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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2013

Posted on September 16, 2013 by Scott in Other. 26 comments

If you’re anything like me, you usually only wear a suit and tie to weddings, funerals and the odd court appearance  – it has been a while since the last one. So it’s great to add another occasion to the list. Yes, it’s that time of year again when the most dapper motorcyclists from around the world dust off their suits, polish their shoes, trim the beard, clean granddad’s smoking pipe, splash on a liberal amount of Old Spice and google the words ‘how to tie a tie’.

Last year there were 60 cities with over 2500 participants and it looks like there will be thousands more in 2013, with 115 cities in 33 countries joining the September 29th ride. This year the DGR will help a charitable cause, as gentlemen should, raising funds (already at $78,000) to support worldwide medical research into cancer. The focus for 2013 and 2014 will be Prostate Cancer research and awareness programs that focus on preventative measures.

So if you ride a café racer, bobber, classic, flat tracker, classic scooter, side-cart, monkey bike or anything that stands out from the crowd make sure you check out the DGR website to find your closest ride or to register. We look forward to seeing the footage and photos from each city – make sure you use up those memory cards.

So which city will you be joining in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride?

[Photos by Peter Greig]

[Video from the 2012 DGR in Singapore]

  • A friend in tweed is a friend indeed.
    All the dapper gents will be sporting a stylishly tied necktie. Check out the Eldrige knot.

    See you in Portland, Oregon!

  • Luke Inazuma

    Uh uh… I wear jacket and tie every day, and I hate it. But, for once, it’s good to do it because I really want to.
    See you in Rome gentlemen!

  • lennymccall

    Dallas ride for me. Looking forward to it!!

  • Leston

    Im interested in doing the Atlanta ride. But it has no information regarding where the ride meets, how long it is, what times. No details….

    • Anyone help Leston out?

    • Glocker

      If you’re on facebook, check out Georgia Moto Ryder and poke around there for info. They have it as a facebook event, so its easy to get the info.

  • Chris Gagnon

    I believe I may say screw it, and show up on my 2011 BMW S bike. Screw the h8ers.

    • E Brown

      Are the bikes supposed to be vintage only?

      • Chris Gagnon

        I don’t know for sure, but I took this line from the article to mean yes…kinda sorta.

        “So if you ride a café racer, bobber, classic, flat tracker, classic
        scooter, side-cart, monkey bike or anything that stands out from the
        At first glance, if it was parked in and amongst Japan’s finest, you would mistake my S1000RR for them, so it doesn’t really stand out. Unfortunately, both my 78 CB750K and my 77 CB750F are in pieces right now, and will not be ready in time. So it’s the S bike, or stay home.

    • Davidabl2

      Just show up in a tux and you should be OK, I’d think 😉

      • Indeedy.

        • Davidabl2

          I have my choice of a tux for warmer weather or a 3-piece wool suit.
          Both are vintage so I am assuming I’ll be okay if I show up on a non-vintage, non faux-vintage ride..

    • Possible solution? I’m sure if you say things like, “nackered” and “indeed” a lot while smoking a pipe you’ll blend right in.

  • pravin

    I just had my moment last week only..

  • Cliff Overton

    I am loving the fundraising challenge and looking forward to the mass ride here in Melbourne on the 29th, tootling along in a pin stripe suit on my CB450 cafe racer. If anyone wishes to sponsor me they can go here:

    Or sign up, raise some funds for a great cause and join us in the ride.

  • clasqm

    Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • Bill Valente

    Phoenix ride checking in here!

  • coldsunshine

    Putting on a suit can’t hide hooligan! lol! Good job, “gentleman.”

  • revdub

    Louisville, KY will be riding. I’ll be getting as fancy as I can for this.

  • Milky

    Here is the theme for the Seattle ride!

  • Βασίλης Ναλμπάντης

    Athens, Greece with my RD..

    • Great to see riders from places like Greece. Have a great ride Sir.

  • sean aickin

    Wellington, New Zealand and I’ll be fairly (read: very) hungover… Perfect way to spend the sunday.

  • Richard

    haha pure douche