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Throttle Roll Wrap Up

Posted on May 15, 2013 by Scott in Other. 17 comments

So the hangovers have finally passed and all the custom bikes have all been ridden home or taken back on their trailers. But the talk is still going about what a great event Throttle Roll turned out to be. We are super proud of our friends Mark Hawwa and Jordon Kightly for taking a punt on such a large scale event – and it looks like it paid off. Not that they made much money out of it, because it was free. Yes, free! With over 3500 (motorcycle enthusiasts, families, hipsters and dogs) people attending the event across the day, the streets of Enmore were filled with the likes of Bobbers, Classics and Café Racers. Traffic clogged up as bikes where parked left right and centre. The ‘No Parking’ signs were covered so the footpaths were littered with stunning bikes – the way it should be.

The motorcycle show covered 3 streets and that was before anyone had made it inside. It felt like a carnival of a Rio street party level. Once inside the venue, 60 of Australia’s best where displayed in this urban jungle of a motorcycle show. Featuring never before seen bikes from the likes of RB Racing, Mean Machines, Red Star Garage, Rene9ade Custom Motorcycles, Rocker Classic Motorcycles, Deus, Shed-X, Evolution Custom Industries and Desmoclinic just to name a few. Plus 12 hours of vintage inspired entertainment by the Snow Droppers, Wes Pudsey & The Sonic Aces and the Cope Street Parade.

There is already bigger plans for Throttle Roll 2014, and we can’t friggin’ wait.

A rather amazing Honda CBX

Just a small turn-out

Perennial favourite – Evolution’s Supercharged Harley ‘Cojones’

Throttle Roll organisers Mark (second from left) and Jordan (far right)

Strictly mo’ smoking

[All pictures credited to Patrick Stevenson, Throttle Roll & Pipeburn]

  • lennard schuurmans

    Wow, looks like a very cool event! Cool black flathead

  • Liam B

    Best time I ever hard.

  • Ronald van Mil

    Looks like a nice party there down under.

  • revdub

    That looks so epic. I have to admit, I’m very jealous. Kudos to Mark and Jordan and everyone involved. Now, can you guys do the same here in the States? Mid-West Throttle Roll, please?

    • revdub

      I’ll find you, lone un-liker! You will like me.

  • Septic the Sceptic

    IF you didn't go, you missed a good day. Next year will be bigger, so get in early cos there's not a lot of space to spare.

  • Singletracker

    Totally cool day out, the day for me started joining the procession of cool bikes splitting their way down City Road at Pyrmont. Another well organised event good on ya SCR!

  • arnold

    Thanks. I see that Foster’s oil cans are not the universal brewed beverages in your part of the world. I are lernin’ sumthin new every day. ald

    • I know it seems weird, but no one here drinks Fosters, and it’s actually quite hard to find it in pubs and bottle shops.

      Advertising. So much to answer for…

  • brad callan

    it was an epic night!

  • Hulio !

    the jontnot enough of these events well done to the organisers ! ! the joint rocked ! !

  • simon

    yeah, great event. cant wait till next year…..well done guys!

  • Tom

    Seems like everybody had a good time!

    Does anyone have any info on the blue/white hardtail in picture 4?

  • john00

    In the first pic, what bike is the one on the front and middle?
    Looked like an epid day! 😀

    • Pat Stevenson

      Yamaha XVS650 with a bobber kit mate!