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‘03 Harley Sportster – DP Customs

Posted on August 1, 2013 by Andrew in Bobber. 20 comments

Another month and another world class Harley bobber from Jarrod and Justin Del Prado and the rest of the team at DP Customs in New River, Arizona. As with previous DP builds, this one has a racing theme, and one that which wasn’t immediately apparent to me when I first saw the bike. Here’s a very subtle clue – the bike’s nickname is ‘Hollywood’. Here’s another – if the bike wasn’t a Harley, it’d be a Nissan.

Jarrod from DP Customs started with the basics. “The bike is based on a 2003 1200cc Sportster. We hardtailed it and added clip-ons for that signature DP stance. We improved performance with single fire ignition, a Big Sucker intake, and a DP Customs 2 into 1 exhaust.”

Braking the beast is handled by Brembo, and the tires are Metzeler Z8; the front is a 120/70/18, the rear a 150/70/17. The trick custom speedo mount (second last photo below) is a collaboration between DP and their pal Shane at Chainsickle. Nice work.

“The seat, seat mount, throttle sleeve, and grips are Biltwell units and the pegs are Burly Brand’s MX Style. The custom fork brace is by our good selves, as is the matt clear finish paint and the rest of the bodywork.”

Finally, Jarrod revealed the story behind the bike. “The customer on this bike is another great guy that gave us a lot of creative freedom with the look of the bike. He liked the stance of one of our previous bikes called ‘Mele’, so his only requirements were that the bike was hard-tailed with clip-on bars. We told him we were big fans of Paul Newman and his 80’s Bob Sharp Nissans and wanted to do a similar paint scheme – blue and red with gold BBS-ish style wheels. He was in!”

“We began calling the bike ‘Hollywood’ as we were building it because of ol’ blue eyes, and the name stuck. As the build evolved, we decided to add gold to the motor as well, and eventually changed the white accents in between the asymmetrical red and blue to black. Then we sort of left the Newman/Bob Sharp scheme behind and ended up building a bike that we thought would look cool cruising the streets of Hollywood at night. It’s like the name took us over.”

For more on the six other Del Prado brothers bikes we’ve had the honor of posting, just enter ‘DP Customs’ in our search box and put aside at least an hour to really take them all in. Either that, or just pop over to Jed Strahm Photography, DP’s exclusive photographer, to see enough great shots of their work to last you a lifetime.

  • These guys certainly have it figgered out. Super clean workmanship and I love the half and half paint scheme. Another killer build!

    • DP Customs

      Thank you so much Richard! It really means a lot coming from you…

    • Dave Hargreaves


  • John Hancock

    Everything these guys touch turns to gold. Stunning.

  • slash5alive

    These guys definitely have a winning formula. The only thing I can say is paint that odyssey battery…it detracts from the hole bike.

  • revdub

    Perfect. Another expertly designed and executed build from two of the nicest guys in the business. I’m starting to think you guys are infallible. Are you tapped into something spiritual out there in the desert?

    • DP Customs

      Haha, thanks Revdub!! The desert is a good calming place to work. If you ever stop by to visit, the beer is on us!

  • DP makes the best bobbers, hands down. Clean, purposeful, and with the greatest stance for this genre of bike. There hasn’t been a DP I haven’t liked.

    • revdub

      I completely agree.

    • DP Customs

      Thanks heaps Manx!! We really appreciate it.

  • AWLongmeyer

    I really like the frame.
    So many Sporty hard tails have strange proportions. This flows.
    Personally though I don’t like the recent style of solo seat that looks like it’ll dump you off the back.
    Needs to be flatter and maybe airbag suspension so I could ride a hard tail again?

    • Davidabl2

      An extra inch of spring height would ease that “dumping” concern you’ve got.
      They wouldn’t have to change anything else for you if you wanted to get a like that from them…. I’ve run 2-inch, three-inch springs setup and that extra inch up or down makes a big difference.

      FWIW I really like the bike, but I’d like a second disk up front to enhance the aggressive stance (as well as for the other obvious reason!)

  • Septic the Sceptic

    It's not a bobber baby, it's a chopper.

  • Zundap

    Like the two sided paint and gold engine. Cool headlight. ..Z

  • Cliff Overton

    Okay – I now found a Harley I like. Super clean, meticulous craftmanship and very stylish.

  • felix

    very nice bike. does it come in all red only.

  • coldsunshine

    Another home run by DP. Some may call it formulaic, I call it having your sht together.

  • Bonney Bwire

    an enhanced braking system coupled with such great tires as the Metzeler Z8 makes for one great machine to ever grace our roads. these guys certainly bring the proverbial Midas touch into the world of motorcycle, I wonder which sites they collaborate with when they need cycle perhaps or many of the other online stores? I would have loved to know…

  • emeglasson

    Absolutely love the builds from DP. I particularly like the fact that they are letting their love of vintage race cars and F1 machines influence their schemes. Successfully merging the vastly different worlds of Harleys and F1 cars is quite a leap, and these guys constantly pull it off. Super impressive. And, I’m fairly certain these are about the only hardtails on the planet I’ve ever wished I could throw a leg over. Again, very impressive.

    -Eric from Spin Cycles.

  • Joey Duncan

    that’s purdy.