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Ural 650 – DoZer Garage

Posted on May 13, 2013 by Andrew in Brat. 21 comments

In many ways, creating a custom bike is not dissimilar to having kids. You put all your time, effort, and money into them. You pay too much attention to them. But mostly you just lay awake at night worrying if they’ll turn out OK. And then you meet the parents that give their kids names like ‘Jazzy’ and ‘Zealand,’ pull them out of school and dress them up in day-glo pantaloons. Similarly, some bike builders don’t start with plans to build a safe gun metal grey Yamaha SR400, but instead pick the weirdest bike possible and then decide to paint it sludge brown. Doomed to fail, you’d assume. But you’d be assuming wrong. Meet the latest offspring from Kiev’s DoZer Garage, their inexplicably cool Ural 650 bobber.

DoZer’s past builds show their love of the classic American chopper look, replete with the obligatory RSD add-ons and the jumping-castle-wide rear rubber. But this bike marks a definite shift in their sensibilities to something much more subtle and contemporary in its outlook. And you’ll be hearing no complaints from us. To go from such an ‘OC’ style to be able to stand tall against the likes of a CRD or Wrenchmonkee has us impressed no end.

Also the beautiful use of copper plating across the bike. Now, we’re the first to admit that the popular ‘copper highlights’ look is a damn hard one to pull off. Too often it can be overdone to the point where it becomes less about class and more about, well, brass. But not here. The complementary chocolate tank and admirable restraint means that the copper dominates nowhere but simply sits back in the mix, happy to play a superb second fiddle to the bike’s more dominant black and brown splashes. Masterful.

The brown beast is propelled forward by a standard Ural 650 lump with an upgraded electronic ignition set-up, C63 carbs (although we’re assuming they’re not of the AMG variety), and a DoZer-made exhaust. Meanwhile, the frame, tank, headlight gearbox and forks are all Ural or Dnepr units; the latter being another Ukranian motorbike stablemate of the Ural brand.

The lads topped off the build with some Posh handles, VN-800 pegs, a bespoke DoZer seat, a Gas brake light and the increasingly popular Shinko ‘Super Classic’ rubber option – a choice that seems to be rapidly gaining ground on the omnipresent Firestones of late. But whatever the constituent parts, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is one cool Ural. Enjoy.

Spotted on Return of the Café Racers

  • Septic the Sceptic

    That's a nice lookng bike. I can't see how you could possibly refer to it as a "bobber" though.

  • Killing me gents, what a gorgeous bike.

  • geffs

    Love the copper details, especially the headlight trim ring!

  • nathas909

    Oh that is so so so nice. I always thought brown was not used enough, and you are right the copper is just perfect, not over done at all.
    The only thing I am not sure about, is the tires are a bit chunky for my liking.
    It will make me look at the next Ural I see in a completely different way all together.

  • nathas909

    Sorry I cannot tell from these photos, but there is a vertical black bar a few inches forward of the rear suspension, going from the swing arm to the rear sub frame, would that not stop the rear suspension working

    • Madrooster

      Its part of the frame-loop. its not attached to the swingarm:)

    • ccc40821

      Googling a picture of another Ural will tell you.

  • Kevin



    • arnold

      Yeah, brown’s not my favorite, but looking past that, I would make it a family member.

      • …and your middle name is also ‘Jazzy’, isn’t it?

        • arnold

          I’m glad it’s not purple as well.

  • arnold

    OOOooo…………..shiny things

    • Davidabl2

      Shiny things that aren’t chrome shiny things for once..

  • itsmefool

    Agreed; it is one cool Ural…hats off the boys in Kiev! While I agree with the “too many browns” comment, it’s still pretty neat. Plus, it looks really comfortable for two-up riding.

  • durp

    I love it. The devil is in the details

  • Bart

    enough with the flat seat big tire look. It seems lately that is all you guy’s are interested in.The more of them you show us, the bigger the yawn.Sigh.

  • OldDaytona200mechanic

    I am impressed. All that time and money into such a slow and unreliable mill. Didn’t think anyone capable of such a decision. But there you go.

    • Although the bike looks like 230 other ones that are nearly identical in style all over the internet, I never would have guessed that someone’s complaint would be that the BMW twin was unreliable. I’m learning new things every day.

  • bernardbuilt

    anyone know what make tires those are? thanks

  • Alex Van Kuyk

    “I see a brown tank and I want it painted black”

  • Jakub Plechowski

    I need size of tyres. pleease…