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Yamaha SR250 – First Notion

Posted on April 30, 2013 by Scott in Café Racer. 38 comments

If you have ever tried to cut your own hair then you know how things can get out of control pretty quickly. I’ve tried it and it usually only goes one way. You just want to trim a bit off the sides and clean up the back, next thing you know you have totally butchered your locks and there’s no other option than to shave your head. That’s kind of what happened with this SR250 build. These part time builders from the newly formed First Notion in Belgium decided to “do a few things” to their trusty commuter bike. The next thing they knew they had stripped the bike down and were using carbon fibre, Italian leather and other fancy pants materials. The final result is this super slim SR250 with the best crew cut we have seen.

Yes, sometimes things get out of hand. “This is exactly what happened with this SR250” says Joris from First Notion. “Initially we were too busy doing other things, but our mechanic began to talk about his wildest ideas. Occasionally we had a complete “Dude forget it…” discussion. But in the end, they let their mechanic run wild with the build.

Their “mechanic” got to work on the bike. “All we know is we saw him kill an original subframe with a grinder, sculpt beauty with a TIG welder and in between molded an all alloy seat.” he says. At the rear, a custom made carbon fibre mudguard was built to subtly hug the back wheel. The stock shocks were ditched for a 600RR Andreani tuned rear shock. On the custom alloy seat sits a very slender Italian leather upholstered seat which suits the overall proportions of the bike.

The stock tank was also replaced with a more streamlined Yamaha RD50 tank. The braking system has been updated with a brembo front caliper, braided hoses and R1- brake pump. The exhaust is a custom thin walled SS exhaust with internal damping core. 

The build ended up taking a few months to complete. “Not too much changed… it still is a little commuter, well… sort of.” says Joris. This stripped back SR250 Yamaha may have had a lot trimmed off the donor bike, but it has never looked more handsome. Isn’t it great when things get out of hand but end up taking a turn for the better?

  • Mattnes17

    That thing must be light! It probably zips as a 250, but I cant help but imagine it as a 400 or 500.

    Beautiful bike.

    • revdub

      Think of it as the type of bike Icon would build, if they were to build something small. I see a little of the Snakecharmer in this bike. A larger SR in this style would be awesome. I’ll take two, please.

      • I thought the same thing. Even the photography looks very Icon.

        • Scott, any chance you could follow up with the owner and see what those wheels are? Inquiring minds want to know. They fit this bike perfectly.

          • George Renfro

            Pretty sure those wheels are off a Ducati Hypermotard.

      • Davidabl2

        If Icon were to build something small It’d have been done by mistake..
        It does look it was PHOTOGRAPHED and “painted” by them though..

  • Richard Brandt

    The RD tank and that tail are fantastic.

    Can we get any details about the mount for the monoshock at the swingarm? It looks a little flimsy for that application, but on the other hand, not a very heavy bike. 🙂

    Also I need to get one of those headlights on order if you have a vendor. Thanks for sharing.

  • revdub

    This bike is different, and I really like it. Definitely streamlined. The seat and tail section are unlike anything I have seen, but so cool. And a mono-shock? That’s just the icing. Great little bike.

  • Jon

    That is one of the most beautiful bikes I’ve ever seen. Simply stunning

  • pushrodmofo

    Listen to your mechanic.

  • arnold

    Like the air box configuration.

  • KP

    The exhaust is stunning and just about perfect in my eyes. It looks like an absolute riot to ride, well done.

  • There is so much win with this bike. The lines, stance, and simplicity are all perfect. Out of all the bikes I have seen posted, this one lands in my personal top-10 would-actually-want-to-own list.

    What are the wheels? And what size are they? They fit the build perfectly. I can’t picture a better wheel choice for that bike.

  • Tron

    Absolutely stunning

  • Casper

    Just.. Wow, that thing is awesome!

    And i am curious about the wheels, they look like two ducati 999 front wheels..

    • No, I don’t think so. It’s more probably from Aprilia Pegaso strada, but I am not sure either.

      • VR

        I’d say wheels and front end come from a Rieju RS2.

        • I think you solved the wheel-mystery mate !

  • Randy Moran


  • 949FXDF

    Would look even better with that exhaust done in black.

  • homeboy

    So freakin’ cool!!!!

  • itsmefool

    I don’t know how much my old could take in that riding position, but I wouldn’t mind finding out! Great stuff…and a 250 no less? Coolness. BTW, anybody else notice how this thing has had nothing but positive feedback so far? Oh, wait, don’t tell me I just jinked it!

  • I really dig these little Yam singles. Man, this one looks very light and fickable. The stance is right and I like the airbox.

  • Loving the “tippy-toes” stance…

  • Vito

    Amazing, the simplicity is the greatest way to do a motorcycle. This 250 is just perfect.

  • Craig Lang

    Wow, what a great look! looks nimble being that size.

  • matt lynch

    This is exactly what i wanted to do with a dr250s i was building 2 years ago. i had no clue what i was doing and eventually got rid of it.

  • John in Pollock

    Best exhaust ever

  • arnold

    thank you.


  • Jb21

    look at that manifold!!

  • Adam Santella

    commuter??!! get that thing to a track! it must be scary slamming on the brakes on that thing! one of the best modern looking 250s ive seen on this site in a while, absolutely love it. that mudguard is a piece of art… which seems like an oxymoron… awesome build! that exhaust is gorgeous too, really a well thought out and executed bike. well done!

  • Joel E Cervantes

    If I were to cheat on my bike, it would be with this bike. Its such a cool bike. I dig the air intake, the paint on the case covers, modern traction, suspension and brakes on a simple air cooled single. And not to mention the license plate + small carbon fender is more than enough to keep the shock and filters clean. On top of it all, this would be perfect for my commute to work!

    • Joel E Cervantes

      Oh, the only thing that would make this bike even better is to have a button to turn on a HUD to your helmet. Speaking of which, how about a picture of the cockpit.

  • Kennon

    The Wheels look to be from a Derbi GPR 50/125


    It was listed on ebay a few minutes ago. Looks like they got a new project going.

  • Eddie Rosens

    Very old post, but a reply would be welcome. I’d love to know if the mounts for the rearsets were custom tooled or can be bought?

    • TheFirstNotion

      Hello Eddie,

      Very sorry for the late reply. The rearsets were custom made for this motorcycle. They can not be bought ‘off the shelf’ but can be remade of course!

      Best regards,

      Dominique, The First Notion