar style to shinya kimuras bikes. very cool.

  • XJ750E-II_Dan

    Beautiful, love the fairing & headlamps they look amazing as does the rest of the build.

  • XJ750E-II_Dan

    Oh, and get a load of the air intake & exhaust pipes… truly inspired!

  • nice….

  • boleh minta kontak mas indra pratama atau mas putra agung? thanks…awan_otomotifnet 🙂

  • Adi Utomo

    speechless, too awesome to describe, salam buat mas angga 😀

  • reminds me of the original Battlestar Galactica bikes … but without the turbine

  • xK-alibur

    I like this bike the best out of all these although i wish i could have all of them.