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SHINYA KIMURA – “Motorcycle Mechanic”

Posted on May 22, 2013 by Scott in Video. 9 comments

It’s almost been 3 years since Shinya the “motorcycle mechanic” starred in the stunning short film called the ‘Smell of Oil’. Well, we are glad to see he is back in front of the camera with another beautifully shot film. This time it was directed by Danielle Levitt and shot by Evan Scott as a supplement to the third issue of On Paper Magazine. Shinya not only builds some of the most amazing examples of moving sculptures but he is also one of the most intriguing personalities in the motorcycle scene. In the film, Danlelle digs a little deeper into what makes Shinya tick and the feeling he gets when riding his machines. In the end, the film left us wanting one thing… to go for a ride with this master of metal. How about you?

Check out Danielle’s site for more photographs of Shinya in his element.

  • Lewn


  • Not long enough… 😉

  • R_Melaun

    I must confess I just don’t get the romantic fascination with Shinya. For me, when I think of great builders of mechanical art its Leo Goossen and Harry Miller – who birthed the original Offenhauser engines. Or Ettore Bugatti who gave his name to those incredible cars. I know he is said to ascribe to the tenets of wabi sabi but -for me – it just doesn’t make sense. Every time I see him hailed as a genius at his craft I can’t help but think of that great Peter Sellers film, “Being There.” He is the modern-day Chauncey.

    • coldsunshine

      Wabi sabi? Isn’t that the hot green stuff in sushi?

      • R_Melaun

        No – similar name. The substance you’re thinking of is wasabi – a form of Japanese horse radish. Wabi sabi is a philosophical view in Japanese culture.

    • taka-tz

      Does it make sense that he is an all-around good man, Who is well respected for his builds, And could take your Offenhauser apart and put it back together blindfolded.

  • coldsunshine

    I must be one with the bike…

  • Irakli

    Does anybody know where can i find the music?

    • JLim

      here ya go: