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1983 Honda CB400 – Jasin Motorcycles

Posted on August 11, 2013 by Andrew in Brat. 12 comments

If you need any more proof that the custom bike scene has been turned on it’s head in the last 10 years, look no further than this beautiful Honda CB400 from a small builder in Poland. No doubt in the past an Eastern European builder who looked past the Harley billet scene in search of something much more light, quick and mean would have had about as much luck turning a buck as a Polish Kaszanka stand in downtown New York. But now we’re seeing builders from all over not only making bikes like these, but thriving. And here’s a perfect case in point – Adam Jasiński and his Jasin Motorcycles shop with their latest build.

This is Adam’s nth CB400 build (he’s previously appeared on these pages under his previous moniker ATJ – Projects) and his adoration of the bike is obvious. “This model of motorbike is very nice to customise. We’ve made 4-5 such bikes and all of them look stylish.” But, as with a lot of the bikes we’ve featured over the years, this particular ride was relegated to bridesmaid while other bikes in the shop were dusted off, fixed up and rolled out the door. Seems to us that Adam was just honing his skills.

“From the original bike we took the wheels, tank and front suspensions, which we lowered. Of course, the frame was cut at the rear of the bike.” And you don’t have to look hard to see why – talk about tidy.

“We handmade the seat from black leather with yellow stitching for highlights and put the rear fender under the seat. For the tank we reshaped it a little and gave is a custom paint job. Then we added handlebars was from a motorcross bike. The front light and clocks are from Kawasaki LTD 250 1971. Of course all the parts were renovated and we painted the clocks in a yellow highlight to match the yellow thread used in the seat.”

For the exhaust, Adam used an non-descript after market unit and “renovated it to make it a little louder” as he put it. That’s our kind of home improvement. Rear lights and grips done in a retro-repro style were added, the front fender was scrapped, and new rubber was added.

A final addition was made while test riding the bike – a set of air filters. “It also makes the Honda more louder and now it has a beautiful sound, especially between 5000-9000 rpm. The bike also has better acceleration.”

And to finish, a quote from Adam that might lack a little in perfect diction but sure is full to overflowing with insight and understanding. “When you ride this bike, you do feel that it has been made from a love of motorbikes and building them. When you want to be a 100% individual motorcycle rider, you should ride a 100% original bike – something that feels so good, like it cost a million dollars. We make CB400 from this passion, when someone also sees this passion, we will sell it to them.” Amen to that.

  • Rohit Mehandru

    I can see the effort put into the bike but like the other bike with the gulf livery, the rear end seems unfinished. Just my two cents

    • arnold

      I agree, for me it is fuller fenders. The client likes it, however and that is the ‘most’ important thing.

      I like it too.

  • acuity

    absolutely awesome bike, regardless of opinion i think the passion of the builders is evident. on a humorous note the seat is fantastically well done for the style although not my cup of tea, it is reminiscent of Mr. Pollack and his trackers should they pull a Costanza complete with shrinkage.

  • J.Y.Kelly

    Doesn’t look finished to me, especially the rear end.

  • Boardsbkebali

    Excellence in the details. I think “strait drag race” when I see this bike.

  • E Brown

    I’m sure the bike is a fun ride with the upgrades, but this model just doesn’t lend itself well to cafe/track bike treatments. It’s why I’ve left mine pretty much alone…

  • Samuel

    I agree with the previous comment about the rear end. Im currently having the same dilemma with my 1980 cb250. Due to the stamped nature of parts of the frame its a nightmare to try and blend it in or make it look complete!
    But I really do love the bike.The all round look is inspiring

  • Siza

    I love it !!!! It gives me inspiration to get mine out of the back of the shed, I have the bike all I need now are some skills.