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2012 Triumph Scrambler – British American Motors

Posted on July 6, 2013 by Scott in Scrambler. 12 comments

Written by Ian Lee.

The dealership. It usually projects the faceless corporate image of the automotive world, where orders usually come from the head office and conformity is expected. They are hardly a place where creativity can grow freely in – something the boys from British American Motors realised four years ago. They decided to do things a little different and once free of the shackles of orders from above, have been able to build bikes like today’s feature bike, their take on the 2012 Triumph Scrambler. Take that conformity.

After catching the eye of “customer who had seen some of our work”, some ideas were thrown around, and the customer’s Trumpy left in the hands of the very capable crew at BA Moto. As with any scrambler build, utility is the key, with any superfluous bling omitted from the build. This bike is all go, however, it still looks good enough to show.

To ensure of offroad ability, the factory suspension had been replaced both front & rear with Progressive components. 970 shocks sit at the rear, the front forks packing Progressive fork springs, dialed in spacers and running thicker fork oil.

To improve the track of the bike, Pirelli Scorpion Rally tyres have been wrapped around the powdercoated stock rims. Waved rotors are mounted in place of the round ones the big twin rolled out of the factory with.

Controls are of a more sporting nature, with Protaper bars, flanked by ASV levers, and LED indicators rounding out the look. The original seat has been retained, but the BA Moto crew has fashioned up a lay down battery box and rewired the bike so it all fits under the Triumph cushion.

From a chance sighting of some BA Motors handywork by a prospective customer, through to the mountain climbing Triumph you see before you, this commissioned build is a good example of what can be done when able to work on your own terms. And BA Motors makes it look so easy.

  • Oldroadie

    That’s a really pretty job but I’m not so certain I’d be taking it off road without some kind of debris shield between the rear tire and those pretty K&N pod filters and the motor. All the same, it sure would look nice at my place 🙂

  • DucTech

    Please limit New Triumph twin customs to one a month, they are everywhere.

    • menormeh

      I second the motion. All in favour say aye…….

    • I thought someone would say that.

      • Yea, we need to see more XS400 rat bikes!

  • arnold

    Much as I am a cheer leader (just think the opposite of what yer thinking,and we’ll not have any problem here) for the New Triumph line , even I get tired of good looking Trumpets. Oldroadie, Duc Tech and menormeh, I agree with your posts.

    Two things though to add. I love the two into one Arrow. Sure it ain’t svelte, but it is a neat aftermarket job that does the trick for me.

    Second, I wish I had the room to spread out my bone yard like those guys have.

    I would like to see greater detail of the binnacle.. er, dashboard…er, headstock area……..

  • cwright856

    I think part of the problem is that the bikes are still new, and therefore expensive. You don’t see people chopping them to bits. So we see a lot of the same stuff. Maybe 10 years down the line when these bikes are more affordable, you’ll see people swapping tanks and doing more radical customization.

    Still, nothing wrong with this clean and sensible little bike. I really like the writing on the side of the tank.

  • coldsunshine

    Not meaning to sound harsh, but “black and boring” came to mind as soon as I set eyes on this. Again, not to sound harsh but it seems like a bunch of bolt on parts and there ya go. And I don’t get all of these companies that get new bikes then change out parts.

  • Tron

    This is virtually built out of a catalogue.

    Sure, its nice.. But meh. If I saw it on the street I wouldn’t even look twice.

    BA motors makes it look easy cause well, ^^ that is.

  • Doc McCoy

    Think it looks great. May be all bolt on parts but its just a variation on the way the bike should e come from the factory. As for chopping, just this month there has been the “Ardito” and some Scrambler from Portugal. You kids sure whine a lot.