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Iron Geek Garage – ‘Beyond Iron’

Posted on July 7, 2013 by Andrew in Video. 27 comments

R.M. Prisig’s ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’. Che Guevara’s ‘Motorcycle Diaries’. T.E. Lawrence’s ‘The Mint’. All literary classics in their own right, but also important books when considered as milestones in man’s efforts to understand the spirituality that comes from riding a motorcycle. For mortals like you and I, the sublime beauty is more likely to manifest itself as a knowing smile between friends after a Sunday afternoon blast along a country road. Or the telling ‘it’s hard to describe’ phrase offered up after a non-biker asks you what riding is really like. Mario from Miami’s IronGeek Garage is a mortal just like you and I, yet his ability to speak to the heart of the matter when it comes to bikes is pretty damn impressive. It moved us, and we hope it does the same for you.

  • Dave

    An absolutely wonderful video about a great man! I almost want to ride to Florida and have him mess with my bike so I can meet him. Thank you for posting this. I shared it in my facebook page. Dave

  • Lincoln

    What a nice approach towards bikes and life!

  • emeglasson

    Right on. Definitely inspiration to keep on building the bikes and connecting with the folks that love them.

    – Eric at Spin Cycle Industries

    • Mario Algaze Jr

      Eric, your builds are awesome!!

  • coldsunshine

    Bike builder and life coach.

  • Steve W

    This guy doesn’t just get bikes. This guy gets LIFE

  • Mahesh Lal

    Wow! I never really thought like that. Just the thought is so beautiful.
    This made my day.

    • coldsunshine

      Let’s all join hand and sing Kumbaya.

  • Motoenthusiats

    This guy isn’t a bike builder pfffff he’s a part swapper.

    • coldsunshine

      I kind of got the same impression, but I don’t think his building skill was actually the point.

    • Mario Algaze Jr

      Hey guys, thanks for the kind words, i see how you guys couldve got the impression that im a parts swapper but I do full custom builds. The kz550 in the vid was featured days after i finished the build.

      • Soapy Loofah

        Probably one of the most eloquent statements of purpose I’ve ever heard. Swap, chop, modify, build, who cares about a label – it’s all good. Cheers to you and your spirit!

  • John in Pollock


  • Scott

    not enough of this kind of attitude in the world………..

  • Motoenthusiats

    Calls himself a “bike builder” yet he was forced to sell a bike because he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it in order to fix it and have it running again.

    • Stefan Reynolds

      Some of you guys are being kind of rough don’t ya think. Why all the negativity…. the dude isn’t claiming to be a motorcycle sage. I’m sure at some point everyone doesn’t know quite where to go with a project. It seems like the one in this video works fine.

    • El_D

      Don`t know the man. Perhaps he`s a fraud. I don’t know.But every mechanic has had his failures. Misdiagnosed, or been stumped. Except for you fuggin` genius I suppose.

  • Motoenthusiats

    I’ll give credit where credit is due, but I’m sorry not here

    • what’s with all the negativity bud? It’s a vid about a guy who loves motorcycles. He might not be Shinya, but show some respect to a fellow rider/builder.

    • Soapy Loofah

      You can’t tell everything about a man in 4-minutes, but he’s putting himself out there and he’s certainly not playing the “uber-artist” card. So why not accept him at face value?

  • Mike Wilson

    I will give this dude the credit! It’s definitely DUE. His outlook on life and perspective on bikes is fresh compared to the typical “I’m an iron and steel lover” stories we always hear. Cheers Mario. Keep up the the great work. I’m sure it’s exceptional.

    • Mario Algaze Jr

      thanks alot mike, thanks for seeing the vision!

  • Mario Algaze Jr

    I just wanted to say thanks to all those who see the passion and vision of IronGeekGarage. I appreciate the interest from all who have taken some time to watch the vid and comment, whether negative or positive its all good.

    • Ralph D.

      hey Mario, where is your shop located? I’m in Miami and have a ’79 KZ 650 I’d like for you to take a look at.

      • Mario Algaze Jr

        Hey ralph gimme a call anytime 7864998559

  • speirmoor

    Hey Mario loved the vid and the Bike.Keep up the good work. Hope to visit your shop sometime if I’m ever in Miami

  • aircraftmech

    Man, what a great video. He does have a way with words. His compassion for motorcycles and life and how he explains it all left me a bit choked up, I will admit. Going to have to drive south to meet him and see his shop.