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1981 Honda CM400T – 7Seven Customs

Posted on September 21, 2013 by Scott in Brat. 25 comments

By guest writer Ian Lee.

If everyone had the same style, the world would be a very boring place. If every bike builder followed what had come before, custom bike sites like this one would have trouble showing anything fresh. It’s with this in mind we are happy to feature 7Seven’s latest build, a 1981 Honda CM400T, a hardass ride that has the performance to match it’s tough aesthetic. Starting with a pedestrian model motorcycle, 7Seven has built a whole lot of awesome into the Honda twin over the course of the build. But above all, you can’t really get much tougher than reptile seat trim.

To bring the bike from mild to wild styling, a full custom silver & black paintjob has been applied to the Japanese twin. Both the frame and the Comstar rims have been given the powdercoat treatment. This is in with a trend in custom builders using the factory Honda rims, even though this would have been unthought of not so long ago. The net over the factory fuel tank gives a reptilian look, to match the custom seat cushion sitting behind it. Perched beneath this is the custom battery box, a nice touch to replace the factory battery tray.

The front end of the bike has been treated to an upgrade, Dime City Cycles MX handlebars ending in vintage grips, with short levers to round out the sporting visual. A custom dash panel has been fabricated, upon it is mounted a Dime City Cycles speedometer. The factory headlight is gone, replaced by a Harley Davidson sourced unit, wrapped in a HD fairing. The tail light hasn’t been left untouched either, a vintage Ford style lamp is perched atop the custom license plate mount.

No slouch in the performance department, 7Seven has made sure the bike has the ability to take on any road surface you aim it at, testified by the photoshoot for this awesome machine. The powerplant has been rebuilt, a set of rejetted carbs inhaling through pod filters. The pipewrapped exhaust is a custom 2–1 system, finishing up in an Akropovic GP silencer. And silencer is a misnomer.

The CM400 in it’s factory form is not an eyecatcher. 7Seven has taken great pains to ensure you won’t miss this bike going by, either aurally or visually. With it’s shorty exhausts finishing just forward of the rear rim, and ‘look at me’ styling cues, it may not be to everyone’s taste, but we’re glad not everyone has the same style. We’ll leave the last word to 7Seven: “This motorcycle definitely has two loud exhaust & the ride is rough. But there is something primal when driving this beast. Something that quickens the pulse, something that screams: ‘you are a bad, bad boy’. This bike is simply bad to the bone.”

Photography by Klemen Korenjak.


  • Cliff Overton


    It is a real full frontal challenge – in your face – monster of a bike.

    I love it when something new comes out of the box and makes us all think again about what ‘custom’ means and what ‘trend’ means.

  • gamnoparts

    absolutely gorgeous! I’ve got one of these bikes & haven’t found a style that I feel looks like it belongs on the bike. I think I just found that style, or at least a jumping off point for me (Don’t want to rip off this design).

    Oh, and “The CM400 in it’s factory form is not an eyecatcher.” is an understatement of monumental proportions.

  • NO ONE

    This thing freaking rules!

  • Tony Gyepi-Garbrah

    The seat is the bidnaz

  • The Ogre

    Eh. I like the basic premise, but neither the netting nor the shape of the tank work for me.

  • durp

    This totally works for me. I love it. It has all your personal touches that matter to you, and its different from the fold.

  • Rashfacekillah

    If the Predator rode a motocycle this is it.

  • Lewn

    Love the ‘no’ switch on the dash. ‘NO!’.

  • Mr Moon

    Great bike – shame about the hideous photography.

  • Guest

    Serious attitude. I like it all apart from the netting on the tank, look too much like stockings to me….I want to ride it but not in that way. Great to see something so original.

  • rennie61

    Serious attitude. I really like it apart from the netting on the tank…looks too much like stockings…I want to ride it but not in that way. Great to see something so original.

  • Stephen

    It’s one of those bikes I don’t care to stand there admiring it’s details…I just want to jump on and ride it

  • arnold

    The a-symetric headlight fairing is interesting. As for the rest of the ride…. well, it would be a dull world indeed if every body thought like me.

    • Reminds me of a girl I dated many years ago who wore fishnet stockings…I’m not sure where this rambling is going…

  • Frank

    Don’t follow trends… do it your own way, you’ll get a very unique bike.

    … and the 400cmt/cbn engine is incredibly reliable : I’m riding mine since 1989…

  • brad

    should of called it the hooker!

    • tunafish

      definitely looks like she slid down the pole

  • Woodie

    Great bike for some reason it really works BUT. . . . . . . .AAAAaaarrrgghh Pipe wrap ! bleaagh

  • Folke Bredkjær

    I’m in love. Deeply utterly in love with this bike.

  • Mikael Lewis

    That is one crazy ass looking bike. Very cool!

  • Envino Veritas

    Sometimes you see a bike, and you just go, “holy shit”

  • Richard D’Amato

    I dont have words for how kool that is growing up with thoses bikes and to see a younger generation taking the machines to another level is amazing

  • Tom C.

    I love that the clutch lever is already broken!

  • Lucas Rappa

    i see the rear tire is a gt200 what is the front tire???

  • Rob Lee

    Question on the rear shock mounts if any one is still out there? Are the rear shocks in line with the frame? On mine I noticed that the original frame bends in to keep the shocks straight. So I’m curious how these are attached.